This is How You Can Have Great Danes Good With Kids


Great Danes are indeed good with kids, infants, and even small pets like cats and dogs, usually. Although Great Dane is a huge dog holding a rather intimidating presence albeit it has a friendly and gentle temperament. The unparalleled hugeness of the dog makes many people question, Are Great Danes good family dogs? Indubitably, the … Continue Reading

The Modern Rules of Living in Apartment with Great Dane


Great Danes can live happily in apartments. Indubitably the Great Danes are among the best apartment dogs. The great Dane’s height and weight are the most fundamental facets of the dog, rendering people to reason whether Great Danes can live in apartments or not. Although, the Great Dane dog breed is grouped into gigantic canines, … Continue Reading

How To Take Control Of An Aggressive Great Dane

Aggressive Great Dane Jumping On A Doberman

Great Danes, despite their intimidating size and presence, have a doting temperament. This is why they are popularly known as “gentle giants”. However, despite their friendly nature, there are instances where an otherwise warm and outgoing Great Dane displays a sudden aggressive behavior. The situation gets further alarming when a huge Great Dane acts aggressive … Continue Reading