Great Dane and Labrador Retriever mix Dog

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Last Updated on December 31, 2021

A Labradane is probably the most ludicrous canine mix out there. Here is the article to get you out of this problem. Choose to own a Great Dane Labrador mix, a Labradane dog.

Great Dane Labrador mix is a designer dog. This dog is not only famous for its appearance but is also healthier than its related pure breeds as fancied commonly. The dog is one of the most loved cross breeds with people who feel deep affection for larger than usual dogs.  An Alert, friendly, warm, loyal, and extremely playful dog with a strong sense of smell is a Great Dane Labrador mix.


This is a Great Dane Labrador mix dog. Falling for this mix dog’s cuteness? then you can go and pick a Labradane up. The dog has become an apple of many dog owner’s eyes within in no time. And i am confident that you are also going to love the canine the moment you would see it.

Particularly if you are into large dogs this Great Dane Labrador mix would be a good choice. Read the article to know what traits and qualities this dog  bears that can make you own one. And at the same time giving an insight to the mix canine’s appearance, training, life span, probable health issues, and many more.

What is the mix called?

The Great Dane Labrador mix is the product of cross breeding between a Great Dane and a Labrador Retriever . The mix is frequently known as Labradane. Bred from the ‘gentle giant’ and America’s favourite dog, a Labradane is a huge yet affectionate and intelligent dog.

What kind of profile a Labradane holds?

Let’s kick off the with breed introduction.

Labradane; a Designer Breed

The Great Dane Labrador mix is a large usually enormous dog mix. The dogs are recognised as designer breed canines not a pure breed, neither in or of itself.

The Labradane is acknowledged as a Designer breed by;

  • International Designer Canine Registry (I.D.C.R)
  • Designer Breed Registry (D.B.R)


What is a Designer breed?

A Designer breed is a hybrid of two pure breeds to get a first generation mix.


Debate on Purebred vs Designer breed

There is a common belief that designer breeds are finer and healthier than pure breeds. Such people claim that as the dogs hold greater variety of genetic makeup. So the chances of susceptible health risks which were present in purebred automatically drop down.

On the other hand pure breeds are also considered fit. Pure breeds health risks and the diseases they are prone to are well known. So such dog’s health can be maintained in contrast to a designer breed dog, about whom nothing or not much is established yet.

What does science say?

According to a research performed by Carol Beuchat who is a vertebrate biologist,

‘Both purebreds and mutts can be healthy dogs’. The only thing that matters is capability. The ability of reproduction is crucial to consider a pure breed or a designer breed healthy.

She further stated after probing a review on purebreds and mutts that,

‘Purebreds are more susceptible to a larger amount of genetic disorders than mutts are’.

The study analysed the veterinary data of 27254 dogs to trace the occurrence of 24 genetic disorders. The dogs include both purebred and designer breeds.

The outcome was quite interesting, purebreds exhibited higher rate of 10 diseases, whilst mix breeds revealed higher prevalence of 1 disorder.

Genesis of Labradane’ parents;

Labradane parents, the Great Dane and Labrador, have rich backgrounds and history.

The Great Danes were initially Boar Hounds as they were bred to hunt boars. The breed is quite old in that dogs similar to Great Danes are present in the artifacts of ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Greek cultures.

The Great Dane has come a long way and transformed into a dog which is affectionate, friendly, and loyal no less.

On the other hand, the Labrador’s early forefather is the st. john’s water dog. In 1800’s the dog was moved to England as the dog was already famous in Newfoundland. Where the dog was bred with other dogs which ultimately brought Labrador retriever.


The Labrador retriever

Labradors are classic English dogs. The dogs potential to retrieve nets, mainly of game and fishing, from water secured it the name ‘retriever’. Labradors are commonly known as a friendly breed. The dogs get attached to the whole family owing to its amiable nature.

You might not know that it can also befriend your friend’s or neighbour’s dog shortly. The dogs are energetic and lively requiring its owner to be active and get involved in activities with it.

A.K.C. breed popularity ranks Labrador as America’s most popular dog breed. It is placed on the top out of total no. of 192 dog breeds.

A Labrador is athletic dog having height of 21.5-24.5 inches. The dog’s weight could be anywhere between 55-80 pounds suggesting that the Labrador is mainly a medium sized dog. Yet there might be a Labrador which is a large sized dogs.

Factually, there are two kinds of Labrador retrievers variations;

  • The American, and
  • English

Generally, the Labradors found in the U.S.A. are from Europe which are employed to produce Labradane and mixes of the like.


