Blue Great Dane: Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

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Are you a parent to a Blue Great Dane puppy? Just know that your coat is a beautiful standard Great Dane color. The blue eyed pups are favored generally and would develop into show acceptable dogs. They are also regarded as a tainted variant of a black Great Dane. Both blue and black coat colors are revered as standard Great Dane colors.

The Blue Great Danes are among the standard coat colors. A Blue Great Dane puppy is born with the recessive blue gene in its genetic makeup. Which transforms the Black Great Dane into the dilute coat bearing Blue color. There might be a chance that your Blue Great Dane puppy keeps its blue eyes throughout its life. A Blue Great Dane puppy require particular feed and exercise alike Great Dane dogs. This beautiful coat colored dog is joyful, faithful, appeasing, and friendly indeed.


Blue Great Dane Puppies

Blue coat colored Great Dane puppies are born when two Great Danes having blue coat color are bred. 

The Blue Great Dane puppies are also born when black and blue Great Danes are bred together. 

Black Great Danes can also give birth to blue Great Dane puppies.

Blue Great Dane puppy Breed Standard

As suggested by the A.K.C. Blue Great Dane puppy must wear a pure steel blue coat color. The Blue Great Dane dogs having colored markings on their chest and toes are not popular. Fawn, brindle, and white marked Blue Great Dane puppy is not viewed as an accurate pedigree.

Any other dogs do not complying with the aforementioned breed standards deemed to be ineligible for dog shows.


Blue Great Dane pup holds steel blue coat and blue eyes in its appearance. The carry natural floppy ears. The stature of a Blue Great Dane dog is homogenous to any other coat colored Great Dane.

Eyes of a Blue Great Dane puppy could bear any of the following colors in addition to blue;

  • Amber
  • Dark brown
  • Light brown

Blue eyed Blue Great Dane puppy is not rare. The blue eye color is typical in the Blue Great Danes born from harlequin breeding. 

Blue Great Dane puppy Color Variations

Shiny steel colored Blue Dane puppies are usually desired. Although, there are different shades of blue coat color within Blue Great Danes.

  • Steel Blue Great Dane puppy
  • Deep Steel Blue Great Dane puppy
  • Slate Blue Great Dane puppy
  • Charcoal coat color Blue Great Dane puppy


Blue Great Dane puppies are gentle, friendly, and loyal. Their temperament highlights obedience and extreme love for owners. The puppies are also smart and intelligent, beside being a couch potato. Yet it is a prerequisite to get an xxl dog bed for your Great Dane dog. As it is consequential to keep your Blue Great Dane dog’ rest hours peaceful and pain-free. 

The Blue Great Danes are obedient and are inclined to appease their owners. This attribute makes a Blue Great Dane puppy easy to manage while training as well.

Additionally, Blue Great Dane’ possessiveness and intelligence, furnishes the dog with a latency to be a watchdog.


Blue Great Dane as a Watchdog:

Blue Great Danes are possessive and protective of their owners. Their intimidating and rather ferocious presence when the dog fully develops, can be of help while the Blue Dane is there to safeguard. 

Additionally, the Blue Great Dane puppy is sharp and intelligent. The puppies have the capability to recognize friends and family if socialized aptly. The moment it finds any strangers around it can act befittingly. However, the attribute can be found in all coat colors of the Great Dane breed.

Separation Anxiety:

The Blue Great Dane puppy might be subjected to separation anxiety if left alone for long. The dogs are extremely doting on their owners, making it hard and troublesome for the dog to live without them.


Blue Great Dane puppies can be trained efficaciously provided you as owners are committed enough. Naturally the Blue Dane puppy is equipped with assisting traits to help training of the dog comparatively simpler.

Blue Great Dane Puppy Physical Activities

A Blue Great Dane puppy is active and also needs some daily exercise. Although the dogs are not grouped in extremely active or exertion needing dog breeds.

The Blue Great Dane dog necessitates a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 minutes walk in routine. Try to take your dog for a walk twice or thrice and habitually put on a collar and leash for your Blue Great Dane puppy. 

The Blue Dane puppies are also required to train on how to walk on  leash beside usual dog training.


Blue Great Dane Puppy Price

Going to buy a Blue Great Dane puppy? Learn how much a Blue Great Dane costs?

