Top 10 Facts Great Dane Parents Must Know

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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

Is your Great Dane dog the apple of your eyes as well? But do you know the Great Dane facts? Indubitably the dog holds a distinctive milieu. The singularity of its appearance and temperament are noteworthy nonetheless. The dog’s profile carries a rather unique name a ‘Gentle Giant’. In fact, the name highlights two most dominant qualities of the Great Dane dog, i.e., its huge persona, and amenable disposition. Here are some exciting Great Dane fun facts along with handful prevailing delusions about the Great Dane breed. Give a perusal to the article and learn what you didn’t know about a Great Dane dog.

The Great Dane Breed Characteristics: An Overview


Size: Huge


Range for male Great Dane:

100-120lbs (54-90 kg)

Range for female Great Dane:

99-110lbs (45-59 kg)


Range for male Great Dane:

30-34 inches (76-86 cm)

Range for female Great Dane:

28-32 inches (71-81 cm)


Floppy ears (innate)

Long tail (innate)


20-40 minutes per day

(Exercise right after meal for the Great Dane is prohibited. This might lead to bloat.)


Family: High

Children: High

Other dogs and pets: Quite good

Strangers: Variable

Various capacities:

To bark: Less

To dig: Less

Snoring: Less

Drooling: High

Initially bred for: Hunting and Protection

Coat: Short and flat

Coat Colors: Black, fawn, blue, harlequin, mantle, brindle, merle

Grooming: Low

Club identification:

U.K.C: Guardian dog

A.K.C: Working dog

Popularity: Familiar

The Great Dane Facts

Some interesting facts on the Great Dane breed are delineated here,

The Great Dane is not ‘Danish’

Great Dane dog is basically of German origin but got the name ‘Dane’. History does not provide a clear explanation to this beside some ambiguous links to the political situation. Germany could not name the dog as it wanted afterwards world war 1 due to plight of the country.

Name of the breed

Great Dane is an English translation of French name, le Grande Danois. The name Great Dane appeared in 1700s, when a French wildlife expert visited Denmark. He named the dog le Grand Danois and then the dog finally got known as Great Dane.

Great Dane: Giant With a Gentle Heart

The Great Dane dog owns a plethora of traits. Among those qualities, the dogs Gentle heart is the most superior.

Notwithstanding, its behemoth and often intimidating existence, the Great Dane dog’s temperament is an amalgamation of benignity and tenderness. The dog is affectionate, gentle, and sweet no less. Additionally, Great Dane is an amenable dog loving its owners innocently and wholeheartedly.

Mighty Great Dane

The Great Dane is a kind of dog who always loves to please you. Its good temperament proves quite useful when it comes to training the dog.

Great Dane: World’s Biggest Lapdog

Great Danes are not only special physically but are unique in their behavior as well. The dogs have a penchant for cuddling and curling up in beds and couches despite their hugeness.

They seem quite oblivious of their huge existence and unlike other dogs, a Great Dane would prefer leaning against their owners and sitting on their laps.

Therefore, many animal experts refer to Great Danes as world’s biggest lapdogs.

Great Dane is a Family Dog

The Great Dane loves affection and love from its owners. It also attaches itself very well with young kids.

Therefore, the Great Dane would be a great family dog to own in 2019. Moreover, the breed is also good at socializing with other dogs and pets.

 Great Dane is not a ferocious dog

The Great Dane is no less an obedient canine.

The Great Dane was once a dog having violent, aggressive, and ferocious disposition. But the existing Great Dane dog is not ferocious to be around despite its huge appearance.

But rather, the dog can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for a dog who can beguile its friendliness behind its behemoth presence.

Great Danes are amiable around their owners. The dogs are fond of expressing the affection they hold towards them. Whilst, the huge size of the Great Dane adds up to its profile another brilliant trait.

This physical attribute also makes Great Dane to stand among one of the best dogs who can guard their owners.


Historically, Great Danes were appointed on protecting princesses. As in those times, there were chances of sudden attack and ambushes were recurrent.

Hence, Great Danes used to protect the royals and their huge existence helped a lot. Also if a Great Dane identifies someone as a threat, it won’t spare that person afterwards.

Therefore, befriending a Great Dane is a thing to be happy about while posing as a Great Dane’s combatant is something to abstain from.