The Great Dane

Great Danes are also alluded to German Mastiffs. The Great Dane is a behemoth dog which is loyal and devoted. The dogs are also called couch potatoes as they love sitting on couches. The Great Dane’s noticeable presence makes it rank among the prominent breeds of dogs.

The breed is also popular in the U.S. According to the A.K.C. the breed popularity of the Great Dane is ranked at 14th position. 

The tallest dog in the world was also a Great Dane Zeus. The Great Danes are large in that the breed was a cross of Irish wolfhound and English mastiff. 

Now let’s get acquainted with a Labradane.

Great Dane Labrador Mix’s Attributes

Labradane, the mix of Great Dane and Labrador Retriever possesses qualities of both parent breeds. Here are the attributes associated with Great Dane and Lab mix canine.

 Labradane overall Appearance 

The Great Dane Lab mix would have a combination of physical qualities alike both the Labrador and the Great Dane. Whilst it is not viable to foretell physique of the dog precisely. Yet your Great Dane and Lab mix pup will have a height and weight in between the two parent breeds.

Most probably you can expect your Labradane to be a medium to large sized dog. The dog’s weight might be more than 100 pounds with a height of more than 30 inches. A perusal of the Great Dane and Lab mix dog’s growth chart suggests that the dog would not be as heavily built as the Great Dane. The mix is a tall and lean canine having long legs. Usually, head of the dog is wide and its chest is cavernous.

Physical traits

The Great Dane and Labrador mix dog’ physical traits are described below:


Size of the mix of Great Dane and lab is big generally. As its ancestors are included in large breeds of dogs. Yet there is a probability that your Labradane might be a medium sized dog. Due to Labrador retriever’s size, remember a Labrador Retriever might have a recessive gene producing a medium sized dog.


The Great Dane and Labrador mix has a large array to choose from when it comes to its height. The dog’s height could be ranging from 25-35 inches. As Labrador has a maximum height of 25 inches and minimum height of 22 inches. Whilst, the Great Dane’s height reaches a maximum of 35 inches. The Great Dane’s might be 28 inches which is the lowest threshold.  


The Great Dane and Lab mix holds physique similar to its parents. The dog might weigh somewhere between 100-190 pounds. Its parents, Great Dane and Labrador are weighing from 100-200 pounds and from 55-80 pounds respectively.

Coat of the Lab and Great Dane mix

The coats of Labrador and the Great Dane mix pups are short which is fairly immediate to its skin. On touch, the coat of a Labradane would be smooth. Moreover it also has a glossy undertone added to the appearance.

Colors of the Lab and Great Dane mix

The mix’ coat comes in heterogeneity in terms of colors. The most frequent out of the variety are;

  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • White
  • Brindle
  • Black
  • Harlequin
  • Solid


It is not possible to anticipate a Great Dane and lab mix puppy’s coat color in advance. As the coat color a Labradane would bear entirely depends on the genes it inherits.

Features of the Great Dane and Lab mix dog:

The eyes of the mix of the Great Dane and Labrador are generally of dark tones. Such as, black or brown. The Labradane’ ears would be floppy alike the Great Dane. The ears are also long. Its tail is long and winded.

Life span

The mix canine has a life span of more than 10 years. This attribute is inherited from a Labrador whose lifespan is 10-14 years. While the Great Dane has an average lifespan of 6-8 years. Fortunately a Labradane does not take after the Great Dane in this particular trait.

Temperament of the Great Dane Lab mix

The Great Dane Lab mix has a wonderful personality. The canine mix takes all adequate attributes from its parents. The parent dogs i.e. the Labrador and the Great Dane, reside among sound nature dogs. Both the dogs are known for their friendly, loving, devoted, make a good pair with kids, and also pet friendly dispositions. All these qualities are well manifested in their offspring dog, a Labradane.

The Great Dane Labrador mix can also become a watchdog and look over your possessions, owing to its huge existence. The Great Dane Lab mix is a family dog. It is extremely friendly with children naturally. Although if you want to have a good dog with babies, kids, and dogs polish this trait. Socializing the mix breed pup well from young age would assist the dog in meeting with new people later on.

The dog is smart having a good disposition going well around people and dogs alike.


Though the canine is mostly a happy creature but at times its personality can be transformed into a down spirited dog. For instance, the Great Dane Labrador mix is susceptible to separation anxiety. Hence it is not a good idea to leave your Labradane all alone for lengthy periods.

The dogs could be a master sniffer.