Blue Great Dane puppy price is estimated at $800-$2000 maximum. Yet, the Blue Great Dane puppy price might variate depending upon your location and from the breeder you are buying a Blue Great Dane puppy. Usually reputable breeders with healthy family history Dane puppies charge more than random breeders.


Only paying more is not the assurance to obtain a sound Blue Great Dane. 

Blue Great Dane Puppy and Dog Food

Blue Great Danes entail particular food stated unique needs of the breed. A Blue Great Dane puppy must be fed with only food for Dane puppies specifically. Whilst, adult Blue Great Danes food options must comprise of dry dog food recipes only crafted for adult Danes.

Try to feed your Blue Great Dane twice or thrice a day. A proper Great Dane Food guide will surely make your job easier. 

Must not omit to make sure you Blue Great Dane gets its food digested entirely before you take it for a walk. Do not take it out for a stroll or walk right after and before meals. Drifting from this recommendation might cause your Blue Great Dane its life. As the dog might become prey to the top most slayer of the Great Dane breed, bloat.     


The Blue Great Dane’ lifespan is 6-7 years. Which is an average Blue Great Dane lifespan.  Some Blue Great Danes might be fortunate enough to celebrate 8 or even 9 birthday with you. But that is not a general Blue Great Dane lifespan.


Grooming and maintenance of a dog is dependent on the texture of its coat beside other trivial factors. Blue Great Dane dog’s coat is short and smooth. Which indicates that grooming of a Blue Great Dane is easy. Once in a while brushing, and bathing once a week is enough to keep the Blue Great Dane dog’s coat shiny and beautiful. 

Blue Great Dane puppy Growth

The Growth of Blue Great Danes corresponding to Great Dane breed dogs, is rapid. The dogs are known to gain their maximum height within initial 1-2 years. With observed growth spurts at different ages varying with individual Blue Great Danes.

Blue Great Dane puppy Size

A Blue Great Dane puppy weighs just 2 pounds at birth. Once the dog develops it can easily surpass most of us when standing on its two feet. Although, The height of Blue Great Dane female and male differ. Usually, the height of a Blue Great Dane ranges from 28-34 inches.

The Blue Great Dane dogs are large canines. The dogs hold a rather huge and enormous size when grown fully. Adhering to the Great Dane breed standards, the weight and height of a Blue Great Dane is mentioned as under;

The weight for female Blue Great Dane is 99-110 lbs. And that for a male Blue Great Dane is 100-130 lbs.    

Want to know?

Can you breed a Blue Great Dane with a Harlequin?

The answer is affirmative. You can breed a Blue Great Dane with a Harlequin Dane. There are some if’s and but’s…find below.


Blue Harlequin Great Dane

There are various varieties of Blue Great Danes on the market about which Blue Great Dane dog owners are curious. Among those varieties, is a Blue Harlequin Great Dane. The Blue Harlequin Great Dane puppy is born when a Blue Great Dane is bred with a Harlequin Great Dane.

Blue Harlequin Great Dane Appearance

A Blue Harlequin Great Dane dog appears subtle and pleasant. The most noticeable trait of a Blue Harlequin Great Dane is its blue eyes. The Blue Harlequin Great Dane does not hold steel blue coat. The dog has blue coat with harlequin markings on its body. And here is a problem.

Blue Harlequin Great Dane is not a favored Great Dane color according to Great Dane dog breed standard. The Blue Harlequin Great Dane falls under the category of imperfect and flawed Blue Great Dane line. 

Therefore, if you want a Blue Harlequin Great Dane for dog shows, then it is not a good idea. Besides, Blue Harlequin Great Dane might be adopted based on individual preference and selection.

Blue Great Dane Puppy Health

The health concerns for a Blue Great Dane puppy are similar to any other Great Dane coat color dog. There are not any severe ailments reported due to the recessive gene responsible for blue coat color of the dog. Besides, some shedding or skin issues said to be more recurrent in Blue Great Danes than other coat colors.


Bloat is the most recurrent trouble for large dogs like Great Danes. Commonly evaluated as the top most slayer of the breed, bloat might also be perilous for your Blue Great Dane puppy as well.

Bloat is also called gastric torsion. This condition occurs when the canine eats too fast or overindulge itself in eating. This makes the dog gassy. Hence rendering it bloated. Naturally human beings also become gassy at times but can easily get rid of the condition.

