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Welcome to greatdanek9.com! this is a site created by Great Dane lovers and enthusiasts sharing experiences and knowledge on Danes. We discuss Great Behavior issues with there causes and most effective remedy. What are the best food for your Great Danes with respective their age spectrum i,e: Either there are puppy or a grown up. We will discuss why it is the best food. We welcome new expert members and beginners. We will regularly be updating content and posting detailed blog on Great Dane and their issues in health, behavior.

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We are a diverse group of Great Dane Lovers and community moderators and editors that are passionate about writing and online know-how.

Alice Anderson:  (Her Message for you!)

Hello its Alice Anderson. An animal lover, particularly fond of Great Dane dogs. The love I have for dogs, has compelled me to conjoin this platform. A place where dog lovers like me can find everything on dogs.
I adore puppies like many of you. Their soft, little bodies, and innocent faces can make anyone’s heart warm. Loyalty and allegiance a dog shows towards humans particularly its owners, is matchless. This quality makes dogs everyone’ favorite pet.
I have been researching on and studying dogs for last two years. Dog’s diseases, is a crucial issue for dog owners as much its food. Dog’s often unpleasant behaviors require training. Such things hold importance for every dog owner out there. Here I am to help everyone who has any query regarding dogs.
How my attachment towards dogs became my research topic here is a little account.
Three years before when I graduated to decide to finally have a pup for myself. I have been seeing puppies and dogs at my friend’s houses but never was confident enough to pet one. Though I always love dogs. When I got a puppy and brought it home I was ecstatic. I played with it, fed it. Our bond developed the first day we met. Within a week my Charlie, started behaving like ‘dogs’. It licked everything, bitten my hands and ankles, and bark at everyone. I still remember my bruised hands and ankles from that time.
These incidents made me study dog’s behaviors. I researched, consulted friends and some veterinarians as well, and was successful in disciplining Charlie. Whatever i have learned and later on mastered i have put it all here. Hope you will find the information helpful.