Mantle Great Dane – The Black Blanket Dog

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A Mantle Great Dane beautifully depicts “white ring around nest and chest on a black blanket extending over the body.” However, a little white marking on the black coat and a break in the white collar is acceptable. Mantle Great Danes gained individual identification in the late 1990’s. Before that the dogs were alluded to as Boston Terriers. The main reason for this is the close similarity in their coat color.


The Mantle Great Dane ought to possess color, patterns, and markings as stated by the A.K.C. and G.D.C.A. standards, any variation in color or marking shall be censured and regarded as a deviation. Thus, any Mantle Great Dane, that does not come in the ambit of color classifications, must be disqualified from championships.

Mismarked Mantle Great Dane

There are Mismarked Mantle Great Danes as well in the breed. These dogs must not be taken as ‘rare dogs’ at all. The most sought after Mantle Great Danes are pure Black, and White with no other colors displaying on their coat. A little white marking on the black coat is allowed for a Mantle Great Dane.

Anyhow further divergence such as merle, blue, brown or fawn color markings are not accepted for an accurate Mantle colored Great Dane thus making a mismarked Mantle Great Dane. 

Blue Mantle Great Dane

Blue Mantle Great Dane is a mismarked Mantle Great Dane. The dogs are not recognized show dogs in the U.S.A. whilst the color is acceptable in European Great Danes. The black color of a Mantle Great Dane is substituted by blue when it is a Blue Mantle Great Dane. The eye color for the Blue Mantle Great Dane puppy might be grey. Which changes to light amber or yellow once the dog matures.

Anyhow a Blue Mantle Great Dane is not a rare dog neither it is an indication of bad breeding practice nor the dog is a sign of an unhealthy pedigree.

Mantle Merle Great Dane 

The breeding of Harlequin Danes for Mantle Great Dane puppies can bring forward mismarked Mantle Great Dane pups. You can also get Fawn Mantle, Mantle Merle Great Danes in addition to many other possibilities.

Mantle Great Dane and Harlequin

Mantle Great Danes are frequently used for breeding Harlequin Great Danes. Breeders use this cross to produce Mantles or Harlequins as this cross has advantages. The process ensures no white Great Dane puppies in the litter. Which is a common defect in Harlequin x Harlequin litters. 

Mantle Great Dane Puppies

Mantle Great Dane puppies are likely to be born, by breeding Harlequin or Mantle Danes. Breeding harlequins will produce Mantle Great Dane puppies, as well as harlequins, merles, and mismarked blacks. Interestingly, a mantle x mantle breeding will not produce harlequins, all pups will be mantle with occasional mismarked blacks.


Mantle Great Dane is a beautiful Great Dane color. The dogs depict a brilliant contrast of Black and White colors on the face. Which generally helps the dog in perfectly exhibiting the calm and gentle demeanor of a Great Dane. Moreover, its sanguine appearance also accentuates by the black blanket coat. 

Patterns And Markings

The Mantle Great Dane holds 

  • Black skull with White muzzle, 
  • whole or partial White neck, 
  • a White chest, 
  • White on the whole or part of the forelegs and hind legs. 
  • The tail of the dog has to be White tipped Black

Although, the Mantle pattern may vary yet a pure White muzzle and collar with White front is most desirable. A White blaze is optional for the Mantle Great Dane.

Mantle Great Dane Ear Cropping

The Great Danes with cropped ears are quite common in the U.S.A. Particularly for championships, the Great Dane dog ears need to be cropped to give it a nice show crop look. The practice of ear cropping is widely performed on cosmetic grounds. Besides, the Great Danes with cropped ears are able to avert many ear problems as well.

You might also intend to crop your Mantle Great Danes ears following the norm. If your Great Dane puppy is under the age of 4 months, you can crop its ears. Anyhow the recommended age to crop your Great Dane ears is 6-8 weeks. After the procedure for any ear cropping styles proper care is necessitated. 

The process also presents best result with a long duration of ears taping. And the instructions of vet being followed religiously. Therefore, take proper care of your dog for ear cropping and particularly whilst its ears are taped.

Mantle Great Dane Temperament

Mantle Great Danes are calm, friendly, obedient, and usually relaxed dogs. You might have seen a Dane relaxing in the couch as well. Majority of the surveys on dog breeds compatible for Apartment life include Great Danes as ‘the Apartment dog’. The dogs are usually regarded as good apartment dogs due to their friendly demeanor. Additionally, the dogs require low or medium level activities to maintain fitness and health. This suggests that the Mantle Great Danes can live happily in apartments. 

Contrary to the popular notion, large dogs might be comparatively better suited for places like apartments than small breed dogs.

The most basic key point in caring for the dog living in an apartment, is to channel the dog’s energy properly. In that, small dogs are more energetic and active. Hence they require a spacious place for jumping and playing around as compared to large breeds. Therefore, it is not pragmatic to contain a bouncy little dog in a limited space viz-a-viz a giant dog most of the times found sitting on a couch and relaxing.


Socializing a Mantle Great Dane puppy is a pivotal step in training. Arrange short trips for your pup to a dog park. Let it meet your friends when they pay you a visit. Additionally, start obedience training your puppy and establish a routine to control its activities. As the lifestyle you develop for your puppy mainly stays with it all of its lifespan.

There could be situations when an otherwise friendly and outgoing Great Dane dog would express sudden aggressive behavior. Aggression is a particularly real problem with big dogs. Although the Great Dane dogs are known for their benign temperament yet it is not out of the question for the dog to be aggressive. However, effective aggression training can eliminate aggressiveness of the Mantle Great Dane behavior altogether.

How to deal with an Aggressive Mantle Great Dane?

As the dogs can sense ‘potential threats’ and can become aggressive to protect what they own. The fundamental thing to deal with a Mantle Great Dane’s aggression is to teach the dog that people around it are not a ‘threat’. In case you own other pets along with a Dane, it needs to be taught that the pets are not dangerous as well. 

Training a Great Dane puppy would be easier and less demanding as compared to training an adult Great Dane. You might need to get assistance from a professional trainer f your Mantle Great Dane dog is suddenly showing aggression. However there are some steps you can take to obtain promising changes in the dog’s behavior besides hiring a trainer for your dog:

First of all, the aggressive dog must wear a muzzle. Muzzle is the best and widely suggested tool to deal with dog aggression. Particularly when people are around it is safe to keep the muzzle on an aggressive dog.

Secondly, an aggressive Dane must be involved into mainly on leash activities. You can simply tie your Great Dane dog to you. Do this when you both have idle time. So that the dog follows you around, therefore, it will not be able to reach other dogs or people without your assent. 

Thirdly, an aggressive dog must not be near other people except family. So when friends visit make sure the dog is put away or at least on leash.

Fourthly, if you are unable to control the aggressive dog, keep it totally away and try that not even shorter interactions can occur.

Lastly, if your Great Dane puppy’s aggression is not reduced at all with the steps mentioned above. It is principle to hire a Great Dane dog trainer. In the meantime, decreasing the aggressive Great Dane exposure is the best way to circumvent any probable bad situation.


Given the distinct appearance and less frequency of such mismarks the dogs are often sold as rare puppies. So be cautious, whilst buying a dog, the best place is a reputable breeder. Rehoming a dog might be an option. You can also consider a mismarked Mantle Great Dane if you are not competing for the titles of Great Dane Dog Show Champions, as the Great Dane dogs are known for their warm, amicable, and Gentle temperament. So you will get a loyal companion at all costs as a Great Dane whatever color it carries.

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