Great Dane’s Prominent Features And Appearance

The Great Dane is included into the large canine breeds. the dog’s huge existence makes it quite prominent at every place. The long legs of the Great Dane dog also add up to its elegance.

Its floppy ears and long tail is regarded unique in all dogs. But in ancient times the Great Danes were found with cropped, pointed ears and most probably a cropped tail.

Did you know?

Anyhow irrespective of how the Great Dane’s used to look in recent past, the people in America are more into the Great Danes having innate floppy ears and long tail.

The Great Dane breed holds a smorgasbord of genes. The dogs come in a vast variety of coat colors albeit, only six coat colors for the Great Dane breed are regarded as standard Great Dane dog.

The Tail

The tail of Great Dane dog is long and strong. Great Dane breed is also known for its dogs’ ‘happy tails’.

The Great Dane can suffer from a trauma called, tail trauma. A Dane suffering from this disorder would swing its tail to such a degree and power that it can smack whatever comes in its way.

If your Great Dane is having tail trauma it is imminent that your dog might need to dock its tail, in case it becomes a chronic problem.


Great Dane does not need exercising as much as small dogs. Their mammoth aura can be maintained easily by mere walking.

If you own a Great Dane, you do not need to get into any particular series of exercises to keep your dog healthy. Just 20 -40 minutes of daily walk would be enough for your Great Dane dog to maintain its health and fitness.

You both can maintain yourselves by strolling together.

Great Dane Nutrition Facts


Great Danes, are dogs known for their gigantic presence which makes onlookers believe that they must eat a lot.

Let me tell you if you are one of those who reason that Great Danes eat a lot of meals as suggested by its size. Then, you are sadly among those who are wrong.

Though Great Danes are huge and enormous yet they do not require that much of food. But need more food than small dogs.

Two to three meals a day would suffice for the Great Dane.

Here is why??

Great Dane has a fairly slow metabolic rate as compared to other small dog breeds. Which indicates two things about the Great Dane. Which are;

  1. Their food consumption per pound of body weight is low as compared to small breeds.
  2. They are not that energetic.

Great Dane: Life Span

Great Dane’s life span is shorter as compared to many small dog breeds. As any lay man would think that being big means strength which would intrinsically ensure long life span. But it is surely not the case for Great Dane dog.

The average life span of the breed is 8 years. And if you would be lucky your Dane might live up to 10 years at maximum.

Great Dane History and Facts

Great Dane breed is one of those breeds of dogs holding threads to reach quite far in history. To make you believe, let me tell you, do you know the ancient Egyptians.

Their relics have pictures of dogs similar to the Great Dane. These items are believed to be from 3000 BC. Paintings from 14th-13th century BC of ancient Greece also depicts Great Danes.

Chinese literature also illustrates Great Danes dating back to 1121 BC. Isn’t it amazing.

Great Danes were originally hunters

In olden times, Great Danes were used for hunting particularly boars. Our Great Dane dog was once an excellent hunter.

Great Dane and the united states of America

Great Dane has a special link with the states of America. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania was an admirer of the breed. There Hanged, in his governor office, a portrait of Penn with his Great Dane dog.

Which is even there today. William Penn believed that the dog symbolizes Pennsylvania. In 1967 the state also named the Great Dane its state dog.

Here is the fact,

The Great Dane dogs with cropped ears are recurrent in the U.S. Although it is banned in many other countries.

Great Dane is Germany’s National dog

Great Dane is indeed loved in Germany as well. The breed got German name there called a ‘Deutsche Dogge’. In 1876 the Great Dane became Germany’s National dog.

Great Dane Fun Facts

Remember, the famous cartoon character Scooby Doo, is a Great Dane. Why a Great Dane was chosen for the role? There is an interesting reason.

The Great Danes were once believed to avert evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. Hence, it was an ideal partner for those meddling kids.

Great Dane: The Goofball

Great Dane is also commonly believed as a breed requiring specific ambience.

But reality is opposite of this general concept. Great Dane is a highly accommodating breed in fact. They are not particular of their crates or other surroundings. They can get cozy on your couch easily.

This flexibility of mood makes the Great Dane, a couch potato in many houses.

Great Dane is a part of famous trio in the U.S.A.

