The Modern Rules of Living in Apartment with Great Dane

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Last Updated on June 21, 2023

Great Danes can live happily in apartments. Indubitably the Great Danes are among the best apartment dogs. The great Dane’s height and weight are the most fundamental facets of the dog, rendering people to reason whether Great Danes can live in apartments or not. Although, the Great Dane dog breed is grouped into gigantic canines, yet a Great Dane dog is probably the best apartment dog out there owing to its gentle temperament.

The Great Danes are good apartment dogs due to their friendly demeanor. The dogs are generally calm. Additionally, Great Danes generally require low or medium level activities to maintain fitness and health. This suggests that the Great Danes can live happily in apartments. The most basic tip in caring for Great Danes in apartment living, is to channel the dog’s energy. Accordingly, the Great Dane dog for apartment living entails regular stroll. A daily walk of 30-45 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening is recommended for the dogs.  


Great Dane- The Best Apartment Dog

Various surveys on dog breeds from time to time, include Great Dane as ‘the Apartment dog’. Contrary to the popular notion, large dogs are comparatively better suited for places like apartments than small breed dogs.

In that small dogs are more energetic and active, hence require spacious places to jump in and play around as compared to large breeds. Therefore, it is not pragmatic to contain a bouncy little dog in a limited space viz-a-viz a giant dog readily sitting on the couch and relax.  


The Great Dane dogs are known for their friendly and downbeat temperament. Due to their submissive and yielding disposition, the Great Danes would usually acquiesce in your decision.

Despite the Great Dane height and immense presence, the Great Dane dogs are good apartment dogs. Mainly it is the temperament of the dog which makes Great Danes apartment friendly canines. 

Moreover, The Great Dane dogs are not easily excited and possess a minimum to medium level activity. Anyhow, Great Danes are not very active dogs. Therefore, these gentle giants, Great Danes are incredibly good for apartment living.

In addition, Great Dane dogs are revered as ‘couch potatoes’. The dogs do not call for huge space to sit in. A couch would very much efficaciously contain this giant, almost horse sized, dog for you. Its a win-win for both of you as the dog is loving this comfy space as well. This element of Great Dane temperament also makes Great Dane a good apartment dog.

Lastly, the Great Dane dogs are not incessant barking canines. Predominantly, the Great Danes bark seldom, hence do well in small places of an urban life. Like apartments, studios, etc. This quality coupling with the above mentioned qualities, would make Great Danes good dogs for apartment living.


Despite the Great Dane height and huge size, the dogs are apartment pets. The Great Dane height is estimated up to several feet. From shoulder to paw these huge Great Danes can measure almost 3 feet. 

Whereas when standing on its two legs, a Great Dane height could easily tower you. Great Dane dogs when standing up are estimated to be 7 feet high. That is way more taller than many of us. Nevertheless, the Great Dane height is an individual character that can vary from canine to canine. 

Living With a Great Dane Puppy in an Apartment

Great Dane dogs are apartment friendly dogs and can settle in well due to their relaxed temperament. But what about Great Dane puppies?

Great Dane puppies are quite energetic and lively pups. You would find a Great Dane puppy always ‘on the go’. 

Can living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment possible? Does living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment alter the pup’s behavior? If yes, how living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment can influence the Great Dane puppy?

Nevertheless, the Great Dane puppies would make good apartment pets. Living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment means you need to be active and vigilant yourself.

As the Dane puppies like any other breed’s pups are exuberant and highly energetic. Living with a Great Dane puppy as an apartment pet requires you to engage the Great Dane puppy in activities to utilize its energy properly. Training the Great Dane puppy would be the best way to control this huge ball of energy.

Involve the Great Dane puppy in exercises both mental and physical. Mental stimulation is also important.  Besides, outside ventures are paramount for a Great Dane puppy living in an apartment. At least, take your Great Dane puppy out for a walk for a minimum of 40-50 min twice a day. 

If you are not able to provide essential activities the pup necessitates, the Great Dane puppy might get behavioral problems. Therefore, living with a Great Dane puppy in an apartment requires you to be highly accommodating and responsible to keep the puppy healthy.   

Caring for Great Dane in Apartment

It is not impossible to care for a Great Dane in apartment living. You just need to be extra fastidious while keeping a Great Dane puppy in apartment. In addition to taking care of the Great Dane’e emotional needs, you ought to provide for its ideal comfort as well. Some dog supplies would assist you in caring for Great Dane in apartment. Here is the list of the ‘must haves’ in caring for Great Dane in apartment living.


Caring for a Great Dane in apartment living starts with providing the dog with its own space. For the purpose, crate is the best option. The crate has to be huge enough for the dog to turn around with an upright head. Also pick such a place for a Great Dane xl crate where you spend most of your time. 

Crate Training

Crate training a Great Dane is generally useful. However, for Great Dane in an apartment, crate training becomes more significant. Starting off crate training with your Great Dane puppy is easier viz-a-viz an adult Great Dane.

Making the Dane register crate as its own place is a rather gradual process. Try to introduce new toys and treats by placing them inside the crate. This would provide the much needed incentive to the dog to go into the crate. With time the apartment Great Dane would be able to associate crate with positive things. Hence, over a period of time Great Dane living in an apartment would be able to settle in crate happily. 

Dog Bed

A comfortable dog bed large enough for your Great Dane is essential for the Dane’s apartment life. The dogs spent almost 16-18 hours sleeping. So consider the value of the dog bed for a Great Dane. You can place the Great Dane dog bed in the crate to make the dog’s place cozy and comfortable for apartment life.

