Why is the Great Dane Doberman mix so Incredible?

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Last Updated on December 28, 2020

Doberdane is the hybrid cross between Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher. These mix dogs have been around since the surge of Doberman Pinscher popularity in the U.S.A. Which suggests that the Doberdane is around twenty years old albeit this designer dog is a comparatively new arrival.

Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane mix puppies are Doberdanes. The mixed hybrid dog holds a huge stature, like it’s Great Dane parent. The large size helps a Doberdane to become an excellent watchdog. Additionally, Doberdanes are extremely sharp, alert, vigorous, and loyal canines. The dogs are perfect for outdoor activities. For instance, consider hiking with a Doberdane.

Great Dane Doberman Mix 

Initially, the Great Dane Doberman mix was developed with the intention of creating an extra large hybrid canine breed. Which would be friendly, obedient, alert, and robust at the same time.  Hence, a Doberdane can guard the owners with efficacy while staying beside them as companions. 

Like the parent breeds, the Doberdane also go through the process of cropping. The natural ears and sometimes the tail as well are changed on cosmetic grounds. These modifications aggravate Doberdane’s character as a petrifying canine. Although the breed dogs are playful, and warm canines yet can not be termed as family dogs.

The Designer Dog

Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane are crossed to produce a designer mix alluded to as a Doberdane. The hybrid dog is included in famous mixes of large canine breeds. The Doberdanes are recognised by D.B.R.(Designer Breed Registry) and I.D.C.R. (International Designer Canine Registry)as a Designer breed. 

How do Doberdanes come about?

Doberdanes got introduced to the world in the early 2000’s. This was the time when in particular Doberman Pinscher dogs were admired all over the U.S.A. Doderman dogs come in the ambit of medium to large size breeds. Whilst the Great Danes are known for their gigantic stature. When compared the size of a Great Dane dog and a Doberman Pinscher is somewhat similar. Therefore, Doberdanes are expected to carry the same inherited stature of a huge dog.

Doberdane Parent Breeds

Doberdane are the hybrid cross between two highly comparable dog breeds. The Great Dane are known for their gentleness in addition to their noteworthy huge appearance. On the other hand Doberman Pinschers are loved for their unmatched loyalty combined with superior vigilance. Both dog breeds carry eminent traits that make them individually stand amongst top twenty most popular dog breeds in the U.S.A. 

Great Dane 

Unlike its name, Great Dane is a German dog breed. The dogs were named so to mitigate any negativity that might affect the breed’s approval in the post world war era. Given the much wreckage Germany was facing it was decided to call the dog as a Great Dane. All in all the dogs do not hold any linkage to Denmark.


Great Dane can be easily assumed as the oldest dog breeds out there. The signs of  interactions of the breed with ancient Egyptians are found in addition to many evidences like relics, and paintings.

Particularly the antiques pieces reported to be from 3000 BC depict the dogs comparable to the Great Danes. Also the artifacts discovered as belonging to Greek’s and Babylonian’s also portray a huge dog alike Great Dane. 

The main idea of breeding the gigantic Great Dane was to get a dog apt enough to hunt wild boars. So the dogs were actively called Boar Hounds. After ages the dogs were appointed on watch for royals. In those times the chances of unexpected events are higher so the presence of a Great Dane was seen as protection.

The Great Danes, once called ‘..hounds’ reached the royal spaces as protectors and gradually became one of the most friendly dogs. These huge bundles of love and affection with their distinct amenability makes them the ‘Gentle Giants’. Sometimes the dogs are found on their owners laps totally oblivious of not only their hugeness but also the ferocity they once had. 

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers were introduced in 1890 and the credit for creating Doberman Pinscher lies with Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. The Doberman breed is widely admired for the unique personalities of the dogs. They are sharp, brilliant, vigilant, loyal, friendly, strong, and easy to train dogs owing to their fast learning ability.


The Doberman Pinschers are also related to world war. The dogs were war dogs for the United State Marine Corps in World War two.

The Doberman Pinscher is said to be a combination of various breeds. But there is a disagreement on the breeds involved as different sources include distinctive breeds as the Doberman Pinscher parent breeds.

