The Top 6 Great Dane Dog Doors you Should Be Considering

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Last Updated on April 4, 2022

In case you are in a hurry and exactly want to know what the Best Dog Door for Great Dane is, then we recommend Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Door.

Big dogs need big homes, big bowls, and big holes. And by holes we specifically mean the giant breed dog doors. Extra large dog doors are indispensable to make the Great Danes movement plain sailing.

Instead of being cheeky and trying some other dog doors. Just get the right Great Dane dog door you know would work on your first attempt. So that you would not need to risk anything.

Small sized dog doors are no issue to be found. But getting the best Great Dane doggie doors is the real deal. A Great Dane worthy dog door has to be durable, and extra large comparable to the dogs stature. But here is the worry, getting a Great Dane dog door that needs to not only be the best extreme weather dog door. Moreover, a safe x large dog door as well. Is quite confusing and a risky job. Knowing the stakes we have devised the 6 best dog doors for Great Danes in 2021.

In the article we will be reviewing the following Great Dane doggie doors;

Are Dog Doors A Good Idea?

A Great Dane coming in and out of the house door is demanding for you as a Great Dane dog parent. Either you would need to keep the door open all the time. Or probably, every time you might open the door for your Great Dane to ensure its free mobility.

In both cases it is not feasible to continue like this for longer. And the fun will soon become a wearying experience for you. Although, the dog might be loving it. Thus, for the solution a dog door is a good idea.

Therefore, you would need to install a pet door at some point. We recommend employing the extra large best dog doors which are insulating as well. You can also buy electronic dog doors for the purpose.

Why A Dog Door?

In addition to controlling mobility, a dog door can be incredibly helpful in training your Great Dane dog. For instance, If you are training your Dane on house breaking, dog doors prove crucial for the purpose.

Besides easing up your Great Dane’s mobility and reducing your effort, children also find its fun to use dog doors. You might get an activity for your kids as well when buying a Great Dane worthy dog door.

Who is the dog you are getting a dog door for?

The Great Dane is a large breed of dogs. Historically, these behemoth canines were bred to be adept hunters. They used to hunt wild boars.

It is also reported that Great Dane dogs were also efficacious protectors of the royalty, decades before.

The Great Dane breed of dog is an adequate mixture of three robust dogs, each complementing the efficiency of the Great Dane breed.


Some of the many interesting facts regarding the Great Dane breed. And which you might not know are mentioned below:

  • Though Great Dane dogs are huge but are not the largest dogs out there.
  • The breed’s dogs require minimal exercise. A mere 40-50 minutes walk daily would be enough to keep your canine healthy and capable.
  • Great Dane is not a Danish breed. In reality the dogs are developed by Germans.


The Great Dane dogs might appear intimidating or even ferocious to some people. But what a Great Dane dog is at heart is conflicting. The huge sized dogs are mostly regarded as ‘gentle giants’. Given the friendliness and warmth of a Great Dane. The dogs are considered perfect family dogs with an amazing latency to protect and safeguard.


Great Dane dogs hold a particular status among other canine breeds mainly due to their unmatched and rather noteworthy stature. The average size of a Great Dane dog is mentioned below.




Range for male Great Dane:100-120 lbs (54-90 kg)

Range for female Great Dane:99-110 lbs (45-59 kg)


Range for male Great Dane:30-34 inches (76-86 cm)

Range for female Great Dane:28-32 inches (71-81 cm)

Whilst buying a perfect sized dog door it is mandatory to measure your Great Dane’s size and choose the Great Dane size dog door accordingly.

What Size Dog Door Do I Need?

Zeus, a Great Dane is revered as the tallest dog in the world. Resurfacing that the Great Dane dogs are huge and gigantic canines.

Usually the dog doors come with the inscribed description on how to measure the size of the dog. But you ought to know what size doggie door do I need  before ordering a Great Dane size dog door. And you would not want your Dane to get stuck in a doggy door. So do it properly.

A Large dog door having the dimensions 13 ¾ in W x 23 ¾ in H is a good Great Dane size dog door.

You can  buy a large Great Dane dog door for your canine when the dog reaches 2 years of its age.

Measuring your Great Dane to get a perfect Doggie Door

How to measure your Great Dane dog?

Two crucial things which makes the size difference in dog doors are;

  • Opening size or flap size
  • Height at which the door is installed

Therefore, you need to measure both the dimensions for the Great Dane doggy door.

Step 1:

For opening size , measure the width of the dog at its chest. This would give you the size of opening the dog would need for entry and exit.

Another easier way to measure the dog’s width is to make it get through a door. The widest door broad enough for your Great Dane through which it can pass, is the size of the opening of the dog door you are looking for.

