What Makes A Fawn Great Dane

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Last Updated on January 13, 2021

You might have already met this beautiful Great Dane Color Fawn. There is probably no one who has not seen the golden colored dog Marmaduke, or the Scooby doo. Although the latter might not fall into a Fawn category but it is a Great Dane for sure which is closest to the Fawn family.

The Fawn Great Dane wears a yellow gold coat. The mask, eye rims, and eyebrows also carry deep black color. Furthermore, the tip of tail and the natural floppy ears of a Fawn Great Dane puppy might bear black pigment. The dog must bear a neat color coat as dirty colored Great Danes are not preferred.

Fawn Great Dane Appearance

A Great Dane bears a huge existence similar to the Scooby doo. The dogs reach up to 36 inches. Which is quite a size. And when standing on its two legs, the dog is taller than many of us. The Great Dane breed growth pattern suggests that the dogs grow rapidly during the initial two years. And can easily attain 200lbs at 24 months. The weight and height for a Fawn female Great Dane is less than its male counterpart.

The dogs occur in different shades of Fawn coat colors. Yellow gold color is the most desirable tinge for a Fawn Great Dane. Some of which are as follows;

  • pale tan
  • pale fawn
  • dark deer red

AKC Standards for Fawn

A Fawn Great Dane must be yellow gold. The deep yellow gold color shall be favored as compared to other hues of the color. White spots on the toes and black or white color on the chest is not acceptable. Additionally, the Great Dane color Fawn must not hold any colored markings anywhere on the body. Be it White, Harlequin, Blue, or Black.

The eye rims, eyebrows, and mask must carry black color. A strong black tinge is always preferred over the lighter tones.

Fawn Great Dane Puppies

The Fawn Great Dane puppies are produced from cross breeding of Harlequin, Brindle, and Fawn dogs. The Fawn pups hold blue colored eyes with black tails and ears. As the pup grows the color of eyes changes to a rather dark tone. It might become amber or any darker shade of brown.

Blue Fawn Great Dane

The Blue Fawn Great Danes are produced from blue to blue breeding. Such Great Dane dogs bear fawn color with a mere tint of blue on their bodies. Typical Blue Fawn Great Dane carries a blue mask. 

The Blue Fawn color is not taken as a Great Dane breed standard color as opined by the G.D.C.A. Also the latency of health problems is more in a Blue Fawn Great Dane.

Fawn Harlequin Great Dane

Fawn harlequin Great Dane or Fawnequin are not acceptable Great Dane color. The dogs bear fawn spots instead of black of a Harlequin. The base color for a Fawn Harlequin Great Dane is also white. These dogs can be registered with the AKC.  The occurrence of the dogs is mainly when both parents carry the Fawn gene.

Fawn Merle Great Dane

Fawn Merle Great Danes depict a coat similar to merles. The only difference is the color of spots. For a fawn merle the color of blotches all over the body is Fawn.

Fawn Mantle Great Dane

The pattern is similar to a Mantle Great Dane. A Fawn Mantle Great Dane carries the blanket of a mantle dog with a fawn tinge. The otherwise black color is replaced by fawn coloring due to the presence of both pigments in the family.

Fawn Brindle Great Dane

The Brindle dog which bears so light chevron pattern that it appears to be a Fawn is a Fawn Brindle Great Dane. This is mainly due to the strength of black color. The dog undergoes black color saturation. There is no particular reason for the occurrence of a Fawn Brindles. Thus the production of the dog can not be foreseen. 

Fawn Color Prevalence

Fawn color dogs are also recurrent in other canine breeds. Namely,

  • Pugs
  • Boxers
  • Bloodhounds
  • Bullmastiffs
  • Cocker spaniels
  • Chihuahuas


Given the dog’s less latency to shed, grooming the Great Dane is somewhat simpler. Just brushing can keep the dog coat nice. Bathing can also be of assistance in reducing the chances of shedding.

Moreover, take care of the floppy ears for your Dane. Their natural ears might be prone to infections. Clean the dog ears whenever you feel it needs cleaning. Or you can opt for ear cropping if your dog’s ears are susceptible to infections. Fawn Great Dane with cropped ears are quite popular nowadays. 

Paws are also crucial for the dog’s well being. Get its nails trimmed or grinned every fifteen days. Use a proper nail clipper which is safe for the huge dogs. 


Great Dane dogs are known for their friendly demeanor. Great Dane colored Fawn are also no different.  Fawn Great Dane Temperament forwards a dog with obedient and warm behavior. The dogs are good family dogs intrinsically. They are quite goofy. 

The dogs are calm and intelligent. This makes a Fawn Great Dane temperament feasible for a guard dog. Moreover, the Great Dane colored Fawns are good with other pets. Including small dogs and even cats. Yet all these qualities in the temperament of a Great Dane needs to be polished. And for this purpose training is mandatory. 


As broached above, the Fawn Great Dane puppy will grow into a big dog. And in the first two yeast the dogs grow fast. So you need to train the dog during these growth years. Kick off training as soon as you have the puppy besides you. Be it 6 or 8 weeks.

Start from basic commands then go towards behavior training. The dog can learn quite fast if you are lenient and do not forget to keep it praising. Moreover, if your dog has suddenly becomes aggressive keep it away from children.


The food requirements for Fawns are similar to any other Great Dane color. The dogs need specific dry dog food made for the pups and adult dogs separately. Moreover, the food for a Great Dane puppy is different from an adult or senior Dane. 

These dogs do not entail high protein diets. Rather go for the large breed dry dog food. The food is made according to the specific requirements of huge dogs like Great Danes. If you want to be precise just go for breed specific recipes. Also the amount of food is also indispensable to keep the dog fit and healthy.

If your Dane is showing any signs of allergies on dry dog food. It might need to be switched to raw diet

Elevated dog feeders

Great Dane are in quite a need of raised dog feeders. Particularly if your dog has some joint problems. Even if it has gone through a surgery you would see that it is somewhat difficult for the dog to stretch its neck. To reach the food when placed on the floor. Even if the dog is healthy it still finds eating from a dog an elevated feeder simpler. As the dogs are big, it often gets laborious for the dog to eat from the lower feeder. 

Therapeutic Dog beds

You might have seen dogs sleeping on the floor comfortably. As it can not be said for sure that the dogs need a dog bed. But for Great Danes the need of a cozy place to sleep on is crucial. Given the dog’s latency to develop joint ailments. Sleeping on hard floors can bring a lot of trouble for your dog. Therefore, get your Great Dane a therapeutic dog bed which can support its joints during sleep.

Food For Thought

Great Dane Fawn is an alluring coat color. Which is also prevalent in other canine breeds. Yet the sanguinity of a Fawn is umpteen. The dazzling golden yellow coat with black eye rims and ears, portrays a visually satisfying dog. Furthermore, the good temperament of the dogs is also commendable. 

If you are a parent to a fawn you would agree how graceful the dog looks. And to keep up with the dog’s appearance what about getting it a dog collar as good as the dog. 


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