Great Dane and Poodle mix dog; an amalgamation of Cuteness, and Hugeness

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Last Updated on September 19, 2022

A Great Dane Poodle mix dog is indeed an exceptional canine to enjoy with. The Great Dane and Poodle mix is among the hottest dogs on the market today. For a detailed knowledge of a Great Dane poodle mix dog, read the article thoroughly.

The Great Dane and Poodle mix dog is definitely not purebred as indicated by its name ‘Danoodle’. The two dogs, Great Dane and Standard Poodle, are combined together to get this trendy, mix designer dog. These Great Dane mix dogs are rather large canines. In that the dog takes after its Great Dane parent’ height. Whilst the mix dog’s coat is like its Poodle parent.


If you covet a mix breed dog holding a rather prominent and unique appearance, this Great Danoodle is the dog. Having a Poodle’s coat and Great Dane’ huge stature, the dog for you is no other than a Danoodle.

What other qualities your dog would exhibit if you are a parent to the Great Dane and Poodle mix, let’s find out.

Great Dane and Poodle mix breed

This breed is recognised as a designer breed by D.B.R. (The D.B.R stands for Designer Breed Registry).

Names for a Great Dane and Poodle mix puppy

There can be many names for Great Dane and Poodle mix puppies. Some of which are common whilst others are comparatively less in fashion. The most regular name for a Great Dane poodle mix dog of is ‘Danoodle’.

Other titles the mix canine gets include:

  • Great Danoodle
  • Great Danepoo
  • Danedoodle
  • Danepoo



How a dog of this mix looks like?

The pup born to the Great Dane and Standard Poodle parents, is usually a large canine. Its body is somewhat dumpy which is perfectly balanced by its enormous height.

A few Danoodles weigh even more than 100 pounds having stature similar to the Great Dane canine.

The mix breed dog has circular eyes which give illusion of disks to some and to others its eyes appear like buttons. Its head and nose are a bit elongated and the nib of nose is triangular shaped. Limbs of the Great Dane and Poodle mix dog are strong and muscular. Its hanging tail is long giving the mix dog a proportional frame.


Coat of these huge Great Dane dogs is alike its poodle parent. Among the reasons of this dog’s popularity this feature would probably come on top if we have to enumerate the mix dog’ attributes.

As the dog takes after the parent breed in the color and texture of its coat. Which means its coat is also hypoallergenic, making the dog an ideal choice for people susceptible to allergies. Nevertheless, the Great Dane and Poodle mix dog usually receives its coat from the Poodle parent but at times its coat could be similar to that of other parent, the Great Dane.

Rarely, if the dog’s coat is similar to that of a Great Dane, the mix pup would wear a short coat of wiry hair.

Hence, the Great Dane and Poodle mix dog would get poodle’ coat mostly with merely a little probability of taking after the Great Dane.

Coat color

The Great Dane and Poodle mix comes in colors ranging from white to light grey. These are both the colors its parents exhibit mostly.


The most prominent personality trait of the Great Dane Poodle mix dog is its affability. The dogs are excellent family pets who get along with kids quite well. The Great Dane and Poodle mix dogs take some time to open up though they  love their owners extremely. Even when they get familiar, the mix breed would maintain its distance.

For instance, it would not come onto you whenever it sees you or try to become a lapdog. Rather, we can infer that these huge Danoodles would not get thrilled that easily. So given the dog’s huge presence this trait becomes ideal for owners who consider their personal space important.

Generally the Great Dane Poodle mix dogs are gentle, neighborly, somewhat reserved, complaint, and genteel creatures. These mix breed dog can be ideal watch dogs owing to their special ability to recognize people.

The dog would identify any suspicious or unfamiliar presence within fractions. Their barks are quite loud so the owner would be warned right away.

Adding more to its profile this Great Dane mix is smart and intelligent.

Hence, if you own a Great Dane poodle mix dog you have got one of the best mixes out there for sure.

Physical activities

Being a huge creature, they needs physical activities to keep it fit and healthy. Exercise and walk are suggested on daily basis. But keep in mind the mix dog’s latency towards bloating. Do not take the dog for walk right after meal. Giving a break of 45-50 minutes after meals is suggested to avoid bloat.

In case your dog is overweight you can take them out on for walk twice a day also.


The feed for this Great Dane mix dog and puppy would be similar to its Great Dane parent. As both are large dogs. You need to give your Danoodle pup 3 meals daily. Whereas adult dogs require 2 meals regularly. The amount of food is also corresponding to the age of the dog.


The Great Dane and Poodle mix dogs are easy to groom and maintain. It requires merely basic grooming owing to its minimal tendency of shedding hair.

Bathing is recommended when you sense it is needed. Use only those products which are particularly made for dogs to bath mix canine.

The owners can brush their Danoodle twice or thrice a week to keep its coat clean.


These Danes are not only smart but are also anxious to amuse its owners. This quality provides assistance in training a Danoodle. Let your dog realize which behaviors are acceptable and which must be halted. This can be done by,

  • Whenever the pup behaves badly tell it to stop. Teach your mix dog behaviors to substitute the prior bad ones, simultaneously.
  • Employ treats and give your dog toys to play with every time it behaves well. 
  • Training a Great Dane and poodle mix to walk on a leash is also mandatory. 

Potential health risks

This Great Dane mix pups are generally healthy. The breed has no potential health risks associated with it. Though the dogs are susceptible to some inherited disorders present in its genes. Which includes,

  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Eye, or skin problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Von Willerbrand’s disease
  • Addison’s disease

Moreover the Great Dane and poodle mix dog might be prone to growth and development issues received from parent breeds.


These dogs, just like other breeds who are in extremely love with their owners, are prone to separation anxiety. So it is not a good idea to leave your mix dog at home alone for longer periods.


The Great Danoodle mix dogs are among the loveliest designer dogs to own.  This mix breed giant dog holds a rather comely appearance. Its playful nature is the most noticeable character this dog possesses. Be prepared before getting a dog. Particularly if you have kids or baby around. Plan things properly so that everything goes smoothly. If you own a Danoodle or any other Great Dane mix dog, you are suggested to be meticulous in the choices you make for your canine diet. 


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