What A Great Dane Dalmatian Mix Puppy Offers?

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppies usually wear singular base coat color with splotches. The mix puppy develops into a behemoth sized canine when fully grown. Usually, a Great Dane Dalmatian mix is not a desired cross breed. Numerous breeders acknowledge the mix’s unofficial status and refrain from its breeding. Nonetheless, there are Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs at kennels or rescue shelters. 

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs are born mainly under intentional or accidental breeding and are not among common hybrid dogs. The most recurrent Dalmatian Great Dane mix is white dog bearing black spots. The Great Dane Dalmatian mix hybrid is not a recognized mix breed. Hence, the Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs hold no formal name unlike other mixes of the Great Dane breed.

Dalmatian Dane

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Puppy

Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppies possess eye catching spotted coat colors. Besides accepted black, liver, lemon, blue, brindle, or tricolor patches are also prevalent in Dalmatian puppies. These mix puppies are often confused with Great Danes and in particular with Harlequin Great Danes. Even though the latter are more huge and gigantic as compared to a Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppy.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Dog

Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs acquire traits from their both parent breeds. Given the plethora of genes available for the Great Dane Dalmatian mix canine to inherit. It is not rational to tell the mix dog’s qualities or temperament beforehand. 

Nevertheless, there are some comparatively common and frequent traits of the Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Characteristics

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppies are an amalgamation of ‘Gentle Giants’ and ‘Spotted Coach Dogs’. Who are these dogs? find below.

The Gentle Giants

The Great Dane dogs are extremely warm and tender although they are huge. This trait of a Great Dane’s temperament gives the dog the name, Gentle Giant

The Great Dane dogs are extra large bundles of love. The dogs are fond of expressing the affection they hold towards their owners. Furnishing a Great Dane dog with an appeasing disposition. Whilst, the huge size of the Great Dane adds up to its profile another brilliant trait.

This physical attribute also makes Great Dane to stand among one of the best dogs who can guard their owners. Other physical characteristics of a Great Dane dog are;




Range for male Great Dane:100-120lbs (54-90 kg)

Range for female Great Dane:99-110lbs (45-59 kg)


Range for male Great Dane:30-34 inches (76-86 cm)

Range for female Great Dane:28-32 inches (71-81 cm)

Spotted Coach Dogs

Dalmatian dogs are also called ‘spotted coach dogs’. The dogs are included in medium sized breed holding incredible strength and vigor.

Dalmatians are mainly promoted and flourished by England. Later on the unique coat of a Dalmatian became popular in Europe as well. The dogs are regarded as perfect watch dogs. The Dalmatians were used to protect firehouse and its equipment.



Medium sized

Average height 19”- 23”

Average weight 45 lbs-70 lbs

Did you know the Fact?

A small dog of Great Dane breed is at least 5” taller than a Dalmatian.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Appearance

At large Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs are large hybrid cross dogs. This Great Dane mix takes after the dog’s well built and strong physique. The short coat of this Great Dane mix dog is mainly spotted.

The most recurrent coat color for Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs is white holding black spots. Nevertheless, there are many other probabilities for the mix’s coat. Yet it can be assured that you would get a huge dog as much the size of a Great Dane, with patches all over its body as a Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Temperament

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs are generally active. Though the exact temperament of a mix breed dog can not be guaranteed. Yet it can be assumed that the Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs would be affectionate and friendly canine. The dogs temperament calls for activities with its owner to keep it exuberant.

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs if left alone or without attention can induce apathy. Lack of interest can alter the mix dog’s temperament altogether. 

Great Dane Dalmatian mix as a Watchdog

Great Dane and Dalmatian mix dog is a hybrid cross of protective and possessive parent breeds. Since ages Great Dane and Dalmatian dogs are used for guarding purposes. Both the dogs hold increased guarding ability alongside their friendly and warm temperament. This naturally makes a Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog an ideal watchdog.  

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Fitness

Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppies are large mix breed canines. Their sturdy, and behemoth bodies require food particularly for large dogs. Even Great Dane and Dalmatian mix puppies are recommended to be fed only the food designed for large breed puppies. 

