Best Elevated Dog Bowls for Great Danes Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

If you are in a fiasco and just want to figure out what the best elevated dog bowls for Great Dane is, then we suggest the Baron Double Bowl Elevated Diner as the best raised feeder particularly for Great Danes.


Believe me, you just need to get the right elevated food bowls. And put an end to the mess your behemoth canine makes during mealtimes. Find the best elevated dog bowls for your Great Dane and ease its discomfort during mealtimes. The dog food bowls are generally heavy duty, reliable, and sturdy. Our classification of the elevated dog feeders will help you get the exact height of the Great Dane feeding bowl. Knowing your struggles to maintain the shape of elevated dog feeders. We have stated some tips on preserving the look and increasing on the lifetime of an elevated dog feeder, at the end.


In the article we will be reviewing the following elevated dog bowls:


  • Groove This Woodshop Personalized Raised Dog Bowl
  • QT Dog Adjustable Barstool Diner
  • PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls
  • YML Feeder Bowl
  • WANTRYAPET Elevated Dog Bowls
  • IRIS USA Elevated Feeder
  • BobbyPet Adjustable Raised Double Stainless Steel


Are elevated dog feeders good?


Yes elevated dog feeders are good for canines. But there are some instances when the dogs are more comfortable with lower dog feeders.


Elevated dog feeders are good for dogs suffering from bone related ailments. Given the prevalence of Orthopedic diseases in large breed dogs, many dog parents find elevated dog feeders helpful to their dogs. Furthermore, the neck and vertebrae problems in senior Great Danes could get worse if the dog continues to eat from the floor.


For instance, in intestinal diseases dogs develop difficulty in eating and swallowing food. In particular from lower or floor dog feeders. Thus, elevated dog feeders are good for dogs to help them digest the food.


For extra large breed dogs like Great Danes it becomes rather difficult to eat from floor dog dishes due to the size of the dog. Thus, to reduce the problem many Dane parents resort to using elevated dog feeders and it shows promising results.


But, elevated dog feeders are not favored in some peculiar circumstances. For instance, if the canine is feeling stressed or gets to eat whilst eating from elevated dog bowls. Or if the dog has always been eating from floor dog feeders and is not having any debacle, there might not be a need to shift to elevated dog bowls.


Benefits of elevated dog feeders


Above all an elevated dog feeder is for the dog’s comfort. The dog can get its food from an agreeable distance making its neck either strained or stressed.


Considering the Great Dane dogs huge and gigantic presence, the raised feeders have become more of a prerequisite. The Great Danes find eating from raised food and water bowls more convenient viz-a-viz eating from the floor.


Furthermore, the raised food and water bowls are user friendly. Keeping the eating area clean. Also the feeders are stationed, and organized making feeding easier. Moreover, the skidding of water bowls in some dogs can be discouraged by employing elevated dog dishes.


You might covet a space friendly option to place dog food. As the elevated dog feeders often come with a storage compartment to store dog’s food, toys or may be treats.

Best for Extra large Dogs: Baron Double Bowl Elevated Diner

Tired of the mess your clumsy Great Dane creates whilst feeding? Consider this Baron Double bowl diner. The elevated dog feeder is particularly recommended for extra large dog breeds like Great Danes. The construction is singular, keeping in view the target canine breed.


The height is perfect for Great Dane breed. The heavy duty tall dog dishes stand is made up of wrought iron and tube steel. The design adds up to the elevated dog bowls strength as well. Thus, it is particularly made to provide your huge furry friend a stable and sturdy feeding option.


The dog food bowls offered with the elevated feeder are quite big viz-a-viz other dog dishes. The dishes are big enough to contain food of extra large breeds. The bowls carry an attached rubber lining around the underside. This helps the dishes fix into the diner. Moreover, it discourages any sort of movement of the dish during eating.


  • Height is ideal for Great Danes
  • Quite sturdy and heavy duty
  • Suitable option even for two dogs to dine together
  • Well made dog food feeders


  • The inside rim on the bowls might pile up smut.

Best Elevated Dog Bowls For Great Danes- User Friendly: Regal Double Bowl Elevated Diner

Forget the wobbly elevated dog feeders. Get the premium quality elevated dog bowl stand for extra large dog breeds that won’t tip over. The Regal Double Bowl elevated feeder carries a single piece construction. The feature guarantees durability.


Its other features making it a well built dog food riser includes;

The stand of Elevated dog bowls is made up of heavy duty wrought iron. It is further provided with black finish which accentuates the long lasting capacity of the feeding station.


The elevated dog bowl holds a plastic cap on each leg. This helps in zero movement of the Great Dane feeding bowls while the dog ingest food.


