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Last Updated on January 4, 2021

You just got your Great Dane or already own one, and need to know all about Great Dane growth. This article is for you. Your neighbor has grown his dog so well but yours is lagging behind. Unlike your Great Dane their dog has developed into a beautiful and bulked huge GD all thanks to its fast growth. As we know Great Dane is a giant dog breed that grows quite fast. But why isn’t your Dane following the usual Great Dane growth pattern? 

Some Great Danes hit rapid growth in 3 to 5 months of age but the span of phase varies from dog to dog and from litter to litter. Whilst there are other Great Danes that observe growth spurts even at 11 months of age.

Typically, the Great Dane grows into a horse sized dog. But is the Great Dane growth steady? what are the factors that affect Great Dane growth? Is there is any consistent pattern or some generalized Great Dane growth chart?.. We are here to answer such questions on Great Dane growth and provide you with all the needful information.

General Healthy Appearance for the Great Dane Breed

The ideal height for a full-grown male Great Dane is 32 to 36 inches and weight 140 to 170 pounds. The height and weight for female Great Dane is a little less at 29 to 33 inches and 110 to 140 pounds respectively.

You saw Great Dane is a ‘gentle giant’ but your puppy is so normally small. Rendering you curious, how this cute puppy would grow up to be a giant. If you are a Great Dane parent you must learn the growth stages of the Great Dane breed. Thus, you have to realize what to expect in growth pattern for your Great Dane.

The most wonderful thing about a Great Dane puppy is, it is a surprise package. You never know exactly what your Great Dane puppy will grow into. Best predictor for the Great Dane growth is the canine’ parents and sometimes even grandparents. Suggesting your Great Dane dog will adhere to its genetics and grow accordingly. 


Is the chart depicting an average rate of Great Dane growth. 

As far as growth trend and appearance of your Great Dane is considered. A Great Dane puppy at 6-10 months bears its optimal adult shape. In a more extreme way, sometimes.

My Great Dane is very very small

Statistically speaking, numerous Dane parents are found in the self created imbroglio that their Great Dane is very very small. The Great Danes height and weight as mentioned in the chart below vividly depicts typical growth for male and female Great Danes.

Given, an adult Great Dane expresses the measurements its line holds. Each lineage is distinct, some owns dogs with average stature and physique while others line’s dogs develop into huge Great Danes.

Hence, instead of being skeptical of your Dane’s stature viz-a-viz those show champions, the Dane parents must realize that their dogs are fine. As long as your Dane is complying in its height and weight with the Great Dane growth chart.

How much a Great Dane puppy weighs at 7-8 weeks?

Generally, Great Dane puppies grow rapidly. Within months a Great Dane puppy can be seen grown manifold as compared to its initial size. Each week immensely increment onto the puppy’s height and weight.

Although, the average weight and height for a Great Dane puppy at 7-8 weeks is between 18-26 pounds. Yet, the range of average weight and height for male and female Great Dane puppies at 7-8 weeks are different. A Female Great Dane puppy lies at the lower end of the range whilst for male Great Dane puppies higher end is suggested.

Great Dane puppy and Great Dane dog

A Great Dane puppy with cow hocks, roached back, no depth of chest, no bone, no neck, strait legs, and short face will grow into a Great Dane adult with these same issues.

Whilst, a Great Dane puppy having a straight back, good bone structure, deeper than required chest, slightly more angle than required, etc., would grow well. The Great Dane would grow into a dog possessing a perfect appearance and stature.

Some features like leg angles and chest, can be expected to be a bit more in a young Great Dane puppy.

As a Great Dane puppy grows a straight back or normal rear can get off. But in most cases will return to the pups 8-10 week conformation.

A pup who is high in the rear at 8 weeks will most likely at full maturity be high.

So basically a well proportioned pup from well proportioned dam and sire, should grow to be a good looking Great Dane adult.

Randomly breed dogs won’t mature into show quality canines.


Although, there are dogs that rarely do were closely related to show lines.

