If You Love Great Dane You Will Love Great Dane Pit Bull mix

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Last Updated on January 1, 2021

Great Dane Pit Bull mix is among the breed mixes many Great Dane and pit bull admirers are interested in. Mix breeds are believed to have more positives attached to them as compared to purebred dogs. Similarly, in the case of a Great Dane Pit Bull mix the dog would inherit qualities from both parent breeds. Which means you can have a good family dog who can readily protect you if you are a parent to a Pit Bull Great Dane mix.

The Great Dane Bull is a especially lively and loving dog. The Dog registry of America certifies the Great Dane Pit Bull mix as a mix breed. The average weight for an adult Great Dane Pit Bull mix is 80lbs. The mix breed hold 24- 28 inches height. Other ideal qualities of this dog are vigilance, acute warmth with kids, utmost allegiance, and affection. International designer canine registry also recognizes the Great Dane Bull as a mix breed but not a pure breed. 


If you are attempting to find a puppy possessing mix breeds, why the Great Dane Pit Bull mix can be a good option for you? Learn below.

Following are the characteristic traits of a Great Dane Pit Bull mix canine.

Great Dane Pit Bull mix

As broached already, Great Dane Pit Bull mix is a mixed breed. It is the result of crossing a Great Dane and an American Pit Bull Terrier. The mix is well known as ‘Great Dane Bull’. The Dog registry of America certified the Great Dane Bull as a mix breed. International designer canine registry also recognized the Great Dane Bull as a mix breed but not a pure breed.

The Great Dane bull is a lively and extremely doting dog. Other ideal qualities of this dog are vigilance, warmth with kids, allegiance, and tenderness.

Besides, the traits of a Great Dane Bull some people yet express concerns on this cross. They are bothered about mixing the size and strength of a Great Dane with the boldness of the Pit Bull.


Dogs of this mix breed mostly have physical traits of large dogs. Another thing worth mentioning here, this mix breed has an average life span of 10-15 years.

Among the super things a Great Dane Pit Bull mix holds one worth buying trait is that the dog is indubitably a loyal and devoted comrade. This is plain and also the main reason why many dog lovers want to adopt a Great Dane Pit Bull mix.

If you are also planning on to own a Great Dane Pit Bull mix dog just go for it. You and the dog, both are going to have a perfect bonding provided you train it expertly while it is a puppy.

You might be wondering;

What kind of dog is a Great Dane Pit Bull mix? Is it friendly or ferocious?

And above all,

How to take care and train a Great Dane Pit Bull mix?

To decide on such questions let first get acquainted with the Great Dane and American Pit Bull Terrier.


Great Dane

The Great Dane is frequently called a ‘Gentle Giant’ whilst the American Pit Bull Terrier was named ‘the Nanny dog’. This was due to that the Great Dane is a big dog who is also friendly, whereas, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a great dog when it comes to guard young children.

The Great Dane is a dog which is quite old as a breed. The dog is opined to be present in 13th century paintings and sculptures. Historically, the Great Dane was initially bred as hunters. The behemoth dogs were used to hunt wild boars. Hence, they were symbol of zeal and belligerence in the beginning.

Don’t get fooled,

From its name ‘the Great Dane’ that it has some relation to Danish people. In reality, Germans were responsible for boosting prestige of the Great Dane. Hence, the Great Dane is modified from being an aggressive hunter into a gentle, affectionate, and faithful dog of today.

According to A.K.C. the Great Dane is:

‘a combination of elegance, regal strength, and dignity’. They have a well-formed, powerful, and muscular body. The ideal physique of the Great Dane is praised by the A.K.C. in these words; ‘this should have a confirmation so well balanced that it doesn’t appear clumsy and move with a long reach and a powerful drive’.

The overall frame of a Great Dane ought to be square shaped. This alludes to that the ratio of the Great Dane in terms of height to length must be equal. The tallest dog in the world was Zeus, a Great Dane, till its death in 2014. Who was 111.8 cm from shoulder to paw.

A Great Dane puppy would make a great family dog owing to its friendly nature.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Who is an American Pit Bull Terrier? Let us get acquainted.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is loving and smart dog. They are generally respectful of their owners. Their strong personality and vigor nature calls for you to train it properly. It is suggested to begin training with a Pit Bull puppy if you want a great adult dog who reacts complacently to your calls .


