The Best Great Dane Care Advice You Are Not Taking

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Last Updated on January 1, 2021

Neither owning a Great Dane is a spartan job nor caring for a Great Dane. For the later task, you need to learn a proper Great Dane care guide in that Great Dane dogs are huge, their extraordinary existence is sometimes found intimidating.

Additionally, optimal Great Dane care is paramount to the canine’s wellness and health. But being a large breed, a Great Dane care guide becomes crucial and represents an increase in your role as a Great Dane dog parent as compared to many other dog breeds.


 To make the Great Dane care less demanding and comparatively easier for you, mentioned below is our complete Great Dane care guide.

The size you are taking care of; Great Dane size

As broached in the introduction Great Dane size is enormous. One of the tallest dogs in the world is a Great Dane named Zeus. The dog Zeus’ height was 7 feet 4 inches, that is 118 cm on its hind limbs. On average Great Dane height ranges from 71-86 cm.

Great Dane adult dog weight orbits around 100-200 lbs. Which indicates how large a Great Dane dog really is.

Great Dane weight and Great Dane height differ naturally for male and female Great Dane dogs.

A big Great Dane dog calls for augmented care. For the dog’ parents right Great Dane care often gets infuriating in that Great Dane dogs are large canines. Having a big dog besides you without a proper Great Dane care guide is not feasible.

Great Dane care guide;

Following is the Great Dane care guide to achieve a healthy and robust Great Dane dog alongside you.

Great Dane food care guide

What your Great Dane dog would become has a great contribution to what your feed your Great Dane coupled with its genetic makeup. The Great Dane dog food requirements are different from other dog breeds. This large breed’ dogs are known to grow quite faster than many dogs so what you feed your Great Dane increments in significance.

Regular dog foods have increased level of protein and calcium to assist growth in dogs. For Great Dane dogs such additional growth stimulators are not recommended. Rather for Great Dane dogs additional proteins and calcium could affect negatively. Therefore, it is advised to not feed your Great Dane regular dog food.

Moreover, Great Dane adult dog food must be the one particularly made for large breed dogs. Additionally, what you feed your Great Dane puppy must not be usual puppy food.

How much you feed your Great Dane is also important with what you feed your Great Dane. The number of meals for a Great Dane puppy are usually 3-4 while for and Great Dane adult dog. Great Dane feed chart is described in the great Dane food article for your guidance.

Apart from kibble, Great Dane dog parents can also feed raw food to their dogs. Once in a while a home cooked meal can also be served.


Great Dane care and exercise

Great Dane puppies are more playful and quite active as adult Great Dane dogs . The dogs usually love to spend time with its owner. You can take your Great Dane dog for a walk on daily basis. A mere stroll of almost an hour everyday would be enough for your Great Dane.

Great Dane dog physical activity is advised to be average. The dogs do not need lengthy sessions of exercise like many other dogs out there. Additionally, the physical activities must be maintained while your Great Dane is a puppy.

Leash is recommended for any sort of outdoor activity with dogs generally. In case of Great Dane dogs the role of leash training increases as the dogs are huge. Absolute control over Great Dane dog can only be maintained when you employ a sturdy enough leash for your Great Dane. Get best dog collars for Great Danes available on the market to ensure a peaceful walk with your canine.

Another Great Dane care is to keep your Great Dane dog covered in winters while you are outdoor in that the dogs hold short coat. It is advised to put a sweater or some blanket on your Great Dane for winter strolls.

Great Dane care and grooming

Great Dane grooming is not a laborious task. As aforementioned, the dogs hold short coats which suggests you can maintain Great Dane coat by brushing it once a day. Brushing Great Dane coat make more radiant and augments its innate brightness. You can use any dog body brush having soft bristles, for the purpose.

Shedding in Great Dane dogs is not excessive. It’s shedding is more or less similar to any other dog wearing a short coat. Brushing the Great Dane body regularly can also decrease the amount of Great Dane hair in your home.

Drooling might be a real problem with your Great Dane dogs. If your Great Dane drools, you must clean your Great Dane dog’s mouth with a damp towel twice a day. Bathing a Great Dane dog may vary according to personal preference. But,, Great Dane dogs are advised to be bathed at least once a week or when needed.

Cleaning a Great Dane natural floppy ears is also advised. Given the Great Dane dog’ tendency to develop ear infections, proper cleaning is significant. You can also ask your vet to provide you with some Great Dane dog ear cleaner.

Great Dane ear cropping

To reduce the chances of ear problems later in life, Great Dane parents often tend to choose Great Dane ear cropping. Though the practice is solely for cosmetic reasons yet has become a trademark of the Great Dane breed.

Great Dane ear cropping is yet a arguable practice. Also the benefits of Great Dane ear cropping are not reported uniformly.


Great Dane training guide

Training and discipline is indispensable in every association. The relationship between you and your Great Dane is no different. Great Dane dogs are also called as gentle giants though these dogs are taken as intimidating by many dog parents. So naturally training a Great Dane dog owing to its hugeness is often reasoned exasperating.