The Good conformation a Great Dane puppy is born with, it will mature with the same in between, expect its funky stages of development.

Great Dane Growth spurts

Just like all other dogs, Your Great Dane will pass through rapid growth spurts, which may cause some mild pain. The age of Great Dane growth spurt really depends on the dog and the bloodline behind it. 

Some Great Danes hit rapid growth in 3 to 5 months of age but the phase varies from dog to dog and from litter to litter.

Whilst there are those Great Danes who observe growth spurts even at 11 months of age. 

This is the time when your Great Dane grows 2 inches in a week and there is a time when there is only ¼ inch growth in 10 days. 


When your Great Dane is gaining height you could literally see its bones and ribs. 

Some signs that shows your Great Dane is in his spurt are: 

  • The dog sleeps quite a bit more than normal.
  • It will get the hiccups often. 

Great Dane Growth pattern: 

Here is the growth pattern of a finely grown Great Dane, 

2 months: 24lbs 15″

3 months: 40lbs 19″

4 months: 56lbs 23.25″

5 months: 71lbs 26″

6 months: 90lbs 28.5″

7 months: 102lbs 29.75″

8 months: 115lbs 31″

9 months: 120lbs 31.5″

1 year: 122lbs 32.5″


He turned 2 last Thursday and is 33.5″ on a good day and 135 lbs. Very little Great Dane growth in his second year, although he did fill out and gain substance.

Great Dane Growth Chart:

On the aforementioned Great Dane growth chart up to 1 year is listed then full grown.


Age Weight (Pounds) Height (Inches) Weight ( Kgs)  Height (cm)
At Birth 1 – 2 NA 0.45 – 0.90 NA
1 Week 2 – 3 NA 0.90 – 1.36 NA
2 Weeks 3 – 5 NA 1.3 – 2.3 NA
3 Weeks 4 – 7 NA 1.8 – 3.2 NA
4 Weeks 5 – 8 NA 2.3 – 3.6 NA
6 Weeks 10 – 20 NA 4.5- 9.0 NA
2 Months 18 – 26 13 – 18 8.2 – 11.8 33.0 – 45.7 
3 Months 30 – 45 17 – 23 13.6 -20.41  43.2 – 58.4
4 Months 45 – 65 21 – 26 20.4 – 29.5 53.3 – 66.0
5 Months 60 – 85 23 – 30 27.2 – 38.5 58.4 – 76.2
6 Months 70 – 105 26 – 33 31.7 – 47.6 66.0 – 83.8
7 Months 75 – 110 27 – 34 34.0 – 49.9 68.6 – 86.36
8 Months 80 – 120 27 – 35 36.3 – 54.3 68.6 – 88.9
9 Months 85 – 125 28 – 35 38.5 – 56.7 71.1 – 88.9
One year 90 – 140 29 – 36 40.8 – 63.50 73.6 – 91.4
ADULT WEIGHT (lbs) Height (inches) WEIGHT (kg) Height (cm)
Males 135 – 170 33 – 36  61.2 – 77.1 83.8 – 91.4
Females 110 – 145 30 – 34  49.9 – 65.7 76.2 – 86.4
Great Dane Growth Chart tabular Representation

Underneath is the is an image of above chart.

Great Dane Growth Chart image

You may ask:

What is “full grown” Great Dane?

After 1.5 years Great Dane dogs are likely to continue to add bulk and muscle to fill out their frame. Certainly, each Great Dane is different, but as a rule of thumb, 

‘the dogs grow up that is, gain its height until age 2, then out which suggests, build up of muscles and frame, until 3 years’. 


A Great Dane dog at 4 will look significantly different from his 2 years old appearance.

