Top Great Dane Names To Name Your Dog

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Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Deciding on a name is one of the first things you prepare before bringing home a new dog. And sometimes, it is more difficult than it seems with all the choices you have!

With so many names to choose from, Great Dane owners will have their own criteria when it comes to a name. Some would like a unique name, some would want a name to perfectly describe their Dane, some would like a name that stands out, some would want something easy to remember, and some would like a mix of everything!

Whatever your preference is for Great Dane names, it is important to choose one to give your dog its own identity.

Can’t decide on a name yet? Check out the Great Dane names we listed below that can help encapsulate all the big and beautiful characteristics of these gentle giants.

Great Dane Names
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This article has a wide variety of unique Great Dane names, based on:

  1. Gender
  2. Coat colors
  3. Places
  4. French names
  5. Others

Mark the beginning of an unwavering relationship between you and your dog by choosing one from these unique Great Dane names.

Male Great Dane Names

If you own a male Great Dane puppy and you’re looking for something that is unique yet meaningful, the following Great Dane names list is surely for you.

AlanHarmony, Noble, PreciousIt has German and Celtic roots.
Aldon Old One/elder, Old TownThe name has French, Italian, Old English and German origins.
AlecDefender of MankindIt is another form of the name ‘Alexander’ and has Scottish origins.
AlexDefender of HumankindThe name has Greek origins derived from the Greek name ‘Alexandros’.
AmoEagle, Virtue of an EagleThe name has Italian, French and German origins.
AustinMagnificent, Great, MajesticThe name is of Latin origin and is related to the name ‘Augustine’.
AntonPriceless, PraiseworthyIt is derived from derived from an ancient Roman family name.
AugustinMagnificent, GreatThe name is of Latin origin.
AveryRuler of ElvesThe name is of English origin. It is used in both English and French.
AronTeaching, Singing, High MountainThe name is of Hebrew origin.
BenSon, BlessedThe name is of Hebrew origin.
BrunoArmorThe name is of German origin.
CalebFaithful, Loyalty, Whole HeartedThe name is derived from two Hebrew words, ‘col’ and ‘lev’.
DarinGreatThe name’s roots can be traced back to Old English.
DavyBelovedThe name is of Hebrew origin.
DeanValleyThe name is derived from an Old English word.
DingoA Wild DogIt is a name from Australia.
DrakeDragonIt is derived from the Old English name ‘Draca’ or the Old Norse name ‘Draki’
EnzoHome RulerThe name originated from Italy and is the short form of the name ‘Lorenzo’.
FrankFree, From FranceThe name originated in France.
HawkFalcon, Bird of Prey, VigilantIt is a name of English origin.
HuntHunterIt is a name of English origin.
JackieGod is Gracious, Holder of the HeelThe name is of English origin.
JoeGod Will AddThe name is of Hebrew origin.
KaiOcean, Shell, WarriorIt’s roots come from Hawaiian, Japanese and Frisian cultures.
LeeClearing, MeadowIt is derived from a surname of English origin.
LeoLion, Lion-heartedIt has Latin and German origins.
LucasLight, Bringer of LightIt is derived from the Greek name ‘Louka’ and has Latin origins.
MarsGod of WarThe name is of Greek origins.
MaxThe GreatestIt is of Latin origin and is the short form of the Latin name ‘Maximilian’.
OscarDivine Spear, Champion Warrior, Deer FriendThe name has Irish and Norse roots.
QuinnWiseThe name is of Irish, Celtic, Gaelic and Latin origins.
RichieOld, Powerful RulerIt is a German name.
RicoBrave Ruler, GloryThe name is of Spanish origins.
RikRich, Powerful, Ruler, MightyIt comes from a combination of different words from Old English, Old Norse and German.
RochusRestingThe name is from German origin.
RockyRest, RelaxThe name is from Italian origin.
RogueUnpredictable, Mischievous The name has English origin.
RomeoFrom Rome The name originated from Italy.
RonnieRuler, Bringing Victory, Mighty counselorThe name has Norse, Greek and English origins.
SethPlaced, AppointedIt is a biblical name of Hebrew origins.
SherlockBright-Lock, BlondAn Old English surname that symbolizes hair color.
SnowyFilled with Frozen RainThe name has English origins.
SunGoodness, A StarThe name has Korean and English roots.
ThomasTwinIt has an Aramaic origins and comes comes from the Hebrew word ‘ta’om’.
ThunderStormy TemperedThe name has English origins.
ToryVictory, TriumphantIt is the short form of the English name ‘Victoria’.
TyesonHigh-spiritedThe name is derived from an Old French word.
TyrusSharp, StrengthThe name has biblical and American origins.
UdolfWolf-WealthThe name is derived from Old English.
ValiantBraveThe name has English origins.
WakeVigilantThe name is derived from English.