Although intrinsically Great Dane dogs are amenable, friendly, and sweet tempered dogs. Yet  proper and timely training would furnish you with an extremely pleasant Great Dane dog.

In reality Great Dane dogs are fond of their owners like no other dog. The Great Dane dog would readily do anything just to appease you. Therefore if you own a Great Dane dog you must know that the one beside you is waiting for your command, from whom you do not need to be afraid of no matter how huge your Great Dane dog grows.  

Generally, positive reinforcement technique is recommended to train Great Dane dogs.

Socializing a Great Dane

Great Dane dogs are quite possessive of their owners. At times Great Dane dogs might get over possessive if not trained well. Aggression might also be found in Great Dane dogs. Socializing of such a Great Dane dog is consequential to its personality. Let your Great Dane dog meet other people once your Great Dane puppy is 6-7 weeks old. At this age Great Dane puppies are old enough to be trained. Exposure to different people and also dogs would assist your Great Dane dog to learn coexistence.

Aggressive Great Dane dogs can be made friendly with socializing and regular meetups.

Additionally, if you want your Great Dane dog to be a part of dog shows, you must ensure to socialize your Great Dane puppy. As advised by A.K.C., the Great Dane dogs are required to be friendly and lively for dog shows. Aggressive or timid Great Dane dogs are not admissible.

Great Dane lodging care guide

Great Dane dogs are though gigantic, yet the dogs can easily accommodate in an apartment. As long as you consider taking your Great Dane dog out for daily walk a big yard is not an exigency. The Great Dane dogs do not covet a spacious corner but would rather get cozy in your couch, hence gets the name couch potato.

Restraining a Great Dane dog might become a bigger and more costly job as compared to other small breeds. Usual fences would not be able to hold your Great Dane dog to jump over. So you are advised to invest more in containing the Great Dane dog.

Proper sized crates and comfortable beds are also consequential part of Great Dane care.

Great Dane bed

Comfortable and extra large bed is crucial to a Great Dane’ health. The Great Dane breed is prone to joint and muscle disorders, so you must make sure to furnish your Great Dane dog with painless sleeps. Particularly for older Great Dane dogs a comfortable orthopedic bed. Choose a comfortable and durable Great Dane bed from our list. 

Great Dane diseases care guide

Another important facet of the Great Dane care guide is to learn the breed’s frequent diseases. Here are the Great Dane diseases.  Great Dane dogs are susceptible to get heart diseases like cardiomyopathy. The statistics of  bloat in dogs shows that the Great Dane dogs are a main target of the problem.

Additionally, the Great Dane breed has more cases of joint dysplasia, arthritis, bone and muscle diseases. Proper Great Dane care can decrease the risks of such diseases in your dog. To avoid bone and joint diseases in Great Dane dog you must limit your Great Dane physical activities. Too much exercise is not recommended for the Great Dane dogs.

Bloat in Great Danes

Great Dane dogs get bloated than many other breeds more often. The risk of bloat can be mitigated by maintaining some Great Dane care relating to bloat. The Great Dane parents are advised not to take the dog for a walk right before or right after a meal. One to two hour gap can allay bloat in Great Dane dogs.

Regular checkup

A regular sitting with a veterinary doctor is highly recommended to maintain health of your Great Dane dog. Formal vaccination and administration of various natural supplements for older Great Dane dogs can also be implemented with the guidance of your vet.

Great Dane’ regular vet check ups would ensure timely disease identification which increments recovery, in addition to keeping an eye on the health and fitness of your Great Dane.

Miscellaneous Great Dane care guide

Besides the aforementioned Great Dane care for materialistic needs, the Great Dane dog parents must not miss its aesthetic prerequisites. The Great Dane dogs long for human love sociability to a greater extent. These huge dogs hold a warm and gentle heart and are playful around its owners. The Great Dane dogs could be infected with separation anxiety, so you need to look at your Great Dane through a cognitive prism as well.

To take care of your Great Dane’ such needs here is the Great Dane care guide;

  • Make sure to vacate at least an hour of daily regular outdoor activity beside stroll or walk. This activity might not be strenuous. Simply visit to a park where your Great Dane dog can have some good time looking around.
  • Keep your Great Dane dog busy with dog toys and stuff. This would help the Great Dane dog to not get separation anxiety.
  • Employ rewards and add treats to your Great Dane meals every once in a while.
  • Do not scold your Great Dane dog. If dog scolded at for longer periods of times this might make the Great Dane dog depressed.

Great Dane care guide at a glance

Great Dane care is not a difficult job but rather a demanding task. As compared to other breeds Great Dane care might seem laborious as the responsibility of Great Dane dog owners increase many folds. Both in money oriented and emotional ways.

Given the Great Dane dogs amazing loyalty and unmatched love, having such a dog beside you is a wonderful experience. And all the Great Dane care no matter how much more in comparison to other breeds, it’s worth it.


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