What We Can Reveal About Great Dane Temperament

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Great Dane dog’s temperament is basically a smorgasbord of various traits. Theses large breed canines are exceptionally doting. The dogs usually portray calm and controlled demeanor. Besides, the Great Dane dog is sweet coupling with its notable existence. The facet adds up to the sanguine disposition of a Great Dane. 

The Great Dane dog holds an astonishing anatomy and never fails to inspire those around it with its singular presence. Their amenable temperament coupling with its Gentleness puts a Great Dane amid top slots of best dogs according to many dog lovers. They are among the top twenty favorite breeds of Americans, as opined by the A.K.C.


Great Dane dogs hold some common traits in general. It expresses its unmatched warmth, benignity, obedience, and friendliness. Due to its behemoth presence, the Great Dane dogs are often misread to be ferocious and intimidating. In fact, without is a huge Great Dane dog whose inside is a benign heart, gentle enough to let it be called a ‘gentle giant’.  

Great Dane Temperament

The foremost characteristic of a Great Dane temperament is its gentleness. The dogs are quite loving and pleasant to be with particularly for a large breed dog. This unique quality gets the name of a gentle giant for this Apollo of dogs. This suggests that the Great Dane dog has an amenable temperament.

Though the Great Dane dogs are often looked at as intimidating canines, provoking a deterrent milieu for many out there. In reality, the Great Dane behavior is quite opposite of what a nescient would suggest. The Great Dane dog is friendly and meek indubitably.

Great Dane temperament and Composure

Great Dane dog is not clumsy but would carry itself around with sophistication. Despite being huge leggy canine, you would not find a Great Dane gawky ever. The Great Dane overall disposition displays elegance and composure no less. 


A Great Dane dogs are quite protective of their owners. The Great Dane dog would readily do anything for the sake of its owner’ appeasement. It would wait for your order and would follow your commands happily. 

The Great Dane dogs are obsessed with their owners and probably due to this reason the dog would not bother to sit beside you but rather prefer sitting in you lap. 

Lap dogs

A giant dog who would not mind sitting in your lap at all.

Great Dane temperament has another quality aspect, the dogs are audacious lap dogs. Great Dane dog’ hugeness has no effect on this facet of its temperament. This might be out of its sheer oblivion of its existence or due to the fondness of its owner. Whatever the reason might be, the dog being a lapdog is the hallmark of a Great Dane temperament. 

Great Dane Temperament: An Appeasing giant

The dogs admire and love their owners immensely. It is a creature who would readily do anything to satisfy its owner. This appeasing temperament of a Great Dane disposition makes Great Dane dogs easy to train. 

A happy dog

A Great Dane temperament is similar to a prodigious gleeful creature, who is not aware of its mammoth presence. The Great Dane dogs are generally regarded as less moody canines.

The tail 

Great Dane temperament can be easily predicted from its tail. These huge dogs are known for holding a frisky tail. The Great Dane wagging tail is strong enough to swipe off the items you have placed on your coffee table. 

Or even your very favorite vase you’ve brought home last night can be shattered to ground owing to your Great Dane ‘tail’ temperament. Well this is something you need to get away your Great Dane with.

Great Dane Temperament is Non aggressive

Great Dane dogs are intrinsically peaceful and friendly. Generally Great Dane dogs are non aggressive with people. Yet you are advised to take your Great Dane puppy out to see the world around regularly. This would assist in making a non aggressive Great Dane adult dog.


The Great Dane dogs are intelligent and are protective of their loved ones. Due to these  attributes of a Great Dane temperament, these large breed dogs can do well as watchdogs. Coupled with the dog’s huge physique, the Great Dane dog gives an additional edge for home protection.


Great Dane temperament suggests that the dogs are not incessant barking pooches. The dogs are usually calm and tranquil and would bark seldom. Though the Great Dane bark is quite loud which might inflict your neighbors. So you need to train your Great Dane to cease barking behavior. 

Family dog

Great Dane temperament suggests that the dog would be an admirable family dog. The Great Dane dogs carry a kind hearted and friendly disposition. Which are must haves for a family dog.

Around children

Great Dane dogs are also called gentle giants as broached above. This large breed dog got this name due to the Great Dane’ compassionate temperament towards kids. 

Your Great Dane dog would be extremely pleasant around kids provided trained and socialized effectively. Like every other behavior this facet of Great Dane temperament must be polished by its owner. 


Despite the friendly temperament of Great Dane with children, it is advised to oversee the interaction between your Great Dane and children. There are chances that the children might mistreat the dog rendering it offensive.  

Around other pets

Great Dane dogs are naturally well behaved with other animals and seems to believe in coexistence. It is also possible that your Great Dane would be repulsive of other pets. Hence, Great Dane temperament around other pets varies individually. 


A Great Dane dog can always be trained to behave.


Couch potato

This might be new or even shocking for some dog lovers that a Great Dane dog can fit perfectly on a couch in your living room. Great Dane temperament’ placidity makes the dog a couch admirer. The dogs promptly get cozy on couches despite their huge persona. 

