Extra Large Dog house for Great Dane The Best in 2021

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

If you are nervous and do not know what the best extra large dog house for Great Dane is. Then we recommend PawHut wood large dog house.

You  definitely would not want your Dane to feel cold in winters? or to get wet in rains? or feel the heat in summers? Get a dog house your dog deserves. Buy our recommended best dog house on the market for your huge pack of follies. 

You definitely would not pay for anything you do not trust would hold up. So in lieu of investing in some dog house you are not sure would work for your Great Dane. Get a dog house that is worthy of your dog and your moola. 

Your goofball has grown quite a bit and it is not probable for it to stay inside. But you do not want your Dane to be left outside without its own house. And we know you want the best for your Dane. Consider our suggested list of the best extra large dog houses for Great Dane. And furnish your huge love bundle with a proper abode immediately.

In the article we will be reviewing the following extra large dog houses for Great Dane;


Why A Dog House?

Fundamentally, a personal place is as crucial for canines as it is for us. The gentle giants also require a place to find refuge. 

When the distraction exceeds, and your Dane can’t take it anymore. The dog house is the place it will retreat to. Thus a dog house is your furbaby’s unit solely. Giving it a sense of safety.

Sometimes, it is not suitable to keep dogs particularly extra large canines inside. Nevertheless, leaving outside entails proper shelter. Which can be provided by a dog house with efficacy.

Whether you decide to keep your dog outside permanently or just for some part of the day dog house is required for the purpose. The dog houses are also indispensable for the dogs staying outside particularly during extreme weather conditions. For instance, on hot summer days, on rainy days.

In our case, as Great Dane dog parents you need a gigantic dog house to accommodate the canine.

Extra Large Dog House for Extra Large Dog

The Great Danes are known for their amenable presence. The dogs carry a rather appeasing temperament and things often turn ludicrous when the dogs are around. 

In addition, these huge dogs carry a noteworthy presence. It symbolizes utmost sophistication, and elegance. 

The dogs are good family dogs. And are good with babies, and small dogs. They can be playful even with cats. Provided the dogs feel at ease with them.

The Great Dane dogs carry quite a massive physique. Typically standing at 100lbs, the dogs are quite big. The breed often reaches up to 180 lbs. Anyaw a huge size implies parallel strength. Which ultimately translates to specific requirements.

There are a plethora of small dog houses available on the market. But searching for an extra large dog house for Great Dane often becomes difficult. Not to mention the best dog house.

Knowing the value of a big enough dog house for the dogs. And your pains in finding the perfect dog house. We have popped with the best extra large dog house for Great Danes. So that you can get one for your Dane ASAP.

Measuring your Great Dane

Although extra large dog houses are usually made in accordance with the Great Dane breed needs. Yet it is not a bad idea to have your dog measured and get a proper sized dog house.

Take the following measurements;

Step 1

Height from the floor to the Great Dane shoulder blades. This will give you the height of the dog house door.  

Step 2

Height atop the head when the dog stands. This size will suggest the height of the dog house for Great Danes. 

Step 3

Measure from snout to the floor. 

Step 4

To measure for the width of the floor of the dog house. 

These measurements will help you in getting the right sized dog house for your Dane. add 10 cm in the amount you measured for the dog house. Anyhow, bear in mind the dog house should be neither big nor small. In both scenarios it will be difficult for the Great Dane to feel comfortable inside the dog house.


However, extra large dog houses for Great Danes generally work well. In case you have a massive Dane you would need an xxl dog house. 

What to look for?

There are many factors that determine the quality of a dog house for Great Dane. Such as;


The most fundamental thing to consider while buying a dog house is the size of your dog. As Great Danes are rather huge dogs. The space it necessitates for stretching out and relaxing is definitely vast. An extra large or xxl dog house is suitable for large breed dogs like Great Danes.

Materials and Construction

The dog houses are crafted from different materials. Mainly wood, plastic, or a combination of both. You can get a dog house made of synthetic material as well. Wood includes fir wood, maple wood, or cedar wood.