The American Pit Bull Terrier is a highly energetic breed. It requires daily exercises and workout to contain its aggression. The American Pit Bull Terrier needs daily exercise having a span of 45 minutes at least. An hour daily workout would be ideal for the Pit Bull dog.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has an interesting ancestral history just like the Great Dane. The ascendants of this breed were employed to lure bulls. They were also used as dog fighters.

The Pit Bull is not assertive but intrinsically a submissive dog. Although, appearance of the dog suggests quite the opposite. This fierce looking dog is quite friendly to own, nonetheless. Training and disciplining a Pit Bull is indispensable if you want a peaceful and cordial bond with the dog. Another characteristic associated with a Pit Bull, is that the dog could be territorial at times.

What does a Pit Bull Great Dane mix puppy look like?

There is not any particular standard or prevailing physical appearance for the Great Dane Bull. It is hard to deduce the exact size of this cross breed as well. The height and size of the dog depends solely on the genes it would inherit. It can either be huge as the Great Dane or it may take after the American Pit Bull terrier relatively small size.

So, if on one hand, you happen to find a behemoth dog by the name the Great Dane bull, you might also find a small yet imposing one of the same name.

Your Great Dane Bull’s weight would also depend on the genes it receives. As weight of a pit bull is 30-80 pounds. And that of the Great Dane would be somewhere between 80-150 pounds on average.


Your Great Dane Bull can grow into a huge dog with a height of 24-28 inches. Proportional to the height weight of adult Pit Bull Great Dane mix would be between 60-90 lbs.

Life span of the Great Dane Pit Bull mix dog

The average life span of the Great Dane Bull given its size is 10-14 years. It can vary depending upon the size, health, and physical condition of the mix breed dog.

Pit Bull Great Dane Mix Colors

There is a variety of colors the Great Dane Bull can exist in. The most recurrent colors of the Great Dane Bull mix breed are;

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Brindle
  • Golden
  • Fawn
  • White
  • Merle


The coat of the Great Dane Bull is commonly a smooth and short coat. To keep its coat fine and groomed, the dog owners would need to brush it once in a day. Which can be done at home easily and you won’t need to visit some groomer for scheduled grooming. Like many other dogs require.

Therefore, a Great Dane Bull does not require a lot of grooming.

Great Dane Pit Bull Mix Temperament

Appearances are always deceptive

If you are to decide on the dog’s temperament by its looks and appearance. You, might not adopt a Great Dane Bull, given its intimidating appearance. But in reality the Great Dane Bull is a much friendly and loving dog. Those who have a Great Dane Bull know it quite well. And if you have not taken in a Great Dane Bull, adopt it and get a canine friend for yourself. You won’t feel alone anymore, for sure.

The Great Dane Bull is a dog having loving, compassionate, and friendly disposition. The dog is communal one. It cherishes the company of people it loves and adores. As both, the Great Dane Bull and pit bull terrier are among the gentle and affectionate breeds. Despite their appearance.

The Great Dane Bull, just like its parents, demands consideration. The attention seeker, a Great Dane Bull needs its owners to be aware of its presence. If you also own a Great Dane Bull do not forget to keep your dog accompanied. As expected, this dog also develops separation anxiety.

When the dog is left without owners for a long period of time, a Great Dane Bull is likely to suffer from separation anxiety. It cannot tackle when you are travelling and won’t be able to spend time with your Great Dane Bull.

This shows how much the dog leans on its you. Oh dear!

Around children and other pets

The Great Dane Bull is good around children. It is also good with other dogs and pets. Given that the dog is given timely exposure to socialize. The dog loves socializing and do not like to be alone.

The Great Dane Pit Bull mix dog is not a fond of barking generally. You would love it if you are living in a neighborhood known for its peaceful milieu. But be watchful though it barks once in a blue moon, still it holds a somewhat loud bark.


Talking about exercise needs of the Great Dane Bull, the dog is fond of playing in backyard. And if you have a large garden for the Great Dane Bull to spend time in it. The Great Dane Bull requires exercise of 1-2 hours regularly. You can involve a Dane Bull in physical activities like playing with a soccer ball. Frisbee would also do.

Great Dane Bull Diet

Above all make sure that your Great Dane Bull has access to fresh water. When it comes to food the Great Dane Bull’s requirements may vary depending on the dog’s size. The dog can have 3-6 cups of high quality dry dog food every day. The food must be given to the dog in portions.

You can divide its food in two to three meals. This would prevent the dog from over eating, and bloating. Both of which can be dangerous for the Great Dane Bull.


