5 Things To Do While Preparing for a Great Dane Puppy

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Preparing for a Great Dane puppy  is indubitably one of the most precious moments of your life. The time when you are wondering on how to prepare for the Great Dane puppy so as to ensure its comfort and health. The key to prepare for Great Dane puppy is to focus on the breed’s characteristics. The dog you are preparing to welcome, is the Great Dane. The dog is in fact the most amenable breed out there albeit huge. This physical trait often creates an intimidating aura for many novel parents. Rest assured, you would end up loving your Great Dane puppy anyway. 

Great Dane puppies are more exuberant and active viz-a-viz an adult Great Dane. Anyhow, either you are set on to adopt a Great Dane puppy or an adult Great Dane dog. In either case, you would need to prepare beforehand to welcome this gentle giant.


Get yourself all geared up to welcome your Great Dane puppy. The most crucial step to prepare for Great Dane puppy is to acquaint yourself with the breed. Preparing for the Great Dane means getting the imperative Great Dane dog or puppy supplies. Therefore, include in your checklist to prepare for Great Dane puppy things like Great Dane puppy or dog food, crate, chew on toys, grooming tools, beds, leash, collar, and food and water bowls.


Besides preparing for your Great Dane puppy also include some research. You would need to find a apt yet economical vet to get your Great Dane puppy vaccinated. Preparing for your new Great Dane puppy’s other medical needs is also mandatory. 

For instance, you have to find a vet, to get your Great Dane spayed or neuter. You might also want to spruce it up by cropping its natural floppy ears. Additionally, the Great Dane breed is prone to a number of conditions, some of which might be life threatening if not treated timely.   

Now lets discuss the things you need to prepare for a Great Dane puppy. Following is our checklist to prepare for Great Dane puppy.

Checklist to Prepare for Great Dane Puppy

Do some homework

Understanding the breed would help you to prepare for a Great Dane puppy appropriately. Knowing all good aspects and weaknesses of the puppy will assist you on how to prepare for a Great Dane puppy, a lot. The Great Dane puppy profile is loaded with ideal comrade traits naturally. Thence, be ready and prepared to have a behemoth dog who is not quite aware of its size.

Get an overview of the Great Dane coat colors. There are six standard Great Dane colors accepted by the G.D.C.A. These include; black, brindle, fawn, mantle, blue, harlequin, another coat color Merle is regarded as standard color of the breed by the A.K.C.

Besides, learning the Great Dane breed temperament, collect some basic information on your new Great Dane puppy as well like its food requirements, diseases, life span etc. After going through the theoretical preparation. It is time to hit practical road on how to prepare for a Great Dane puppy.

Great Dane puppy name

Even though you can name your Great Dane puppy anytime you want. But we suggest you to find a cute name for the puppy prior to its arrival. As it is a significant part of preparing for your Great Dane. The bonding between you and your Great Dane puppy will soon be very much depicted through its name. Therefore, discover a best Great Dane dog name before bringing your puppy home. 


Comfort is the chief element in the checklist to prepare for a Great Dane. Knowing the Great Dane breed higher susceptibility to various large breed related problems, comfort becomes even more imperative for a Great Dane puppy.

Additionally preparing for a Great Dane puppy’s comfort means that you would ensure your Great Dane puppy’s solace, and cheering as well. This mainly entails Great Dane toys, and treats.

Hence, prepare for your Great Dane puppy’ comfort by providing it with: 


You ought to prepare for your Great Dane puppy right food in advance. The Great Dane food and nourishment requirements are distinct as the breed itself. Anyhow, the Great Dane puppies must not be given regular dog food. As the usual dog food has more than recommended level of protein for the Great Dane puppies.

The Great Dane breed is known as the dogs that grow in fast forward speed. Which implies that the Great Dane puppy do not require regular puppy food which promotes speedy growth. Such dry dog food recipes might take your Great Dane puppy towards an unhealthy and unfit growth pattern rather than bringing any goodness.

In addition, the Great Dane puppies feeding on such dry dog food might develop Dysplasia and other joint and bone diseases. Whence, while preparing for your Great Dane puppy, providing the best food must be ensured. 