Weight Chart:

Great Dane Weight Chart

Height Chart:

Great Dane Height Chart

Growth Stages:

The Great Dane growth from a puppy to an adult full grown dog can be categorized based on the difference in its stature. The four Great Dane growth stages which are as follows:

Great Dane Growth Chart Development


  • Great Dane growth stage 1:

Puppy up to 2 months,

height 42 cm, weight 18 – 26 kg

  • Great Dane growth stage 2:

50% adult at 5 months, 

height 70 cm, weight 36 kg

  • Great Dane growth stage 3:

80% adult at 8 months, 

height 75 cm, weight 58 kg

  • Great Dane growth stage 4:

Adult, having

height 80 cm, weight 70 kg


Great Dane Growth Pictures:

Great Dane Growth Pictures ( from 2 Weeks to 10 Months)

Factors that impact Great Dane Growth:

Great Dane growth depends upon some indispensable elements which regulate development process of the dog . Additionally, for Great Dane being a large breed, each component seems to hold increased impact on the Great Dane dog stature.

Described below are the factors influencing growth in Great Dane breed. Each factor holds the capability to boost up or restrict Great Dane development both individually and collectively.


The utmost factor that impacts Great Dane flourishing and development is its genetics. Great Dane’ bloodline will decide all the major things for your dog. Ranging from its height, weight, and even the rate at which the Great Dane grows.

Besides, various Great Danes do not grow steadily. They see massive growth in their first 6 months. After that the growth of Great Dane is more steady till it reaches two years of age. Following that age, there is very little increase in height, maybe ¼ of an inch in your Great Dane.


For male Great Danes neuter also plays a significant role. As male Great Danes are expected to gain more height.

A neutered Great Dane was:

  • 30 inches at 6 months
  • 36 inches at 9 months
  • At one year 140lbs and 37 inches.
  • When 2 years old, 153lbs and 39 inches. 
  • At 2 years and 4 months 153lbs but height is just over 39 inches.

Feeding habits:

There is a very common misconception that a Great Dane puppy would grow bigger and faster if overfed. As mentioned above, not every Great Dane is bred to contest on a show. Great Danes grow at their own speed. 

Feeding Great Dane more food or with higher protein percentages to your Great Dane would only result in more health complications in future. For instance, Great Dane might suffer from joint problems and overgrown or bent paws. Proper Great Dane feed is indispensable for your Great Dane fitness and optimal development.

Feed Recommendations:

A feeding schedule needs to be followed, and the quantity of food that you give to your Great Dane must also be regulated. Giant dogs are more prone to bone problems due to their longer limbs. Hence, vets don’t recommend regular puppy food for Great Dane breed.

As the Great Dane dog grows in height, it would face issues eating from a bowl placed on the floor. There are special elevated bowls, that make it easy for your tall Great Dane to eat without any vexation. 



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  3. I had a dog dropped off in my road on October 6, 2020, she was skin and bones. Starved to death. When I picked her up It felt like her ribs were going to break. She weighed 13 pounds. It is now November 4, we have had her almost a month, she weighs 30 pounds. The vet put her on an antibiotic. She is 4 months old. She is a Great Dane/mix, it seems as though she never gets full. How much and what should I be feeding her?

    • You can feed the GD according to the chart included in the article. Moreover, if you are feeding according to the chart right now, yet the GD “seems as though she never gets full” is a healthy sign that the GD pup is doing good overall and is loving the food it is getting from you. Keep up the good work Kelli Johnson!

    • She is almost the same age as my male he is 8 months now Ca and he is fed 8 cups of Nutra brand adult food per day. 2-2/3 cups three times per day. At 10 months he will get 10 cups of that brand per day

    • My dane can eat over 8 cups in a 15 min setting. The vet said that they eat all that is in front of them. I reduced the ammount and fed 2 times a day. If you have runny or loose stool cut back and try 3 times a day
      Vet said if you moniter thos pup will be around 6 to 7 cups a day every dane is different

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    • My last one was well over 200lbs all muscle and 44 inches tall at the shoulder. The biggest dane my vet ever seen. Unfortunately because he was so big he developed an enlarged heart and passed away a day after his 7th bday 🙁 his grandfather was European and bred with a Canadian. He was the only one to get that big. Sisters were 140s, brothers, 160s


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