Furthermore, the elevated dog bowls are crafted from stainless steel. Their rubber lining discourages movement like in the previous feeding station. These elevated dog dishes are also big. As the feeder is suggested for extra large dog breeds. All in all, it provides a healthy, and sturdy elevated dog bowl stand for large dogs like Great Danes.


  • Heavy duty, single piece construction
  • Plastic tips on feet
  • Height works well
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in back finish


  • You might need to get an extra set of bowls as there is a chance of rusting over time

Best Wooden Elevated Dog Bowl Stand: Groove This Woodshop

Well if you are looking for a pair of customizable elevated dog bowls for your Great Dane, this is it. This is the premium quality raised dog feeder with storage. It not only provides the Great Danes with a long lasting dog bowl riser but also furnishes you with a convenient storage option.


This raised dog feeder with storage by GrooveThis Woodshop is totally handmade. The design of the Great Dane feeding bowls flaunts your canine’ name in the font of your preference. Moreover, you can decide on the appearance of this raised dog feeder with storage. It is available in different sizes and colors. Thus, your furry friend can have its type of elevated dog feeder.


The interior as well as the top counter has a coating of lacquer which makes it waterproof. This promotes the safety of food or any other material inside the storage space from water. Furthermore, no water accentuates the durability of the elevated dog bowls.


  • Customizable
  • Totally handmade
  • Exhibit craftsmanship
  • Water resistant
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Putting together might appear demanding

Best elevated dog bowls for Great Dane Puppies: QT Dog Adjustable Barstool Diner


you can get this elevated dog feeder for your Great Dane puppy. The feeder is originally meant to keep up with your pup. Given the dogs’ rapid growth the dogs need best dog bowls which are both adjustable and reliable.


The QT Dog Barstool Diner is the high quality adjustable elevated dog bowls. Providing a Great Dane puppy with a comfortable height raised Diner. As the diner is long lasting so you won’t need to get another one till you or your canine gets bored.


Besides, the elevated dog bowls are of heavy duty materials. It features a heavy iron non tip base ensuring the much needed strength in a Great Dane elevated feeder. Additionally, the durable coated finish helps to keep its quality with time.


  • An Adjustable diner
  • Durable manufacture
  • Simple elevated dog feeder
  • Sturdy base


  • There might be a chance that the QT dog feeder gets rusted if you use it as a Great Dane water bowl over a long period of time. So, try to keep the elevated dog bowl stand, dry and clean to elevate its lifetime.

Best elevated dog bowls for Travel: PetFusion Elevated dog bowls


Nowadays many Great Dane dog parents are in the search of the Great Dane elevated feeders which are quirky. Such modern elevated dog bowl risers are not only robust. But are bound to bring a fresh appearance to your house.


If you are unable to find the elevated feeder for your Great Dane until now, rest assured. This feeder might be the one you are searching for. We have got the modern elevated dog bowls for your canine. The PetFusion Elevated dog bowls are translucent. Thus furnishing the elevated dog feeders arrangement with quite a display.


The innovative magnetic arrangement not only fits your Great Danes needs in your home but is perfect for traveling as well. So you do not need to worry if the dog can eat during your next trip. The slip proof legs also help ensure the stability of the feeders whilst the dog is eating. Furthermore, the elevated dog feeder is easy to clean.


You can build many arrangements with different numbers of modern elevated dog bowls according to your need. Its Premium construction increments on the quality of the elevated dog feeder.


  • Premium acrylic dog bowl stand
  • Modern single pod
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Available in translucent
  • Small silicone discs supports to fix bowls


  • Might not be suitable for rugged use

Best elevated dog bowls for Great Danes of All Ages: WANTRYAPET


The elevated dog feeder features three adjustable heights, giving you and your Dane quite a freedom in choosing the right height. Like all aforementioned best elevated dog bowls this one is also crafted from premium quality materials.


The adjustable elevated dog bowl holds an individuality in its appearance as well. The elevated feeders’ singular design does not only complement the interior but would also go with your outdoor setting. So we recommend the WANTRYAPET Elevated Dog Bowls  both for indoor and outdoor usage.


Moreover, the anti rust frame is made up of heavy duty stainless steel. The fiber material of the product is rather fine. It holds high tensile strength which ensures flexibility of the elevated dog bowl stands. Therefore, the elevated dog feeder carries a long lasting construction generally.


This elevated dog food stand uses melamine bowls, which are quite handy and does not break . They are easy to clean but are not microwave friendly. However, the light in weight elevated dog dishes make this elevated dog feeder a user friendly product.