A goat and a Great Dane were observed strolling around a Dallas-area chapel together in 2010. The trouble began when Minnelli the goat unlatched the gate of its home, also releasing Judy, the Great Dane.

Maybe hoping to elope, the two animals fled to a nearby church, leaving behind their three legged yellow lamb names Lucky. Still, the three animals were inseparable and captured the hearts of Americans across the country.

The original owners of the motley crew decide they could not afford to take care of them, and put them up for adoption. Luckily, a kind couple named Norman and Sandy Williams took in the trio.

A Great Dane dog enlisted in Navy of the U.S.A.

The Great Dane, Nuisance born in 1930’s is the only one in history to be given enlistment in Navy.

The dog grew up in United Services Institute. Navy sailors there had a special bonding with the dog. The dog even accompanied them during their train commuting.

The railways warned the sailors to not bring Nuisance with them. Otherwise they would put down the dog if it continued to ride on the train without paying fare.

The Navy sailors solved the issue by enlisting the dog in Navy. As travelling for sailors was free. So the Great Dane, Nuisance became a Navy sailor to keep on travelling with their sailor friends.

When the dog died it was buried with full naval honors at a former SA Navy Signal School.

Great Dane Clan History and Facts

Great Dane is a breed mix of three different dogs. Which are;

  1. Mastiffs
  2. Grey hound
  3. Irish wolfhound

Each of these dogs has its own distinctive attribute. For example;

  • Mastiffs are strong owing to their muscle mass.
  • Irish wolfhound has height as its signature trait.
  • Grey hound is renowned for its fast speed.

The aforementioned qualities made these dogs the perfect option for creating Great Dane. Hence, a Great Dane’s character is a combination of some strong breeds of dogs.

Great Dane a Guinness Record Holder

Great Danes are known for their huge size and height. These traits assisted Great Dane to be the world’s tallest dog. The dog’ name was Zeus. It was 44 inches tall. Was, because it died in 2014 at the age of 5. Sadly!

The Great Dane is not the tallest breed

Although the tallest dog of the world is a Great Dane, yet it is not the tallest breed of the world. Irish Wolfhounds are inclined to grow taller than the Great Dane.

Great Dane Breed Popularity

Everyone wants to know how its choice is ranked worldwide whether its regarding dogs, cars, or something else. And all those Great Dane lovers might be curious how their favorite dog is ranked worldwide.

According to American kennel club, Great Dane is 15th most popular dog around the globe.

The Great Dane is an Intelligent Dog

A Great Dane dog was given two Blue Cross Medals.

In 1941, the Great Dane, Juliana was awarded a Blue Cross Medal. Her intelligence helped her in getting this award. When a bomb fell in her owner’s house, she peeped on it. Hence the bomb got diffused by its urine.

The same Great Dane was awarded its second medal three years later. When she warned officials about a developing fire in its owner’s shoe shop.

This is enough to substantiate the Great Dane breed’s intelligence as a fact.

Great Dane: Heartbreaking Breed

Great Dane has got another name owing to its unique profile. But this one is going to break your heart and make you worried about your dog as it is not due to some quality.

But rather, a disease. Great Danes are susceptible to heart diseases the most. Diseases like dilated cardiomyopathy are mostly found in the Great Dane.

Great Dane Health

Nationwide pet insurance policyholder declares in 2015 the most common health conditions for the Great Danes are the following;

  1. Ear infections
  2. Hot spot
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Skin allergies

These health conditions are true till date. In addition to aforementioned ailments, Great Dane dogs are prone to a lot of diseases. Namely,

  1. Bloat
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Cardiomyopathy
  4. Osteosarcoma
  5. Addison’s disease
  6. Wobbler syndrome

Great Dane Facts A.K.C.

According to A.K.C. the Great Dane dog is;

‘A combination of elegance, regal strength, and dignity’. They have a well-formed, powerful, and muscular body.

The ideal physique of the Great Dane is praised by A.K.C. in these words; ‘this should have a confirmation so well balanced that it doesn’t appear clumsy and move with a long reach and a powerful drive’.

Overall frame of the Great Dane ought to be square shaped. Which alludes to the ratio of the Great Dane in terms of height to length must be equal.


Great Dane

Great Dane

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