In case you are looking for some natural food source for your Great Dane mix dog switch from kibble to raw diet. Raw diet could be a healthy food option for your dog. 

Exercise for a Great Dane Dalmatian mix 

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs are active dogs. The mix dog’s parent breeds do not need long sessions of exercise but rather a walk would suffice. Same is the case with Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs. The dogs playful and energetic temperament entails daily walk of 45-50 minutes at least.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Grooming

Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs are easy to groom and maintain. Their short coats with smooth and evenly spread hair requires simple and minimal grooming. Short coats do not necessitate to be brushed or bathed regularly as well.

Once a week bathing is suggested for the Great Dane and Dalmatian mix dog. Ear cleaning and oral hygiene must be maintained in addition to outward grooming to preserve the health of a Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog.

Training Dane

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Training

It is imperative to train a dog, particularly a huge dog’s training is indispensable. If not trained accordingly and efficaciously a Great Dane Dalmatian mix could be dangerous and detrimental to own.


Training a Great Dane and Dalmatian mix puppy is simpler in comparison with a fully grown dog. Although, training the later would not be impossible.

How to Socialize a Great Dane Dalmatian mix? 

It is imperative to socialize a Great Dane Dalmatian mix owing to its huge existence. If not socialized accordingly the dogs could become aggressive or diffident.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs might get aggressive with strangers. This problem can be averted by socializing a  puppy. It is simpler to teach how to behave with strangers to a puppy than an adult dog.

Socializing a Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog would be easier if you chose dog parks. There dogs can meet a lot of animals and strangers as well. 

Besides, take your Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog to meet family and friends regularly. This would assist the dog in socializing with strangers.

Suddenly Aggressive Great Dane Dalmatian mix Dog

There are instances when dogs become suddenly aggressive. If your dog showing aggression all of a sudden you need to look for probable instigators. 

The mix dog might be showing aggressive temperament due to medical ailments. Get your mix dog thoroughly checked by a vet. 

Great Dane Dalmatian mix Health and Diseases

Deafness is common in Dalmatian dogs. It is recommended to check hearing ability of a Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppy. Provided you suspect your puppy to be hearing impaired. A puppy can develop sense of hearing till it gets 6 weeks older. Therefore, you need to wait till your Great Dane dalmatian mix puppy reaches 6 weeks to get it checked. 

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix dog is prone to many ailments it has the potential to inherit from the other parent breed. The most recurrent Great Dane diseases are the following:


The number of Great Dane bloat deaths are huge making bloat, the giant’s top slayer. Besides Great Dane, bloat is also found in other large and giant sized deep chested canines. But the prevalence of bloat in Great Danes as gauged from the Great Dane bloat statistics, make it the most perilous bug for your Great Dane.

What is bloat or G.D.V.?

Bloat or G.D.V.(gastric dilation volvulus syndrome) in Great Danes or other dogs is an agonizing condition which develops when the Great Dane’ stomach fills with air, similar to a balloon. It twists 180 degrees clockwise on its side halting any escape for the gas through the oesophagus or duodenum.


The Great Dane can die within two hours of the initial signs of Bloat.

Hip dysplasia 

Hip dysplasia is a joint disorder present mainly in large breed canines. Great Danes being large dogs are often found suffering from the disease.

This condition is also regarded as one of the most common Great Dane diseases.

In this condition the upper part of femur bone does not position properly into the hip socket. As the joints have lost its flexibility. Due which the canine feels pain during movement.

In normal Great Dane the presence of fluid between two bones ensures painless movement. Its bone’ ligaments are strong holding the hip joint bones together.


The most prominent cause of this Great Danes disease is genetic. The disease is also a hereditary disorder like hip dysplasia.

In case cardiomyopathy is detected in a Great Dane the chances of other abnormalities increases. Congestive heart failure becomes latent worry for such dog’ owner. Another fatal condition for a canine suffering from cardiomyopathy is arrhythmia. In which heart of the dog beats irregularly.