Although, wood construction is usually preferred. As the dog house made out of wood tends to stay longer. Yet if the finish is not reliable, the dog house will be damaged by bad weather over time. 

Plastic construction usually brings out a user friendly dog house. Such dog houses are relatively simple to clean and maintain.

The extra large dog houses for Great Dane are also made up of synthetic materials. They are rather impenetrable against odours, and bacteria. Thus such dog houses are also expected to sustain. 

Extreme Weather proof

Particularly if you are living in an extreme weather climate. You can evaluate dog houses based on their extreme weather proof feature. In extreme hot or cold days insulation of a dog house plays a vital role.

The interior of the dog house can maintain a bearable temperature. If the dog house is furnished with effective padding or insulation.

Besides insulating, hot climatic conditions call for ventilation features as well. So that the dog can enjoy fresh air round the clock.

Protection against elements

Additionally a dog house must be waterproof and UV resistant. Roughly keep all the things in consideration you think are indispensable for your own home. For instance,

An angled roof which reduces rain water, a slightly elevated floor.

Where to position a dog house?

We recommend you to position the dog house at a covered place. This will effectively protect your Great Dane from extreme weather conditions. Such as cold, blazing sun, wind, and rain. 

The dog house can be installed with its front facing south. You can place it touching a wall. Or simply place it under a tree.

If you covet a moveable dog house you will have quite a freedom. You can place it according to the seasonal requirements. During scorching hot days the dog can have better time inside the dog house. If the dog house is not placed under direct sun.

Whilst in extreme cold areas the dog houses can be positioned under the sunlight. This will keep the dog warm and protected.

How to prepare your Great Dane for a dog house?

Preparing a Great Dane dog for the dog house is a somewhat gradual process. A pup would find solace inside sooner than an adult Great Dane. Therefore, we recommend to kick off training your Dane as soon as possible.

Furnish the dog house

You need to provide the dog house with some necessities like a comfortable dog bed, toys, or even the treats it likes. Try placing the pup’s favored blanket in the dog house as well.

The scent

In the beginning you might even need to place something which bears your smell inside the dog house. It could be anything, your sweater, glove, or even a pillow cover. Woolen material is better as it is easy to sniff for the dog.

Play games

To make the pup comfortable to enter the dog house. You can play ‘fetch’ with the dog. 

Or Ask it to get inside the dog house. And to stay there whilst you are sitting right beside the dog house. 

Gradually increase the time duration for the inside stay.


It is recommended to be lenient whilst preparing the Great Dane puppy for a dog house. The puppy will learn to stay inside sooner if you teach with treats. Instead of being hard just remember, that the pup might register the dog house as a big no. If you keep forcing it. Thus aim making the whole process fun for the pup.


Now it’s time for shopping. Come here checkers! Which one is your favorite dog house!

Best Extra Large Dog House for Great Dane: PawHut wood large dog house

This dog house is particularly beautifully designed. It basically holds a cabin style layout with a front deck porch. Its added porch is the cracker. Thus this dog house by Tucker Murphy is our best dog house for Great Dane.

Firstly, it exhibits a living room with two portions. A side window helps with proper ventilation. Which ensures a comfortable refuge from the weather.

Secondly, the construction of the dog house ensures a long lasting option. The dog house is crafted from high quality solid wood. Moreover, it is eco friendly and is non toxic. The A shape roof is covered with asphalt trims. This feature provides your Dane with a reliable dog house during rain, snow, or wind. 

Furthermore, it holds a spacious elevated design. Overall construction of the dog house provides an all weather protection. 

Additionally, the floor of this dog house can be removed to help in cleaning. The dog house is suitable for dogs up to 101lbs.


  • Cabin style dog house
  • Presents a Main living room and a deck porch
  • Spacious and waterproof
  • Offers vinyl curtains
  • Includes a side window
  • Needs assembly
  • Available in natural wood
  • Dog house dimensions: 59″ L x 63.5″ W x 39.25″ H

Best Huge Extra Large Great Dane Dog House: Cape Cod Cozy Cottage

If your Great Dane is somewhat behemoth. Then you would need this dog house by Little Cottage Company.