Step 2:

Door height can be decided by measuring the Great Dane dog’s height. You can measure from paws or floor to shoulder of your dog to get its height.

After measuring the width and height of your Great Dane get the door for your dog which is relative to its size. Instead of picking a door of the exact measurements go for the door giving your Great Dane a few inches room. This would not only increase the dog’s ease while movement but also increment on its comfort level to use the dog door.

Dog Door for a Great Dane Puppy

If you are looking for a dog door for your Great Dane puppy, you can choose the medium size for pups.  But a s the Great Dane pups grow rapidly. It won’t be too long till it reaches 100 lbs. There are rather fair chances that you pup would outgrow the medium sized dog door you have installed for it.

Thus, choose the xl Great Dane dog doors. Which are suitable for the the giant breed canines generally.

Great Dane Dog Door Installation Tip

Frequently, Great Dane dog doors are installed at a height of 10 inches from the ground. As the dog as huge as a Great Dane can easily lift its feet over this height to go through the dog door.

Additionally, the height of the dog door should not be parallel to the dog’s height. Generally dogs lower their heads while going through dog doors.

A Perfect Great Dane Dog Door

The things crucial to decide on before buying a dog door for Great Danes;

  • The size of dog door is consequential. Generally, Great Dane dog doors are extra large or xxl pet doors.
  • What kind of pet door is suitable for your dog. Whether a flap dog door, a sliding dog door, or an electronic dog door.
  • The frequency of the dog door usage. A Great Dane dog door should be strong and sturdy to keep up with the dog’s activity.
  • The right size Great Dane dog flap of the dog door. The Great Dane dog door ought to be big enough for your dog to comfortably go through it. The opening or flap of the dog door must be big enough alike your huge Great Dane dog.
  • Lastly, the right place to install the dog door for Great Dane with respect to height from the ground.

Points to consider whilst buying a Great Dane Dog Door

There are some qualities which are linked to the ideal functionality of a dog door. Increment on its durability and safety as well. A giant breed dog door must have the following features;

  1. Excellent Climate forbearance
  2. Chew Proof
  3. Perfect size
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Durability
  6. Lock mechanism
  7. Safety
  8. Aesthetically crafted

1.Best Doggie Door for Great Dane: Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Doors 

The Plexidor doors are the Best doggie door for Great Dane. It is a well built extra large dog door for extreme weather.

The heavy duty Plexidor Weatherproof Great Dane dog door is an indestructible dog door. Due to this, the door is highly recommended Great Dane worthy dog door. The long lasting capacity is mainly due to its high end construction.

The material of the best dog door for cold weather is similar to that employed by professional kennels. Furthermore you do not need replacement flaps for this giant breed dog door.

The best in wall dog door for Great Danes is the premium quality insulating dog door on the market. Therefore, it is our best Great Dane doggie door.

The aluminium frames for this x large dog doors for Great Danes are available in silver, white, and bronze tints. Giving you space to choose the one complementing your interior accurately.

The doggie door comes with a cylinder lock, a key, and steel security plate. Furnishing you with a much needed sense of security.

Lastly, this Plexidor dog door is quite energy efficient Great Dane dog doors dog door solution.

Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Doors Key Features

  • Sturdy
  • Chew proof dog doors
  • Easy installation
  • Inbuilt security features
  • Insulating dog doors
  • Plexiglass panels
  • Indestructible dog door
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Weather strip might need replacement after long usage

2.Best Great Dane Dog Door For Sliding Glass Doors: PetSafe Patio Panel Sliding Glass

The PetSafe Freedom is our best sliding glass doggie door. The utmost favorite aspect of this PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Dog and Cat Door is it’s simple installation. You would not need to cut through your door neither a hole in your wall is required to install this dog door in.

Furnishing you with a suitable Great Dane dog door, this sliding glass door would go well along with your home’s interior. The doggie door is detachable which makes it suitable for the Great Dane renters parents.

These Great Dane dog doors for sliding glass doors can effectively maintain the inside’s temperature by keeping the other side’s cold breeze or scorching sun heat.

This dog door has aluminium frame to make it weather resistant and the door is smash proof as well. Making it durable and a well made choice for your Great Dane dog. Therefore it is a Great Dane proof dog door as well.

This doggie door’s unique design transforms it into a controlled exit for your Great Danes. The owners can get an efficacious supervision over their dog’s entry and exit if required. The dog doors can be employed as dog doors for Great Dane double wide homes.

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Dog Key Features

  • Shatter proof glass material
  • Easy installation
  • Water proof
  • Energy efficient
  • Sturdy and long lasting
  • Slide in panel
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • US based customer care
  • Petsafe brand quality guarantee


  • Might not go with elevated large rails

3.Best Heavy Duty Dog Door: Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door

the dog door’s frame is designed from aluminum which makes it robust and durable. These Great Dane dog doors features adjustable magnets. This quality makes Endura Flap dog door quite easy to use by your Great Dane dog.

