Want to know what the Most popular Great Dane color is in 2021?

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Last Updated on November 23, 2022

The most popular Great Dane color in 2021 is none other than Fawn. The Harlequin is also a famous Great Dane color recently. If not all Great Dane colors you might have already seen one or two varying coat colors of the breed already. Let me guess, the color you had found is a fawn Great Dane. In that it is the most common color of the breed. 

What is the most popular Great Dane is often more of a personal preference. As for many people black Great Dane is the most superior. Or you might find harlequin the apple of many people’s eyes. Blue coat color is also at times associated with dignity. So basically it’s all in what one’s standpoint is on deciding the most popular Great Dane color.

Are you thinking if there are prejudices in the canine world as well? Although it can not be said with utmost certainty but coat color is something of utter gravity. Many Great Dane dog breeders and show dog owners are in continuous strife of finding the most popular Great Dane color. As it definitely adds up to the profile of the dog particularly for a show dog.

Although if you have a Great Dane the family pet, then it might not be a question for you. You would fall for the goofy canine no matter what color it bears. Rather it is a fur out of the 7 official Great Dane colors or whether it holds an unofficial coat.

What is the most popular Great Dane color?

The Great Dane popularity might not be very much dependent upon the color of fur. The dogs are universally admired for the suave appearance furnished by the quite big composure. Coupling with the friendly and appeasing temperament the dogs, appreciating the canine appears to be mainly out of question. Yet there are many people who tend to fall in love with the coat color initially. For such enthusiasts coat color of the canine does matter.

The most popular Great Dane color

There are always some coat colors which are popular in canine breeds. Each breed has its own set of highly praised colors. Anyhow it doesn’t indicate that the dogs wearing less preferred coats are or has to be dealt differently. It is just how we perceive the things around us, based on their looks, and the color is the most basic thing which settles for us either we adore one thing or the other. 

The most popular Great Dane color adhering to the breed standards, is the fawn coat. This might be due to the fact that we have already seen the dogs with Fawn coat. And the impression a Great Dane dog creates in the first meet is definitely unforgettable. So the dog are placed at higher pedestals viz-a-viz others be it official or unofficial Great Dane color.


Reasons behind the popularity of fawn color can not be calculated yet the fallacy that Scooby Doo is a Fawn appears to be the influencer. Well in reality the Scooby Doo is not a Fawn Great Dane. Other probable ground for the popularity of Fawn may be due to the fact that it is the most common color. Or it is due to the misapprehension that Fawns are taller than other coat colors. Whatever the reason, fawn is indubitably the most loved Great Dane coat all around.

The fawn color is not only found in Great Dane breed. This coat is common in other canines some of which are;

  • Cocker spaniels
  • Chihuahuas
  • Pugs
  • Boxers
  • Bloodhounds
  • Bullmastiffs
Fawn color Great Dane breed standards

If you are interested in a fawn color the dog must follow these rules to be a popular Great Dane color following the breed standards.

The color of the dog has to be yellow gold. Whereas the deep yellow tinge is preferable amongst various fawn colors. 

Besides, the white or black blotches on toes or chest are not popular. Furthermore, the dog must not carry any other colored spots on the fur. It has to be a spotless fawn coat with deep yellow gold color to be the popular Great Dane color.

In addition, the mask, eye brows, and eye rimes must be black. As black as it could. As blacker tones are more popular as compared to lighter hued.

Fawn color occurrence

Fawn Great Dane puppy is probably the most sanguine pup. The ethereal blue eyes contrasting with the gold coat makes it a rather appealing puppy for anyone. The intriguing pair of blue eyes mature into amber or dark brown eyes over time. 

The tails and ears are mostly black in color as well as the mask. The fawn Great Dane pups are produced by crossing Harlequin, Brindle, or Fawn Great Danes. 


The second most popular Great Dane color amongst the breed admirers is Harlequin. For many people the dogs are favored more than Fawn and hence according to them Harlequin is the most popular Great Dane color. But to us there seems to be tie, both coat colors are loved and admired largely. 

If we regard price as as factor to evaluate popularity then surely the Harlequin is the most popular Great Dane color. As these dogs are most expensive which indicates that the breeders realize that you would pay more for the Harlequin coat. 

Or the dogs are merely popular due to the demanding nature of breeding an impeccable Harlequin Great Dane. Whatever is the motivation behind, we can observe that the dogs are quite revered. 

Harlequin color Great Dane breed standards

The Harlequin Great Dane carries black patches which are evenly spread all over the pure white colored body. The size of spots must be observed, as too big black splotches might render the fur with a black base color in lieu of white. 

Nevertheless Harlequin color is famous in the Great Dane breed, outside the ambit this coat color is not favored.

Harlequin Great Dane occurrence

As broached above, breeding for a Harlequin Great Dane puppy is not a simple task. As the genetic pool offers a smorgasbord the litter gets a lot of alternatives. Due to this the pup can exhibit black, white, merle, or even mantle spots. And particularly for a harlequin Great Dane pup it is suggested to let the pup grow and see how its coat appears later. 

The most popular Great Dane color in unofficial category

There is no particular formula to evaluate the most popular Great Dane color. Particularly for unofficial coat colors, the parents are least concerned about the breed standards delineating the coat color, patterns, and markings. Each person gauges a coat color based on its own criterion. For instance, if you ask a Great Dane dog parent who is not intending for a show dog, would choose any coat color which usually excludes the acceptable.

Among such people the most popular coat is Onyx Brindle. The Great Dane color has been quite popular for the past couple of years. Whilst on the other hand, a show dog parent would never ever even consider the coat color.

Onyx brindle

The most popular Great Dane color for a family pet is Onyx or Reverse Brindle. These dogs hold somewhat abundant black color on the coat. The strength is increased so much as the dog appears to be holding black base coat with sporadic golden strips in between. Which is the exact opposite for a Brindle.

The most popular Great Dane color for breeders

In case you are a Great Dane breeder, particularly the ethical one. Then you would find the most popular Great Dane color in the community is the one with the best genes. As the Great Dane holding a tractable pedigree has the most chances of producing fit litter.

Nevertheless, the dogs holding healthy lineage are preferred by breeders, yet it can not be foretold what a dog would bring forward. For instance, if you have a Great Dane wearing a harlequin coat, you can not tell the pattern for the pups. It is not until the pup develops that you will be able see the coat it depicts.

Therefore, it cannot be determined completely whether the coat adheres to the breed standards even if the dog holds an impeccable pattern. So as to how the markings would appear for the Great Dane puppies.

The Rare Great Dane Color

The most popular according to the less frequency of the fur, is the White color. The White Great Danes are not very common. This is primarily due to the latency of the coat color for developing unfit canines.

The white Great Dane can be blind and deaf in addition to the diseases found commonly in the breed. The dogs are more prone to suffer from various coat issues. All this is basically due to the flawed genetic makeup. Which also thwarts the dog from going through the natural life span of 6-7 years. Which is the average lifespan for the breed. 

Our judgement

Over the years, seeing various Great Dane parents with their most warm canines, we can put forward that although Fawn happens to be the most popular Great Dane color. which is also the most recurrent coat color in the breed. Yet the Great Dane dogs are loved because of their amenable and rather ludicrous temperament; it’s not just the color of their fur. Won’t you agree?

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