Female Great Dane Names

Every dog owner wants a dog name that stands out from the rest, and Great Dane owners are no different. If you own a Female Dane, one of these Great Dane names is certainly for you.

AmieBeloved, Well-BelovedThe name is of French origin.
BlossomFlower-Like, To FlourishThe name is of British origin.
BlyssJoy, Cheer, Intense HappinessThe name is of English origin.
BrisaBreezeIt is a name with Spanish roots.
CindiMoon GoddessIt has English and Greek roots.
DaisyName of the flower, “The Day’s Eye”It is derived from an Old English word.
DelightPleasure, YouthfulThe name has English and French origins.
DelyssaPleasure, DelightThe name has English origins.
DiamondOf High ValueThe name is of British origin.
DixieTenthThe name is derived from a French word.
DulceSweetIt is derived from a Latin word.
EstherStar, SecretThe name has Hebrew and biblical origins.
ElytaWingedThe name is of English origin.
HaizeBreezeThe name is of Basque origin.
HazelThe Hazel TreeThe name is of British origin.
HopeFaith, Desire Of FulfillmentIt is derived from the Old English word ‘hopian’.
JayciTo HealThe name has Greek and Hebrew roots.
JoyHappinessThe name is of Latin origin.
KaeliPure, SlenderThe name has Irish origins.
KandiBright, SweetThe name is of American origin.
KassieWarriorThe name has American and Greek roots.
KathyPureThe name is of Greek origin.
NessyPure, Holy, ButterflyThe name has Greek origins.
PansyName of a flowerThe name has English, French and Greek roots.
PaxPeaceThe name is of Latin origin.
PearlPrecious GemstoneThe name is derived from English.
PeggyPearlThe name is of Greek and English origins.
PerriRockThe name is of Greek origin.
PixieFairyIt comes from the name of a mythological creature.
PolaLittle, HumbleIt is the Polish variant of the name ‘Paula’.
PolliStar Of The Sea, Beloved, Drop Of The SeaIt has English and Irish roots.
PoppyRed FlowerA name of Latin and Old English origin.
PorshaA Gift, OfferingThe name is of Latin origin.
RainAbundant Blessing from AboveThe name is of American origin.
SandyMan’s DefenderThe name is derived from Greek.
SellyMoon, SoftIt has English and Greek roots.
SunGoodness, A StarThe name has Korean and English roots.
TacySilenceThe name has Latin roots.
TracyWar-like, FighterIt comes from the Irish word ‘treasach’
TiaGoddessThe name has Greek roots.
TieraThe Earth, The LandThe name has Latin roots.
TrixieBringer of Joy, HappyThe name has Latin roots.
UrsaLittle BearIt is from the Latin word ‘ursus’.
UnissGood VictoryThe name is of Greek origin.
VickyTriumphantThe name is of Latin origin.
VictoriaVictoryThe name is of Latin origin.
VonnieWomanly, BraveIt is a Czechoslovakian name.
WeekoPretty GirlIt is a Native American name.
WindyState Of Strong WindsThe name is of American origin.
WonderAwe, DreamThe name is of American origin.
ZoeLifeThe name is of Greek origin.

Great Dane Names Based on Coat Color

Some Great Dane owners love naming their dogs based on their dog’s physical appearance, and more often, their coat colors. As a matter of fact, names based on coat colors are quite popular in the US.

So, if you want to name your Dane based on it’s coat color, then you might find “The One” for your pet with this Great Dane names list.