Canines generally prefer sleeping in airy and cool atmosphere. Therefore, try placing the dog’s crate at a relatively cooler place. Canines generally prefer sleeping in airy and cool atmosphere.

Chew on Toys

Provide your Great Dane with a lot of chew on toys. This would make the extra time of the Great Dane in apartment pass without any boredom. As ennui in the Great Danes, or other apartment dogs can lead to anxiety.

House Breaking

House breaking of Great Dane living in apartment becomes more crucial. Imagine the flooring getting wet by your Great Dane in apartment living. The floor of apartment would be tarnished if you do not train your Great Dane living in apartment properly. Therefore, one can not take the risk and train the Great Dane puppy on house breaking. 

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is also needed for Great Dane’s apartment life. Otherwise, your Great Dane’s life in apartment might get monotonous. Hence, making the Great Dane living in apartment frustrated. 

Provide your Great Dane living in an apartment with treats and toys. Find the treats, toys, with puzzles or other activities provoking the Great Dane living in apartment to reason.

Tipping Points in Great Dane Apartment life

It is rather effortless to live in an apartment with a Great Dane. Due to its appeasing temperament the Great Dane dogs can live in apartments. Yet there are some consequential reviews that ought to be analyzed for keeping Great Danes as apartment dogs. 

Walking a Great Dane

Walking a Great Dane daily is crucial. The life in apartment lacks backyards and fields, making the dogs contained indoors in apartments. Walking a Great Dane as apartment dogs has to be at least twice a day. 40-50 minutes of walk is the most integral part of maintaining health of an apartment pet particularly a Great Dane. 

Great Dane Anxiety Problems

Great Dane temperament calls for interesting hobbies. If not active enough, the Great Danes living in apartments at times end up with anxiety problems. To keep the Great Dane dog happy and relaxed you ought indulge your dog in various activities.

Besides walking a Great Dane, you can furnish your Great Dane living in an apartment with chew on toys, puzzles, and treats. 


Socializing a Great Dane, the apartment pet is crucial. Take your Great Dane to dog parks on a regular basis for socializing. If not socialized a Great Dane as apartment dog might develop aggressive disposition.

Also, the Great Dane in apartment life requires some fun time as well. If your Great Dane, the apartment friendly dog, loves to play with other dogs this can become twice a week activity.

In this way your Great Dane would learn socializing, the integral part for the Great Dane living in apartments.

Great Dane Separation Anxiety

Generally, the Great Danes live in apartment without any major issues. If you are keeping your Dane accompanied Great Danes are good apartment dogs. Yet you need to be careful of certain things if you have a great Dane living in an apartment.

Usually the parents who keep Great Danes in apartments, live solitary. Such dog owners have to leave their Great Danes in apartments alone. This can perturb the dog to live on its own in the apartment.

Particularly, if your Great Dane is an apartment pet, and is left alone for longer times, the dog might develop separation anxiety. Although, Great Dane are good apartment dogs, yet the separation anxiety can lead to various behavioral problems in Great Danes.

Furthermore, leaving the Great Dane in an apartment alone for prolonged intervals would not be a good idea.

Look for a suitable place like a dog day care if you intend to go on a vacation.

Happy Tail Syndrome

Due to the congested nature of an apartment, you might find living with a Great Dane in an apartment not pragmatic. Your would easily come to the point of identifying the Great Dane ‘happy tail syndrome’ while living with a Great Dane. As the happy tail of the dog gets more attention when the Great Danes are apartment dogs.

Due to the Great Dane height happy tail syndrome becomes even more ruinous. Anyhow it is not a good idea to display glass items or vases on counters or shelves if you have a Great Dane apartment pet.


Great Dane dogs are prone to large breed diseases like, Dysplasia. In this disease, the Great Dane dogs could not move freely. The joints of the canine get inflated, inducing pain whenever the Great Dane intends on mobility.

Mostly stairs are provided in apartments which are not good for Great Danes joints health. The Great Dane as an apartment pet is at the increased risk to suffer from Dysplasia. Either use ramps or elevators if your Great Dane is an apartment pet.


Stairs never count in as walking the Great Dane. Instead of improving on the dogs health, stairs are detrimental to the fitness of a Great Dane living in an apartment.

Besides, older Great Danes in apartments might find it difficult to use the stairs even if they are not suffering from Dysplasia. Whilst, Great Dane puppies ought not to use apartment stairs. Due to their risk of getting Dysplasia in future.

Keep in mind

If you are considering to keep a Great Dane as an apartment pet, you might need to analyze your apartment. There are some flooring on which higher weight treading is not permitted. It is usually due to the fact that the floor would not be able to hold a lot of weight. In addition to weight restrictions some apartments hold size limits as well.

Therefore, the Great Dane being a behemoth dog, might not be suitable for such apartments despite Great Dane’s apartment friendly temperament.

Great Dane friendly apartments are not easy to be found. Even though if you find one, caring for a Great Dane in apartment is not simple. Sometimes Great Danes living in apartments find sounds and hassle, disturbing. 

Moreover, you need to design your whole apartment life keeping in mind the Great Dane apartment pet. Do not leave your slippers and things of the like on the floor which your Dane can chew on. Neither let the food to remain on top shelves nor leave meat in the kitchen racks. Also, watch out for the glass items as the Great Dane in an apartment can make them fall off anytime.

Anyhow, irrespective of the size, almost any breed’s dog can live in apartments. Particularly Great Danes can live happily in apartments in view of all the dog’s requirements are fulfilled. Which are daily exercise, mental stimulation, and training in addition to food and bedding.

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