Size of pocket to own the Great Dane Bull

If you want to call a Great Dane Bull your dog, you ought to have a big pocket. The cost of the Great Dane Pit Bull mix puppy is around $600. And if you are looking for a quirky pup it might cost a lot. Other requirements of the dog are along with their cost are given below:

  • Collar and leash, neutering, a microchip, blood tests, and a shot=$450-$500
  • Yearly medical Cost including emergency medical treatment, regular checkups, vaccination, and flea prevention=$490-$600

If you are an owner of the Great Dane Bull you are quite aware of it needs regarding toys, and treats.

  • The cost of such expense on yearly basis would be around $700.


Training and disciplining seem to be very difficult to most owners. But if you own a Great Dane Bull, you are among the fortunate ones. This mix breed is largely known for its anxiousness to please its owner. Hence, it would not be a herculean task to train the Great Dane Bull. But still it’s a task. So it would require never ceasing efforts at your end. Begin training the dog step by step to make it easier for both of you.

When to kick off training the Pit Bull mix with Great Dane?

Training of the Great Dane Bull ought to begin at a very young age. The Great Dane Bull puppy is more focused and responsive as compared to the Great Dane Bull dog. Yet a trained Great Dane Bull mix is not unfeasible even at adult age. With diligence and continuous efforts you would assuredly train a Great Dane Bull dog as well.

All you need to do is to put more effort and be persistent. The dog has very much developed its personality based on its habits. It has been executing its learnt behaviors for quite a long period of time. Therefore, it would take more time and energy to train and discipline such Great Dane Bull dog.

How to train the great Dane Bull?

If you have a Great Dane Bull puppy to train start off your disciplining by developing a routine. Comprising of activities and timing of meals. Try to follow the routine and do not take break while you are training your Great Dane Bull. Be consistent.

You can teach your Dane Bull behaviors you want it to express by supporting such actions by treats and rewards.

Wearing a collar and leash are also crucial for the Great Dane Bull. It makes visiting public places possible and safe. You can train a Great Dane Bull to wear a collar and walk on a leash also while it is a puppy. The training sessions not be too long or too short. The puppy might lose its interest and eagerness if training continues for long.

Sometimes training the Great Dane Pit Bull mix dog could be difficult. The dog owners can also take help from professional dog trainers to train the Great Dane Pit Bull mix dog.

 Health Problems

Over weight is a recurrent problem for dogs in the us. Giving the dog excessive food is not suggested at all. The Great Dane Bull is likely to suffer from hip and elbow Dysplasia. An if your Great Dane Bull is also over weight it could provide give rise to grave health issues for the dog.


Give your Great Dane Bull Glucosamine and fish oil supplements to keep it healthy. It is also a way to deal with imminent health problems of the Great Dane Bull.

The mix breed is prone to inherit disorders present in both parents. So the possibility to get diseases is increased. But generally, the Great Dane Pit Bull mix is healthier than its parents and lives a longer life. The healthier and increased life span of the Great Dane Bull is due to Heterosis. A term suggesting an improved or increased function of any biological trait in a hybrid offspring.

The Great Dane Bull dog has some recurrent disease like,

  • bloating,
  • hip and elbow dysplasia,
  • heart problem,
  • tumors,
  • development issues,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • and allergies.

Largely, the mix breed is healthy, the Great Dane Bull are mainly healthy dogs. If you want to know more about the mix breed’s diseases and ailments, you can visit the dog’s parents breeding sites. If you are not aware of its parents in case of an adopted dog, assistance from a veterinary doctor would suffice.

In a nut shell

It can be said that the Great Dane and Pit Bull mix being a breed dog has accepted its ancestor qualities and at the same time inherited their diseases. The Great Dane Bull, if disciplined and trained well, when it was a pup, you will surely be the owner of a lovely dog. As a dog the Great Dane bull might possesses a long body of a Great Dane with minimal muscles of pit bull. It could have long legs to add up to its sophistication. Which suggests that you need to prepare for the dog properly.

But, irrespective of the physical attributes your Great Dane bull possess it would be a devoted dog to own.

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  1. So blessed to have rescued a Great Dane Bull at just under a year. He is amazing! He loves all animals, does great with the grandkids and what a good boy playing in a pack at the dog park. I’ve had several lg breeds of dogs in my life. But, my Rebel… They broke the mold when they made him!!


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