AshGrayThe name is of Old English origin.
AurelienGoldenThe name is of French origin.
BlakeDark, LightIt is derived from the Old English ‘blac’ which means both dark and white.
BrunoBrownIt is derived from the Old German word ‘brun’.
CocoChocolate BrownThe name is of French origin.
DeeDark and Sacred GoddessThe name is of Irish origin.
DorceyDarkThe name is of English origin.
EbonyDeep Black WoodThe name is of Latin origin and is derived from the ancient Egyptian tree’s name.
JettBlack StoneThe name is of English origin.
PhoenixPurple-RedIt is of Greek origin.
SableBlackIt is a Slavic name.
SaffronYellow FlowerThe name is of Arabic origin.
SlateGray-green rockThe name is of American origin.
WinnFair, WhiteThe name is derived from a Welsh word.

Great Dane Names Inspired By Places

Are you a Great Dane owner who travels a lot and want to name your dog after your favorite place? Then this list might be for you! See the list of Great Dane names below inspired by different places around the world.

JunoQueen Of HeavenThe name is of Latin origin.
KelbyWillow FarmThe name has Viking roots and is inspired from an ancient settlement called ‘Selby’.
KyleNarrow, StraitThe name is of Irish and Scottish origins.
LondonFortress Of The Moon, From The Great RiverThe name is of English origin.
OdessaThe Ukrainian Port CityThe name is derived from Greek.
OrlandoFamous LandThe name has Italian origin.
ParisThe Capital Of FranceThe name is of Greek origin.
RioRiverThe name is of Spanish and Portuguese roots.
SienaAn Italian CityThe name has Italian origin.
SydneyAn Australian City, From This PlaceIt is of French and Old English origin.

French Male Great Dane Names

Something unique, elegant, trendy – if these are your requirements in naming your male Great Dane puppy, then this list might be for you!

See below for our list of best French male Great Dane names:

AndreMan, Warrior
BonOne Who Acts In A Good Manner
ChanceuxLucky, Fortunate
DevoirDuty, Responsibility
EricForever Ruler
FraisFresh Vigorous
FranckFrom France, Free One
GemmeJewel, Precious Stone, Gem
HabileSkillful, Clever
La vieThe Life
LustreRadiant, Shiny
MatinThe Morning
Ma vieMy Life
PouviorTo Be Able To

French Female Great Dane Names

The following are some of the best French Great Dane names we have for female Danes. Give your dog a beautiful French name from our list below:

AmieBeloved, Well-Beloved
AnimeeAnimated, Lively
BlancheWhite, Pure
ChienneFemale Dog
DouceGentle, Sweet
FeliciteGood Fortune, Happy
ForteStrong, Brave
La glaceIce
Luxe Luxury
MignonneDelicate, Dainty
Mon cheriMy Dear
MoniqueWise, Warm
SourireTo Smile
SylvieFrom The Forest

More Great Dane Names

Still can’t choose from the above mentioned Great Dane names list? The perfect name for your dog might just be on the list below!

AceUnityIt is derived from an Italian word.
AidaHappy, Helper, Moon, GiftThe name has Irish, Arabic, Latin, Swahili, Persian, Turkish and Armenian origins.
AlvanSublimeThe name is of Hebrew origin.
AmesFriendThe name has French origins.
ArchieGenuine, Bold, BraveThe name is of German origin.
ArgusVigilant GuardianThe name is of Greek origin.
ArvieThe People’s FriendThe name has English origins.
AugieGreat, MagnificentThe name has Latin origins.
BambiChildThe name is derived from the Italian word ‘bambino’.
CosmoOrder, Decency, And BeautyThe name has British and Italian roots.
EdraPowerfulThe name is of Hebrew origin.
EdieRich Gift, Prosperity, BattleThe name has Old English origins.
ElaineSun Ray, Shining LightThe name is of French origin and a variant of the name ‘Helen’.
EldaWarriorThe name is of Italian origin.
IrisRainbowThe name is of Greek origin.
KaciAlert, WatchfulThe name has Irish origins.
NaraHappyThe name has Japanese, Hindi and Celtic roots.
NellyShining LightThe name is of Greek origin.
NyxNightThe name is of Greek origin.
TaytCheerfulThe name has English origins.
XuBrilliant Rising SunThe name is of Chinese origin.

Name the Dane!

Great Dane Owner Kissing Its Dog
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While it is easy to name your Dane after something popular and easy, going for something meaningful and unique will give your Great Dane its own identity.

Not only that, but naming your Great Dane can help develop your relationship with them. Choosing one from our lists of Great Dane names will ensure that you can express your love for your dog and help them build their identity.

Do you have any Great Dane names recommendations? Share them in the comments below!

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