Also, the Great Dane meals per day has to be 3 at least. Eating at once would increase the chances of bloat in your Great Dane. Learn how much to feed the Great Dane puppy while preparing for Great Dane. 


Crate is  among the things your Great Dane puppy would be using frequently. Prepare for Great Dane puppy by buying a perfectly sized crate for your pup. Remember, the Great Dane height can reach up to 34 inches. 

The Great Danes are destined to grow into huge canines, and you might end up using the same crate when it reaches that height. So prepare for a Great Dane puppy a crate according to its breed size.


Great Dane beds need to be durable and comfortable as well to support the dog’s needs. The imperative thing to keep in mind while preparing for your Great Dane bed beside comfort and durability is the place selection. You can prepare for your Great Dane puppy’s bedding in its crate. Also, Great Dane beds can be placed in living area providing the dog with its own space.

The center thought of furnishing such a place outside the crate is to help the dog in having its own personal space anywhere in the house. The bed ought to be placed where the dog can be in front of your eyes always. Moreover, the bed need to be placed somewhere the dog can relax.

Grooming tools

Prepare for a Great Dane puppy, some grooming tools as well. Get a good brush to keep your Great Dane coat healthy and shiny. As, the Great Danes possess single short coat which can easily be maintained if you brush your Dane regularly. 

Bathing is also not a regular exercise with the Great Danes. Occasional bathing is suggested usually for the breed. Once in every two weeks would be enough for your Great Dane puppy. Ear cleaning, bathing, and nail trimming tools must also be prepared for grooming of Great Dane puppy. 

Hence, overall grooming of a Great Dane dog will not be a dexterous job. You can easily groom the dog at home with the best tools in hand. Indubitably, professional groomers are always an option for grooming the Great Dane dogs.

Chew toys

Great Dane puppies are in more need of toys than any other dog. As broached earlier, Great Dane dogs are one of the largest dogs out there. Thence, having a huge dog taller than even you, when standing on its hind legs, with behavioral problems is not an option at all.

The chew toys are the best way for a Great Dane puppy to stay busy. As the dog toys would furnish the Great Dane puppy with a creative pursuit and halting any sort of anxiety or behavioral issues.

Wipe off items

Even though you are set to toilet train your Great Dane puppy. You would not be able to stop mistakes in the beginning. The new puppy might end up drooling or wetting various items. Consequently when you prepare for Great Dane puppy do not overlook pet stain removers purchase.

Accessories for Great Dane puppy

Get some Great Dane puppy accessories while preparing for your new Great Dane puppy. Dog collars are the most sophisticated dog accessory. There are various Great Dane dog collars on the market. Including, leather and martingale collars. 

Anyhow, whichever you choose to buy, choose the Great Dane dog collar according the the neck size of your new Great Dane puppy. How to measure neck size of your new Great Dane puppy?

Furthermore, the Great Dane dog collars are also useful in training of the Great Dane puppy.

Great Dane puppy health


Beforehand, learn the Great Dane breed health status. This would help you to prepare for your Great Dane puppy properly. Remember, the Great Dane breed has short lifespan. 

Ear cropping

You might end up cropping your Great Dane puppy ears. Nonetheless natural floppy Great Dane puppy ears are exquisite yet you might want to spruce things up for your show dog, Great Dane puppy acquire the assistance of a professional and adroit vet to prepare Great Dane puppy for ear cropping.

Spay or neuter

Learn all benefits to spaying or neutering the puppy while preparing for a Great Dane. 

Great Dane puppy training 

Preparing for a Great Dane puppy means you would be preparing your Dane to face and live peacefully with the world as well. For this purpose train your Great Dane puppy. Although, due to appeasing and obedient temperament of the Great Dane, training the dog is rather undemanding. Yet, it is a consequential step towards achieving a friendly and obedient huge dog.

Training a puppy is the most fundamental way to plant your relationship with it. Great Dane puppies or adult dogs both require training to settle into the new environment. Comparatively training a Great Dane puppy would be easier than the latter. Get your Great Dane puppy trained to walk on a leash besides obedience training. 

How to Prepare for your Great Dane puppy

The first week would be crucial for you and your Great Dane puppy. Prepare for the Great Dane puppy keeping this in mind. Considering the new Great Dane puppy is living in a world which was previously unknown to the puppy. Moreover, the company of the Great Dane puppy has also changed.