  • Premium bamboo construction
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Sanitary safe ceramic dog food dishes
  • Break resistant


  • Might develop mold

Best Elevated Dog Bowls with Internal Storage: IRIS USA


If you are looking for an airtight spot to store food besides finding the right dog bowl riser for your Great Dane, then this is it. IRIS USA is our best raised dog feeder with storage.


The food stored in the elevated feeder will maintain its quality. Due to its characteristic facets like:

A built in airtight seal. Which secures freshness of the food stored inside. whereas the lid protects the inside constituents from moisture, humidity, and pests with efficacy. The lock on the storage container of this elevated dog feeder can be used as a handle for carrying it with ease.


The Heavy duty elevated dog feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls. Providing you with one of the best dog bowls holding plenty of space to keep the dog’s food safe. The tall dog dishes can be removed when needed to be cleaned.


Nevertheless, the elevated dog feeder for Great Danes by IRIS USA requires meticulous cleaning. Water and sometimes food get under there. This can not only damage the quality of the storage container. But also the overall performance of the elevated dog feeder.

So to keep the elevated dog station’s standard clean it thoroughly.  Remove the bowls and get rid of any leftover food from the place underneath to avoid developing any fungus.


  • Airtight storage
  • Height is right for large dogs
  • Super space efficient


  • You might find your Great Dane walking with the bowl around the home. As the dog food dishes are rather light in weight.

Best Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls: BobbyPet


Looking out for the best elevated dog bowls for Great Danes which can be suitable for the tallest dogs. This elevated feeder by BobbyPet  is our the best adjustable dog bowls on the market.


The feeder presents a wide heavy duty base of wrought iron. Its distinct H design construction assures the product’s durability.  The dog food bowls are also made up of stainless steel. Moreover, they are dishwasher safe.  Furthermore, the height can be adjusted according to your need with a knob.


For this purpose, you need to grip the knob and tighten it at the height where you think is ideal for your canine. The elevated feeding bowls are simple to assemble. Omitting the need of a set of screwdrivers.


  • Sturdy built
  • Quick to adjust
  • Fantastic price


  • The regular dog bowls might not fit.

Best in minimalist: YML Feeder Bowl


If your Great Dane is fierce and never let no elevated food bowl stay in your kitchen. Try this best elevated dog bowls for Great Danes in minimalist design. The YML elevated dog dishes are perfect for harsh Great Danes.  Both due to its strength and remarkable price.


The elevated dog feeders carry a single, large, stainless steel food bowl. Which gets fixed into a black premium quality Wrought iron stand.


The elevated dog bowl stand holds a beautiful bone crafting. You can either use these elevated large dog bowls for Great Dane food bowls or Great Dane water bowls. We suggest both uses.


The elevated dog feeder is easy to move as it is light in weight. The high end manufacturing of the dog bowl riser ensures an economical option. Yet holding durability and efficiency. All three are much longed for by Great Dane parents.


Anyhow, you might find the raised dog dish holder slipping on the floor. To solve the problem, place a mat under it and the stand will find a firm footing.


  • Light in weight
  • Well made
  • Excellent price


  • The dog food dish might not hold up

Tips on preserving the life of an elevated dog feeder


Although the tips are rather basic but hold a significant impact on the lifetime of an elevated dog feeder. The tips  on multiplying the life of an elevated dog feeder are as follows,


Initially,  never use harsh products or bleach for cleaning your Great Dane feeding station. Such products have the latency to damage the material of the product permanently. If necessary, use water or mild cleaners for the purpose.


Secondly, clean the counter of the elevated dog feeder right away. The sooner the better is the key to keep the look of an elevated dog food stand over the years.

Particularly in case of wooden elevated dog feeders dry it immediately. Do not let the liquid or water dry up on the wooden dog feeder ever.


Thirdly, to keep the germs off of the elevated dog bowls. Try placing the dog food dishes in sunlight after cleaning. This will put off any infectious accumulations otherwise possible.

Let’s settle on best elevated dog bowls for Great Danes

Given the needs of Great Dane dog parents we have come up with a list of best elevated dog bowls for Great Danes. Best can be alluded to reliability, strength, style, or even design. This has surely assisted you in finding what you are thinking of.

However, if you are looking for the best elevated dog bowl for Great Danes our pick is Baron Double Bowl Elevated Diner. The heavy duty and high end construction of the elevated feeder make it our favorite. As the dogs can be rough at times or most of the times may be, the dog food dishes ought to be high end. Therefore, it is worth the price. As the elevated feeding station is long lasting and built to stand the strength of these gigantic creatures.

If you are not sure how much to feed a Great Dane dog? Learn it to ensure optimum growth of your canine.

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