The Modern Rules Of Living In An Apartment With A Great Dane

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Last Updated on April 19, 2024

An intimidating size paired with a gentle nature — these are some characteristics that make Great Danes amazing pet choices for dog lovers and owners.

And while their size may suggest otherwise, Great Danes make wonderful apartment dogs! Thanks to their gentle, laid-back, and calm nature, these Gentle Giants can actually live comfortably with you in an apartment.

In this article, we’ll talk about what makes a Great Dane an ideal fit for apartment living and how to make sure you and your Gentle Giant can live comfortably in your space.

What Makes A Great Dane A Good Apartment Dog?

Great Dane Apartment Dog

Great Danes are known for their friendly and calm demeanor. And if you meet their needs, give them proper training, and under the right circumstances, they’ll fit just right in!

As a matter of fact, in 2016, the chief executive office of Animal Medicines Australia said Great Danes, along with Greyhounds and Bullmastiffs, are great pets for apartments.

But what makes the breed excellent for apartment living? Here are some reasons why:

1. Temperament

Great Dane dogs are known for their affectionate, gentle, and calm temperament. And because of their temperament, they are perfect for living closely with their owners in an apartment.

2. Low Energy Level

Great Danes aren’t the most energetic breeds out there. And they do not need a huge space to release their energy indoors because while they can be playful, they prefer lounging around while they’re indoors.

And because of this, some people call Great Danes “couch potatoes”. These huge dogs love to relax indoors with their owners. So, it’s actually a win-win situation for the both of you since a Great Dane would love the comfort that the cozy space of an apartment brings.

3. Exercise Requirements

In connection with the above mentioned point, a Great Dane’s exercise requirements are minimal, as compared to other high energy breeds out there. They would only need low to medium level exercise everyday.

Walking them at least two hours a day will be enough to release their energy and fulfill their exercise needs.

4. Quiet Demeanor

While a Great Dane’s bark can be loud and intimidating, you would not have to worry about incessant barking because these dogs have a quiet demeanor. Which is very important since noise is always a cause of concern for neighbors in apartments.

Great Danes only bark as a response to their environment or when they need to communicate something. So, it is important to understand the context when they bark so you can effectively communicate with them.

Living With A Great Dane Puppy In An Apartment

Great Dane Puupy On Bed
Sarka Nemeckova /

Great Dane dogs are apartment-friendly dogs and can settle in well due to their relaxed temperament. But what about Great Dane puppies?

Can living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment possible? It can be, but be prepared as it comes with its own challenges!

These puppies can be quite energetic and lively pups. So, living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment requires you to engage in activities to utilize their energy properly.

Since puppies in general can be unruly and mischievous, this is the best time to start training and socializing them. When done consistently, your Great Dane will grow up into a well-rounded and well-behaved dog that can adjust to apartment living.

Furthermore, you have to be prepared for the possible noise concerns when getting a Great Dane puppy. While it is true that they are not excessive barkers, puppies, in general, are more vocal and therefore bark a lot more. So, be prepared to deal with such concerns with training (and a lot of patience!)

And lastly, puppy proofing your apartment would be helpful with a Great Dane puppy. This is to prevent any accidents or damages. Puppies can cause accidents like hit vases, glasses, etc. or chew on electrical cords or the furniture.

If you cannot provide these essential training that the pup needs, you’ll end up with a Great Dane with behavioral problems.

Therefore, living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment requires you to be highly accommodating and responsible to keep the puppy healthy and well-behaved.

Things To Consider When Living With A Great Dane In An Apartment

Living with a Great Dane in an apartment is possible, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Here are things you should consider when you decide to live with a Gentle Giant in an apartment.

Woman Playing With Her Great Dane At The Beach
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As mentioned above, Great Danes are not high energy dogs. So, walking them outdoors at least twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for 40 to 50 minutes a day will keep them healthy.

