All about Great Dane Spaying or Neutering

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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

You might be wondering what is the right time for spaying or neutering your Great Dane? And if the time is different for various breeds? or why you need to consider Great Dane spaying or neutering? Well, the time is different for every breed and for our huge goofballs Great Danes, it is generally recommended to have your pup spayed or neutered  between 4-9 months.

If you are in the field for finding a suitable dog or Great Dane is your favorite breed, this is something you really want to know. 

It is a serious issue to consider whether you have adopted Great Dane or you are intending to be a Great Dane dog parent. You ought to be prepared for what is coming towards you. Whatever is the scenario in case you are not an expert, spaying or neutering is the best option for you.

Great Dane Spaying or neutering does not only concern the prevention of undesirable litter but is also beneficial in terms of health and well being of your pup. As we all know that unwanted litter ends up being a stray dog. The poor pups are often left even without food which is not a situation anyone would want. Thus spaying or neutering the Great Dane is the best pragmatic way out both for you and your canine.

Spaying or neutering?

Spay or neuter, is there any difference?


The  medical procedure performed by a vet under general anesthesia on a female dog to remove the ovaries and uterus which sterilizes the dog is called spaying.

Spaying a Great Dane

As branched above, the procedure of spaying not only ensures population control but also ensures the health and well being of your pup. It also alleviates chances of mammary adenocarcinoma. Which is the cancer of mammary glands and uterine infections.

Which is in severe cases fatal, or you might end up paying a lot of moolas each month to get your canine treated. Thus, causing immense financial and emotional trouble.

Besides, the dogs which are not sterilized are subject to behavioral changes a lot more viz-a-viz spayed or neutered dogs. These behavioral changes in the puppies after being sexually mature could be quite embarrassing.

For instance, consider a female Great Dane pup. Once it matures it will not undergo heat cycles. The cycle occurs during the breeding season for 4-5 days. The canine might turn into a dog you have never known. It would become moody, howling most of the time, urinate frequently, and also have a clear or blood like discharge.

All these changes are natural and appear as a result of change in the level of hormones in the blood once the dog matures. So the suggested way to avoid all these troubles is spaying your pup before it sexually matures. But bear this in mind that if the procedure is performed too early it might result in incomplete muscular and skeletal growth. 

In other words, the spaying must not be performed neither too early nor delayed so as to keep the dog healthy and fit. So what is the right time to spay the Great Dane?

The right time

For having your Great Dane pup spayed the right time is at 9 months. Which roughly becomes the time before it experiences its first heat.

After the first cycle the canine’s reproductive organs undergo some changes. The changes are mainly irreversible and can result in more complications during the procedure. If you delay the procedure any further.


Whilst on the other hand, neutering is only different as it is performed on male dogs. The procedure is conducted to remove their reproductive organs making them sterile.

Neutering a Great Dane

As it is the same procedure but is performed on male pups as spaying on the female pups. It reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular cancer in Great Danes.

The dog undergoing neutering is reported to be less aggressive. And is likely to become a calm and amenable dog. It will not roam outside the house no more or make it difficult for you during the walk around the street. 

In case you are not considering neutering, then we recommend you to do so. Particularly if you are not an experienced dog parent it is going to be hell of a time for you. As the Great Dane dogs once reach sexual maturity they mark their territory. Which is by urinating all over the place. And in this cast it means your house. The dog’s territory is in your place, remember.

Therefore, the most sensible way out is by neutering the Great Dane. After the removal of reproductive organs the level of testosterone decreases which assists in calming the dogs. Although, it helps in behavioral issues most of the time yet it can not be guaranteed that the dog is not going to be aggressive for the rest of its life.

The right time

12 months is the suggested time to have your Great Dane neutered. At this age the body, muscles and skeleton is fully developed. So the chances of any growth related problems are efficaciously avoided.

The cost of spaying or neutering a Great Dane?

The cost of spaying or neutering Great Dane typically ranges from $200-$600. The process of neutering or spaying Great Dane might seem costly to you but in reality it is way cheaper than treating other health problems. It would also be more economical than dealing with an expensive treatment for a latent health risk which may also cost the life of your Great Dane or caring for a whole bunch of litter. So realize that there are a lot of things at stake. And you are calling the shots, it is better to think it through; Whether you are spaying or neutering the Great Dane or not? 

Anyhow the process of Great Dane spaying or neutering is do costly as compared to other dog breeds. It is mainly due to the fact that the surgery is more complex and requires added effort.

Final words

Are you worried that the procedure might be painful? Then do not worry. The procedure is not painful. It is just like a normal surgery performed under general anesthesia.

Dogs do not gain weight no matter what breed they belong after getting spayed or neutered. So your Great Dane would also not become overweight if you are meticulous with its diet and exercise.

If you are worried about the age of your pup, and are afraid to decide on the right time of spaying or neutering, then leave it alone. And let the vet do its job, it will surely assist you in ensuring that your Great Dane isn’t too young to be spayed or neutered. 

Best of luck by the way. 

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