Osteosarcoma, commonly known as bone cancer is another Great Dane disease. There are many dogs spotted with this condition making it a recurrent ailment of Great Dane breed.

Uncontrolled or irregular growth of cells is the root cause of Osteosarcoma in canines.

Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease is a gland related Great Dane disease, also known as Hypoadrenocorticism.

In this disorder the levels of orticosteroid hormones gets reduced. Due to malfunctioning of adrenal gland, the secretion of the steroid hormone is decreased. Leaving the Great Dane with Addison’s disease.

Great Dane Dalmatian mix a Glance on the Past

Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppy hybrid breed is not that old. The dogs are not common as compared to other cross breeds of the Great Dane breed. Yet there are Great Dane Dalmatian mix dogs reported every now and then. The Great Dane Dalmatian mix breed holds a rich historical background through its parent breeds despite the mixes novelty.

Great Dane breed

Great Dane breed is one of those breeds of dogs holding threads to reach quite far in history. To make you believe, let me tell you, do you know the ancient Egyptians.

Their relics have pictures of dogs similar to the Great Dane. These items are believed to be from 3000 BC. Paintings from 14th-13th century BC of ancient Greece also depicts Great Danes.

Chinese literature also illustrates Great Danes dating back to 1121 BC. Isn’t it amazing.

Did you know this Great Dane fact?

Scooby doo is a Great Dane

Recall, the famous cartoon character Scooby doo, is a Great Dane. Why a Great Dane was chosen for the role? There is an interesting reason.

The Great Danes were once believed to avert evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. Hence, it was an ideal partner for those meddling kids.


Historically, Great Danes were appointed on protecting princesses. As in those times, there were chances of sudden attack and ambushes were recurrent.

Hence, Great Danes used to protect the royals and their huge existence helped a lot. Also if a Great Dane identifies someone as a threat, it won’t spare that person afterwards.

Dalmatian dogs

The dogs are given name after the region of Dalmatia, Croatia. Unlike Great Danes, Dalmatian dogs were bred initially as carriage dogs. Although the dogs were employed to protect stables at night afterwards.

The Dalmatian dogs are included in medium sized canine breeds. The Dalmatian dogs dates back to the 1600’s. When the dog appeared in a painting for the first time. Later on in 1800 detailed descriptions of Dalmatian dogs can be found.

There came a time when Dalmatian dogs were revered as a dog of nobles, given the name of ‘spotted coach dog’.


The crucial thing is Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppy’s vaccinations. The dog ought to be vaccinated keeping up with new vaccines. De-worming the dog would help in keeping it healthy and robust. Routine or at least once a year sitting with a vet is recommended for a Great Dane Dalmatian mix’s overall well being. Yet unable to name your dog find Great Dane dog names for male and female dogs. French Great Dane dog names are also listed. Share with us how you named your furry friend.

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  1. I just recently rescued a five month old puppy I think by looking at him he is Great Dane and Dalmatian . I’m not really sure I would love to send you a picture and maybe you could tell me

    • It would be nice. But a mere picture of a pup might not be sufficient to decide on its breed accurately. You might need to wait a little until it is a year old.

  2. I rescued what was reported to be “a Dalmatian” this March. What I took home was a 59lbs., skin & bone 2yr. old mutt dog. My vet was not pleased at his weight loss and told me to “feed him ’til he stops eating”. He is now 65lbs. and our daily walk/run/maddness is a 5 mile (average) lizard safari. He certainly looks like a Harlequin Great Dane but has the size of a large male Dalmatian. Smart as a whip, bull headed, a real Velcro dog and quite the talker when he gets excite.
    As my third Dalmatian rescue, this guy is going to be a wonderful dog. He doesn’t shed like a pure bred Dalmatian but is as possessive as one. So far, he has been a fantastic mix. I’m proud to say that he is my very own spotted hyena! 🙂
    p.s. He is a strong dog and if you are considering one, read, then reread the cautions to first time buyers. I have to be on my toes ALL the time and my head is ‘on a swivel’ when we are around others.


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