Nose of the Great Dane Lab mix dog is really sensitive. It can be said that the dog’s are curious of the outside world more than many other dogs. A Labradane would love to follow smells and fragrances so much that sometimes the physical boundaries like small fences would not be able to stop its chase.

Particularly if you have a Great Dane Lab mix dog go and check your the fences in your backyard if they are high enough.

Is Great Dane Lab mix a healthy dog?

It is usually understood that mix breeds are fitter and healthier than pure breeds. To some extent this believe holds grounds, as in mix bred canines the offspring has more options to choose from. Variations in gene pairing can vanish or reduce the chances of parent dogs’ diseases in new generation’s puppies.

Yet, one can not prophecy whether a pup would be healthy dog or not particularly in case of mix breed puppies and dogs. It entirely depends on the genes the mix breed pup has inherited. You might be fortunate and adopt a puppy with no or minimum health risks. On the other hand the puppy you have got could be a potential sick canine owing to the genes it has received.

Hence nothing can be said about the fitness of a Great Dane and Lab mix puppy beforehand. Specially if nothing is known of the parents health issues. It is suggested to consult a veterinarian to get information on a Labradane’ health concerns and capabilities in particular.

Depending  upon the recurrence of disorders in parent dogs, the following are general health risks to the Great Dane Lab mix canine ;

  • Cancerous tumors
  • Unusual growth
  • Heart diseases
  • Dysplasia; elbow and hip
  • Eye and ear problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Skin ailments
  • Bloat
  • Obesity

The most prominent way to prevent the Great Dane and Labrador mix puppies from latent health issues, is to choose a reliable breeder.

How to keep the Great Dane Lab mix fit?

A Labradane needs exercise to keep it fit and healthy. Knowing the possible bad influence of being overweight on the canine’s health, involving the mix breed dog in exercises and physical activities must be maintained on your part. The dogs also love fetch games if you are a bit old or have no time to take it out for a stroll. And the Labradane’ owners who want to take their dogs out for walk on the streets, must train their huge Great Dane Lab mix breed canine to walk on a leash.    

Hence, irrespective of form, physical activities must be made a part of the Great Dane Lab mix canine’ routine in order to keep it fit and blooming.

Where to settle in?

Space is something the Great Dane lab mix is particular about. The canine needs commodious ambience, due to its huge presence the mix would require sizeable area to move around. Though you can not leave the dog to live in your mere backyard. Get it a comparable dog house which is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

As far as the weather is concerned, the Great Dane Lab mix likes moderate temperatures.


A Labradane requires average grooming. Its coat asks for cleaning twice a week at maximum. As the texture does not get dirty that easily. The hair of the Great Dane Lab mix dog would not shed much. Twice a month bathing is enough for the coat to be shiny and healthy. Use mild shampoo for the purpose. If your dog still wears a dry coat it might be due to the kibble. Such dogs have some allergy. These dogs might get better if fed on raw diet.

How to feed the Great Dane Lab mix?

The dog being a large mix breed, requires two to three meals a day. The chances of bloat can also be avoided which is a common problem in large breeds, by doing so. The dog owners can follow the feed chart of the Great Dane as well.  

Training and disciplining the Great Dane Lab mix

Training and disciplining a Great Dane lab mix pup ought to begin right on the day you brought it home. In case you have not started training your Labradane, though it is older, start off today. Like they say it’s never too late than never. Obedience training is the basic step in training a dog. We recommend you to be lenient but persistent with the dog. Training has to be a gradual and regular process. You can have a good dog if you stick to admiration and patience.

What do we suggest?

When it comes to adoption of a puppy the selection of a breeder becomes quite of a decision. Essentially you must realize the nature of the dog you are intending to adopt either a mix or cross breed as a pet. Before you would look at a purebred or a designer bred. If you have a family dog than it won’t bother you much if your dog is a cross breed or not. As the dog is there as a part of the family irrespective of its breed or lineage.

Yet some dog owners are worried about their dog’s breeds and lineage more than others. Hence breeders becomes important automatically. The search for a responsible breeder becomes quite a task. As a dog’ or puppy’ high price or a bunch of papers won’t guarantee the name of the breeder.

Caution on your part is vital while searching and later on choosing a breeder. Vigil dog owners prefer breeders having good reputation. Do not forget to inquire about the health and fitness of both the parents and the pups from your breeder. This is a tip to choose the right breeder and puppy irrespective of the dog’s breed or lineage.

Beside finding a responsible breeder in your locality you can also look for the Great Dane lab mix pups in news papers and other advertising agencies.


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