The stomach of a canine under bloat initiates twisting at both ends. i.e., top and bottom. Hence the gas remains in the dog’s stomach as it has no place to move out. Rendering the organ permanently damaged.


It is often not easy to know if the dog is fine or not. Unfortunately, bloat in Great Danes is mysterious enough to catch beforehand. Unfortunately, Blue Great Dane puppies are no different. Knowing the high rated killing latency of bloat, here are some signs of the condition in canine;

  • Inconsistency; both physically and in disposition
  • Change in appearance of stomach. (It would become large and hard
  • The dog might look uneasy enough to even lay down
  • Standing in a tense position
  • Absence of digestive noise (which can be heard if you are close enough to Great Dane’s stomach)
  • Vomiting
  • staring at its abdomen
  • Whining
  • Weak pulse
  • Standing with their legs outspread
  • Incomplete breathing
  • Gums change their usual color to dark red or white
  • Collapse

If you get even the slightest idea that your Blue Great Dane might be bloating, take it to veterinary doctor right away. Depending on the damage caused, the vet would chose the way of treatment. Which includes employing a tube to remove gas or performing a surgery.

No matter which way your Blue Great Dane got treated post treatment care and physical examination is necessary. Vets might suggest some anti-gas medicine to your dog for the time being.


The crucial measures you can take to avert bloat in your Blue Great Dane are to;

  • Discourage fast eating. Do not let your Blue Great Dane eat too fast.
  • Never take your canine for a walk right after its meal. Rather let the dog rest for at least 45 minutes after mealtime to avoid the risk of bloat.

Hip Dysplasia 

Hip Dysplasia is a joint disorder present mainly in large breed canines. Blue Great Danes being large dogs are often found suffering from the disease.

This condition is also regarded as one of the most common Great Dane diseases.

Hip dysplasia is a chronic disease affecting the mobility of a dog. In this condition dog is mainly attacked on its lower part i.e., hind limbs. Leaving the dog passive and even not willing to move.


The following are precursors of hip dysplasia in Great Danes;

  • Pain or reluctance during physical activity
  • Lameness
  • Discomfort or stiffness in getting up

Indubitably, every Great Dane parent wants its canine to be healthy and robust. You can take the following measures to help your dog escape the chances of hip dysplasia;

  • To reduce potential of hip dysplasia the paramount way is to opt for responsible breeding.
  • Secondly Great Dane owners must strive to maintain robust bones and joints of their dogs. Feeding proper feed is crucial for bone and joint strength but do not let your dog overeat. 
  • Do not use stairs for your dog to walk up and down through. Rather employ other devices like gates or ramps to save your dog from hip dysplasia.


Like humans Great Dane also get cardiac issues. The breed is prone to heart disease called Cardiomyopathy, in which the dog’s heart increases in its size.

The most prominent cause of this Blue Great Danes disease is genetic. The disease is also a hereditary disorder like hip dysplasia


If your Blue Great Dane dog is facing difficulty in breathing, this could be a sign of Cardiomyopathy. You must visit a vet right away.

Other diseases your Blue Great Dane might suffer from are:

  • Osteosarcoma
  • Addison’s disease
  • Wobbler’s syndrome

What Do We Suggest?

Get a Great Dane puppy exclusively from a reputable breeder. As responsible, and expert Great Dane breeders would breed for fit puppies only. This not only ensures good health and fitness of the Great Dane puppy. There are also increased chances that your pup will not suffer from many of the diseases commonly found in the breed. Moreover, you can also preserve the health and capability of a Blue Great Dane puppy by keeping it active. Try to engage the dog in activities and do not let the dog feel bored. Try finding the right toys which can make the dog gleeful and incited. 

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    • Blue and Fawn Great Danes can be bred. There are no potential risks in the breeding provided the dogs are healthy. This breeding process produces all Black Great Dane puppies which are carriers of Blue color pigment and Fawn color pattern.

    • Although Merle GD are acceptable yet the caution involved in the breeding process still applicable. As the merle gene holds A HUGE potential of producing marred GD puppies it is not advised usually to breed Merle GDs.

  1. I have a Great Dane she is 4 years old she is all black except for her chest and socks on her feet. Her dad was a Blue Harqulin and mom was a Harqulin so my question is she considered Harqulin or something else and I am wanting to breed her we are planning to breed her with a Mantle is that ok


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