While it is true that they have low energy compared to other dog breeds and are considered “couch potatoes”, it’s important to provide them with enough opportunities to physically and mentally stimulate them. Which leads us to the next thing you should consider.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is also needed for a Great Dane’s apartment life. To keep them healthy and happy, physical exercise is not the only thing they need.

When you’re not out for a walk, you also need to provide them with mental stimulation while they’re indoors with treats, toys, puzzles, etc.

Otherwise, your Great Dane’s life in an apartment might get monotonous, and their boredom will lead to more serious issues like depression, anxiety, or worse, destructive behaviors.


Socializing a Great Dane, especially if they live in an apartment, is crucial. Especially because they may encounter different situations while living in an apartment like meeting strangers.

Expose your dog to different people, environments, and animals early on in their life by walking them on a regular basis. If a Great Dane is not socialized correctly, they can develop an aggressive behavior.

Crate Training

Crate training a Great Dane is generally useful. However, for a Great Dane in an apartment, crate training becomes very significant. Not only will your Great Dane have their own space, but it will teach them what boundaries are.

Starting off crate training with your Great Dane puppy is easier than an adult Great Dane, and it’s best to start it as soon as you get a Great Dane. This is because crate training is a gradual process. You will have to associate the crate as your Dane’s personal and safe space.

And this can be done by introducing new toys and treats to your pup and placing them inside the crate. And with time, your Dane will then associate their crate with something positive and rewarding.

House Breaking

Potty training or house breaking is another crucial training for a Great Dane living in an apartment. Potty training also helps create and establish a daily routine with your pooch, which is something important when it comes to overall training.

Anxiety Problems

Great Danes, being the loving and affectionate breed that they are, are prone to anxiety problems. Especially because if you live with a Great Dane in an apartment, the chances are you will have to leave your dog alone in the apartment.

This is why mental stimulation is important for these Gentle Giants, because if they’re always bored, they’ll end up having separation anxiety.

And separation anxiety can lead to other more serious problems like a destructive behavior. So, ensure that your dog, especially when left alone in the apartment, has enough toys and/or treats to keep him happy and busy.

Caring for A Great Dane In An Apartment

Great Dane Resting On A Rug
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Taking care of a Great Dane while living in an apartment is not easy, but is possible. And in addition to taking care of your Great Dane’s physical needs, you ought to provide them with its ideal comfort as well.

So, when taking care of a Great Dane living in an apartment, make sure you have dog supplies that can make your pup feel right at home.

Here is a list of “must have” items when taking care of a Great Dane in an apartment:


Caring for a Great Dane in apartment living starts with providing the dog with its own space. For this purpose, a crate is your best option. And of course, considering the size of your dog, the crate has to be huge enough for them to turn around with an upright head.

Dog Bed

A comfortable dog bed large enough for your Great Dane is essential for the Dane’s apartment life. These dogs spend almost 16-18 hours sleeping.

So, consider the value of the dog bed for a Great Dane and how comfortable it should be for them. Furthermore, you can place the dog bed in the crate to make the dog’s place cozy and comfortable for apartment life.

Canines generally prefer sleeping in airy and cool atmosphere. So, try placing the dog’s crate and bed at a relatively cooler place. Canines generally prefer sleeping in airy and cool atmosphere.

Chew Toys

For the purpose of keeping them happy, busy, and mentally stimulated, buying chew toys for them is also important. With such limited space for both you and the dog, having toys for the dog is a necessity.

This would keep the Great Dane happy and stimulated when they’re indoors and would keep them busier, resulting to less issues such as separation anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Great Dane Taking A Nap On The Couch
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Great Danes are great apartment dogs. However, if you are considering to buy or adopt one, you might want to analyze your apartment first. In addition to the size limits of most apartments, there are also weight restrictions you have to think about.

Great Danes being ideal for apartment living doesn’t mean they can fit and live comfortably in any apartment. But that’s not to say that caring for one in such limited space is all rainbows and sunshine.

Under the right circumstances and proper training and exercise, a Great Dane can thrive and live happily in an apartment.

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