First, the dog house can be built in a big backyard or garden. We recommend you to get this for your huge bundles of love. Without worrying whether the dog house is big enough or not.

Secondly, the dog house construction makes it fit for any size dog. So this is indubitably the dog house for your extra extra large Great Dane.

Lastly, to get this beautiful huge dog house built, a kit is penalized then ready for construction. All you need to do is to provide some materials required in the process.

  • Overall dimensions: 98” H x 120” W x 96” D

Best Insulating Extra Large Dog House: CRB Palace

This uniquely designed Colossal Round Barn Palace by Dog Palace is the best insulating dog house for Great Danes. The size and insulation is ideal for large breed dogs like Great Danes. 

Firstly, the round barn dog house presents a rather attractive insulated dog house. It promises to furnish your dog with more weatherproofing viz-a-viz other similar products on the market. 

Secondly, the dog house offers Styro/EPS foam padding in the side boards, roof, and door. Which means your Great Dane will not feel too cold or hot outside no more.

Moreover, the dog house is user friendly. The floor of the dog house is provided with a drain hole. Which reduces the chances of water build up. And also helpful in cleaning.


  • Reliable
  • Weatherproof
  • Self storing windows
  • Simple entrance
  • Raised floor
  • Warm and dry bedding area
  • Simple assembly
  • Overall dimensions: 46” H x 45” W x 45” D

Cedar Wood Extra Large Dog House: Pinckard Dog House

This cedar wood dog house by Tucker Murphy is destined for you. If you want a reliable dog house for your woofy. 

Firstly, the overall construction of the dog house is premium. Its sturdy heavy duty hardware provides safety to the dog from elements.

Secondly, the dog house holds window flaps and an extra large dog door. This helps in incrementing the ventilation for dogs.

Moreover, the floor is raised to keep the dog from cold ground. The interior of the dog house is rather spacious. Keeping in view the needs of large breed dogs. Furthermore, the dog house for Great Danes is aptly insulated. Intending to furnish your Dane with a cosy weatherproof outdoor dog house.


  • Designed for large breed canines
  • Heavy duty manufacturing
  • Long lasting material
  • Extra large dog door
  • Three windows
  • Raised floor
  • Overall dimensions: 53.2” H x 47.5” W x 47.5” D

Best cabin dog house: Petmate Precision

The extra large dog house by Petmate is our next best dog house for Great Danes. The dog house portrays a cabin dog house design. This is an ideal outdoor place for huge dogs like Great Danes due to the following features;

Firstly, the materials used in construction are high quality wood and stainless steel. Which increments on the strength of the dog house. Its feet carry an extreme levelling capacity that will help you to place it anywhere, even on uneven ground.

Secondly, the dog house is weather, pest, decay, and corrode proof. It offers an offset door which provides protection from wind and rain.

Thirdly, the roof is carefully structured to alleviate rain resistant quality. Moreover, the floor is elevated which assists in keeping the dog house airy and dry.

The design is quite user friendly. Which reduces dust and debris accumulation with efficacy. 

Lastly, the natural wood finish and black finish steel helps it to go with every backyard.


  • Heavy duty wood construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Standard cabin lodge
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Also available in Gray wood finish
  • Easy to put together
  • Dog house Dimensions: 49.6″ x 39.4″ x 6.7″


  • Might not be suitable for chewers.

Let’s decide on a dog house for Great Dane

Not able to decide on a dog house for Great Dane? Get the Campa Solid Wood Dog House  extra large dog house for Great Dane if yours is an average sized Great Dane dog. But if you are a parent to a huge Great Dane, then this size might not be enough for your Dane. Buy it a Cape Cod Cozy Cottage. Both the dog houses are heavy duty and are constructed to stay longer. With weatherproof features.

Extra large dog houses specially hold a somewhat huge layout. Which definitely calls for more budget. And you might question if the investment is worth it. 

We recommend you to be open minded and choose the best extra large outdoor dog house for Great Danes. As it is crucial for your Gentle Giants protection.


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