The heavy duty dog doors are durable and would function perfectly under any climate.

Additionally, these large dog doors for Great Danes are one of our best insulated dog doors. If you are looking for a heavy duty doggie door which is winter proof. This might be the one. The dog door flaps are UV resistant and can block wind rather well.  Thus equipping the Great Dane dog door with its highly rated insulation system.

This heavy duty dog door can be installed easily. It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door Key Features

  • Heavy duty dog door
  • High performance
  • Thermal quality
  • Durable
  • Best extreme weather dog door
  • High quality flaps


  • Not easy to install

4.Best Metal Doggie Door: PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door 

This PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs is our suggested metal doggie door. The Great Dane dog door flap is specially designed to make it suitable for installing almost anywhere. Including wood, PVC, and metal doors.

The large dog door is specially designed for huge dogs like Great Danes. Its solid aluminum frame is ideal for frequent use by your furry giant.

The Great Dane doggy door holds magnetic flap closure. Additionally, the weather strips make it super energy efficient and insulating Great Dane size dog door.

The doggy door comes with installation hardware and cutting template making it easier to install.

Finally the flexible, soft and clear vinyl flap of this PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door makes your Great Dane’s movement pleasant.

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs Key Features

  • Metal doggie door
  • Easy to install
  • Clear and soft flap
  • Inside lock panel
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • U.S. based customer care
  • Petsafe product quality


  • Screws might appear weak

5.Best x large Dog Door For Great Danes: Ideal Pet Products

This extra large doggie door particularly goes well with Great Danes. As the Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame is a high quality product.

It features a frame of structural foam molded into plastic. And two Vinyl flaps. The doggie door is a highly recommended Great Dane pet doors.

The large dog door is durable and energy efficient. Its double Vinyl flaps keep the inside temperature unaltered with its unique foam manufactured plastic and double vinyl flaps.

The Ideal pet dog door is not only easy to install but its lock system is also plain. The simple lock system makes this dog door secure.

Additionally, an optional wall kit is also available. The x large doggie door comes with telescoping frame. If your Great Dane is taller than average dogs. Then buy this x large dog door for Great Danes. And make its life easier.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door Key Features

  • Durable
  • Simple lock mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Two flap system
  • Weather resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Telescoping frame


  • Might not be winter proof

6.Best Great Dane Electronic Dog Door: High Tech Electronic Pet Door

The High Tech is our the best extra large electronic dog door. The design offers a vertically fixed smart dog door.

A dog collar functioning on ultrasonic activates the sliding door. Its distinct directional sensors ensures that it only opens when the dog really needs to get in. Moreover, the electronic dog door carries a four way entrance option.

The Great Dane electronic dog door works on motors. It has premium quality in built airtight seal. Thus the best insulated electronic pet door.

It presents a distinct automatic deadbolt locking. Which makes the Great Dane electronic dog door a safe and smart pet door.

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door Key Features

  • Smart dog door
  • Well built
  • Simple to install
  • Installs anywhere
  • 4 way access
  • Optional wall tunnel available


  • Might not hold on longer

What Do We Suggest?

If you are in a dilemma and unable to decide on the right doggie door for Great Danes. we suggest you to pick Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Doors . The best Great Dane dog door is not only well built, heavy duty, and insulating dog door. But is reliable and safe as well. Moreover, the size of the pet door is big enough for tallest of the Great Danes. So you would not need to worry whether your Dane would be able to go through the door or not.

Great Dane development and wellness is entirely depending upon how much effort you put in. Moreover, everything you furnish your Great Dane with is integral to its capability. Get guidance from our recommended paramount significant products for Great Dane dogs and provide your dog with the best options around.

Are Dog Doors Safe?

Great Dane dogs are gigantic. The mounting of a corresponding dog door would arise the security concerns for owners. Though many people reason that a huge dog door can induce deterrence.

Nevertheless, an extra large Great Dane dog door conveys that there is a dog as huge as the dog door living in the house. Yet it can not guarantee safety from burglars or intruders. Here is what you can do to get away with the problem.

You can camouflage the Great Dane dog door. Although the practice is very much common in Great Dane dog parents, yet mentioning it here would not be pointless.

In the back wall of your Great Dane dog house, make a hole. Place the dog house with your house wall. This would make the dog directly enter its dog house through the dog door. The Great Dane dog door can be seen from far due to the hugeness of a Great Dane’s dog house.

Therefore, Installation of an additional dog door on the facing wall would also add in mystery and in turn security. This can increase the life and functionality of your Great Dane dog door as well. Protection from direct sun, and rain would make your dog door stay in shape for longer period of time.

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