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Welcome to Great Dane K9! This is a site created by Great Dane lovers and enthusiasts to share experiences and knowledge on the breed.

In here, we discuss a wide variety of topics about the Great Dane breed – from Great Dane’s behavior issues to proper nutrition, we regularly post detailed content that are helpful for both new and expert Great Dane lovers.

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We are a diverse group of Great Dane lovers, community moderators and editors that are passionate about writing and online know-hows.

Alice Anderson: her message for you

Hello, its Alice Anderson. An animal lover, particularly fond of Great Dane dogs. The love I have for dogs has compelled me to create this platform – a place where Great Dane lovers like me can find everything about the breed.

I adore puppies like many of you. Their soft, little bodies, and innocent faces can make anyone’s heart warm. The loyalty and affection a dog shows towards humans, particularly its owner, is beyond compare. And I believe that these qualities make dogs everybody’s favorite pet.

I have been researching on and studying dogs for the past couple of years. And I am here to help everyone who has questions or want to know more about dogs, especially the Great Dane. A lot of things hold importance to a lot of dog owners. Topics such as health problems, training, behaviors, etc. are among the many things dog owners find necessary to learn to raise their dogs properly.

Here is a little story about how my attachment towards dogs became my research topic. I’ve always seen dogs at my friends’ houses but was never confident enough to pet them, even though I’ve always adored them. So, a few years ago, I decided to finally get a dog for myself after graduating.

I named my puppy “Charlie” and was ecstatic when I first brought him home. Our bond quickly developed. However, within a week, my puppy started showing unwanted behaviors – licking, barking and biting anything and almost everything it sees, including me. I still remember the bruises I got while dealing with these behaviors.

And these experiences made me study dog’s behaviors. I thoroughly did my research, consulted friends who were also fur parents and even veterinarians. With these knowledge I acquired, I was able to discipline Charlie.

Whatever I have learned and later on mastered, I have and will continue to put here. I am hoping that you will find the information here helpful in your journey as a dog parent and dog lover, especially to the Great Dane breed.