Those who own a Great Dane already must know. how it feels to always find your favorite couch occupied. 

This extremely incredible and no less accommodating feature of the Great Dane temperament brings for this large breed canine another name, “the couch potato”.  

Jump on

This dog would welcome you with a huge jump on at your return. The possessive nature of a Great Dane temperament builds the character of the dog into a canine who would jump on to you. The Great Dane jumping temperament is also seen in adult Great Dane dogs if not trained.

Great Dane dogs are observed jumping on people and things. And often inadvertently smashing your furniture. Discouragement and gradual learning can foster a relaxed dog. Therefore it is suggested to train Great Dane dog not to jump on whether its on people or on things.   

Great Dane temperament: Over possessive

You might find your Great Dane over possessive at times.  There are instances when these gentle giants would not leave your side and do not agree to cease being a lapdog. This part of Great Dane temperament summons special training from its owners.

The upper shelves

Great Dane dogs are generally inquisitive about the upper shelves. And if you are a parent to a Great Dane you would have already found out that you are unable to leave any food out. Even if it is placed on most elevated shelf, thanks to the might Great Dane’ height, it would not be spared from your Great Dane. 

The Great Dane ‘top shelf curiosity’ requires vigilance and carefulness at the dogs parents end. Additionally, you may require to consider your Great Dane temperament while placing things.

Great Dane temperament and Separation anxiety

The Great Dane dog enjoys utmost kinship for its owner. The Great Dane dogs get affected if it is left without its owner and would suffer from separation anxiety. This suggests that Great Dane dogs possess sensitive temperament despite its mammoth presence. 


Great Dane dogs are territorial naturally. It might be a mere recessive trait in some Great Danes. 


Just like the serene disposition of Great Dane the physical requirements of the dog are also simple. You would not require to indulge your Great Dane dog in lengthy exercise sessions. The Great Dane entails a regular walk of half an hour to one hour to stay fit. 

Great Dane temperament and Socializing

Although Great Dane dogs hold stable temperament intrinsically, the dogs require socializing to enhance this trait. The Great Dane sturdy disposition calls for time to time public exposure to maintain its confidence and rational temperament. 

If not socialized fittingly, the Great Dane might pick one of the two extreme behaviors. Either your Great Dane would become aggressive or become a timid dog. Which definitely you would not want your dog to be like in that when a Great Dane becomes aggressive, it might bite, and in later case, a diffident Great Dane would not be an amusement to keep.


Great Dane behavior forwards that the dogs do not have a huge appetite. They do not eat too much at once. But rather a Great Dane’ feed has to be separated into 3-4 meals everyday. 

Great Dane temperament and Lodging

Great Dane innate gigantic presence calls for spacious places as lodgings. Yet the Great Dane temperament molds the dog to accommodate well even in apartments. Great Dane dogs are largely kept in apartments in the U.S. The dogs are usually observed doing great in these less commodious venues.


Raising a Great Dane puppy in an apartment might become a challenge for you in that the puppy has yet to discover the tranquility and calmness of a Great Dane disposition.


A Great Dane Temperament as a puppy

Great Dane temperament as a puppy might differ from an adult Great Dane dog. You might find your Great Dane puppy head strong, stubborn, a bit destructive, or somewhat bossy at times. The prominent points of a Great Dane puppy profile are as follows;


Largely Great Dane dogs are submissive towards their owners, yet there is a chance that your Great Dane puppy’ temperament has an unyielding capability. Such Great Danes need continuous training to realize that they have to follow the commands of their owners. 


It is always advised to train your Great Dane dog persistently to get the desired outcome.


Great Dane puppies might be found catastrophic in that this huge puppy is quite active. The Great Dane disposition as a puppy is exhilarated furnishing the Great Dane puppy with an extra tendency of jumping on people.


The stillness of a Great Dane behavior might not be found in a Great Dane puppy. Rather many Great Dane puppy owners observe their puppies holding a stormy disposition. The Great Dane puppy’ temperament also forwards a behavior of leaping over things inside your house.

Our Suggestion

Great Dane dogs are stable, confident, amenable, and warm hearted canines naturally. It is consequential to enhance and nurture Great Dane behavior given the dog’ gigantic persona Yet this huge dog requires proper training to polish these qualities. Great Dane temperament can be molded accordingly through efficacious training. 

There might be some incidents when a Great Dane dog parent get infuriated in that some acts which are found cute if committed by a Great Dane puppy, but when an adult Great Dane dog would act randomly, the behavior needs to be halted. For instance, jumping on people.

Besides, Great Dane disposition is more of a quirky point as compared to the dog’ physique when it comes to heredity. Your Great Dane temperament mainly depends on its inherited traits so it is more unforeseeable. Irrespective of the dogs individual characteristics, overall disposition and temperament of the dog can be improved with proper training and regular socializing.

Therefore the Great Dane’ temperament whether good or faulty can be potently defined by its owners through training Great Dane dog.  

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