Without parents and litter mates a Great Dane puppy is set to live with you. Anyhow the new Great Dane puppy would settle in due to its incredible friendly temperament. But it has to be a gradual process.

Wherefore, prepare the Great Dane puppy for the new world with easygoing and stress free approach. Do not be harsh but be consistent when it comes to establish rules.

Preparing for your Great Dane puppy’ welcome

Organize activities

Prepare for Great Dane puppy, its daily activities in an orderly manner. Soon the Great Dane puppy will learn the order of its routine. In the long run, organizing and maintaining a routine would determine your Great Dane puppy’s habits and behavior.

Rather than taking leave to spend time with the new Great Dane puppy, stick to your original work schedule. This would help the Great Dane puppy to adapt sooner. Besides, it will redeem your Great Dane puppy from separation anxiety or other Great Dane behavioral problems. 

Avoid mistakes

Preparing for your Great Dane puppy revolves around many steps. The most crucial among those is to avoid making mistakes from the beginning. For instance, when you are preparing to welcome avoid any probable mistakes in introductory phase of your Great Dane puppy.

Whilst you show the pup around the house, any trivial incident can happen which can be detrimental to the much needed harmony.

You must close the doors you do not want your new Great Dane puppy to enter into. This is the best way to avoid any mistakes in your introduction encounter. Given, the Great Dane puppy has not been trained yet including its toilet training.

While preparing for your Great Dane puppy it is recommended to establish do’s and do not’s, the moment you get a new fur member into your family.

Interaction with children 

Be mindful of to prepare for the Great Dane puppy to meet kids as well. If you have children, let them greet the Great Dane puppy face to face. Make sure the milieu is calm during the puppy and children’s greeting. This ensures that the Great Dane puppy would not become aggressive.

Also preparing the children to greet the Great Dane puppy is recommended. Teach them to be careful in touching the new Great Dane puppy. Moreover, the whole greeting practice has to be monitored as you do not know the character of your Great Dane puppy well at the moment.

Meeting the pets

Many of the Great Dane parents prepare for a Great Dane puppy while having canine pets already. The interaction between your new Great Dane puppy and existing dog pets has to be calculated. Be meticulous when you introduce your new Great Dane puppy with the rest of the pack.

Prepare for the Great Dane puppy and other pet dogs to muster up at an inoffensive place. In this way neither of the two sides would feel pressured. Hence, providing for an efficacious first meet up for all the pets. 

Additionally, if you own many dogs, it is suggested to put every dog’s toys at a proper place while you prepare for your Great Dane puppy. Accidentally your new Great Dane puppy might tread on other dogs’ possession. If this happens, the first meeting of the two fur buddies would be ruined. 


Prepare for your Great Dane puppy its ‘territory’ as well. The place your Great Dane puppy would call its own is significant. This might be the crate or any other place where you have placed the puppy’s bedding during the preparations for the Great Dane puppy welcome.


Preparing for a Great Dane puppy pet is not easy. In a few days you would understand that taking in a new Great Dane puppy is no less demanding. You might not get to sleep properly for a few weeks with a new Great Dane puppy. Besides you have to teach the new member of the pack some rules.

Teaching the new Great Dane rules and training it is another demanding step. Nevertheless, things would get better gradually. With time you both will understand each other. As long as you are consistent to establish rules and restrictions the Great Dane puppy will learn to behave properly. 

What else 

Great Dane puppies are extra playful and active as compared to adult Great Danes. The latter are more inclined towards being lap dogs and couch potatoes. Whilst the prior ones are bouncy creatures. 

This bouncy fur creature, the new Great Dane puppy might chew on your favorite pair of socks or slippers. Your very close to heart glass vase can end up on the floor with a sudden strong whisk of your new Great Dane’s tail.

Therefore, it is suggested to prepare your home for Great Dane puppy keeping in view such inclinations of the puppies.

Positive reinforcement is the key while training the Great Dane puppy. Socializing the Great Dane puppy would also equip it befittingly to interact peacefully with the world around. 

What to expect when bringing home a new Great Dane puppy?

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