However, the A.K.C. regards Doberman Pinscher breed as a collection of:

  1. Old Shorthaired Shepherd
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Black and Tan Terrier
  4. German Pinscher

Appearance of a Doberdane

Great Dane Doberman mix dogs hold a distinctive appearance. Considering the dog is an amalgamation of two exclusive breeds. The Doberdane’ some features are like Great Dane while in other traits these mix dogs, Doberdanes resemble Doberman Pinscher breed more. The hybrid dogs, Doberdanes hold a behemoth presence with strong physiques. 

The physical appearance of a Doberdane is usually elongated with a somewhat long head. The dogs carry heavy bones and muscles which furnishes the Doberdane with a quite muscular appearance overall.

Doberdane’s Features

The structure of the head of a Doberdane is close to that of a Great Dane. Bearing the dogs’ natural floppy ears. Snout and eyes of a Doberdane bear a dark tinge. They are typically of black and brown color respectively.

Doberdane in the U.S.A. primarily exhibits cropped ears whilst in many other parts of the world Doberdanes with natural floppy ears are recurrent. As cropping dog ears is regarded as a barbaric norm in numerous countries hence, marked illegal. Whereas in the country it is more of a nrom to get your dog’s ears cropped.

Doberdane Colors

The coat of a Doberdane dog is short naturally. Based on coat colour variation following Doberdane colors are common than other variants:

  1. Black Doberdanes
  2. Brown Doberdanes
  3. Red Doberdanes
  4. Fawn Doberdanes
  5. Brindle Doberdanes

Although among the aforementioned Doberdanes, Fams are most frequent to be found.

Size of Doberdane

The Doberdane’ measurement of weight and height suggests that the dogs are quite huge and gigantic. Doberdane mix dogs hold the size of a Great Dane dog. However, the dog in its stature usually takes after Doberman Pinscher. 

Although the overall height and weight for male and female Doberdanes vary. Here is an average; 

  • Doberdane height for male: 30-35 inches 
  • Doberdane weight for male: 100-140 lbs 
  • Height for female Doberdane: 28-30 inches
  • Weight for female Doberdane: 95-140 lbs

Temperament of a Doberdane

The Doberdanes are utmost loyal, obedient, and intelligent hybrid dogs. Having the dog around will furnish you with a precious associate especially in case you are struggling in some way. As the Doberdanes are often favored for their eminence as therapy dogs.

Doberdanes are wonderful dogs to keep except for those families with young kids. Although the hybrid dog is not a predominant ferocious canine yet there is a probability of injury during its interaction with toddlers.

In addition, it is also suggested to maintain supervision while Doberdanes are around people, and other pets. Therefore, the Doberdane’s barking might drive away your friends who are already fearful of the dog’s gigantic existence. 

Can Doberdanes become watchdogs?

Besides the dogs temperament, a Doberdane’s disposition also amplifies the dogs’ guarding capacity. These mix dogs, Doberdanes are dynamic dogs bearing rather striking or intimidating presence nonetheless. So the dogs can easily scare off burglars and stand on guard due to their intrinsic latency of watchdogs. Their huge persona and sensitivity towards strangers make these Great Dane mix dogs excellent watch dogs.  

Barking Doberdanes

Though Doberdanes possess an intense bark which could seem bellicose and violent, yet the Doberdanes are not habitual barkers. Anyhow, you ought to teach your canine not to bark no matter what breed it has. As intermittent barking of any dog can offend those around and neighbours indeed. 

Food for Doberdane

Doberdane food requirements are similar to any other large breed dog. The Doberdane feed is precisely like Great Dane breed canine’s feed. You are advised to feed your Doberdane three to four meals a day. You can either give it dry dog food or raw diet. In case of dry dog food make sure the food is premium quality large breed kibble. Additionally how much to feed a puppy? is important on the diet you choose for your dog.

Doberdane lodging

The Doberdane dogs are huge which means the dog entails a lot of space. The dogs have a penchant for jumping, running, and playing which calls for a quite spacious area for the Great Dane Doberman mix dog.

Lifespan of Doberdane

The Lifespan of Doberdane on average is 9-10years. However, some Doberdane dogs are reported to live even longer than 11 years.

Doberdanes’ fitness

Doberdane dogs are usually packed with energy. The dogs are also quite active and hold much energy. To keep up with its requirements, it is recommended to take your Doberdane for a walk of 65-75 minutes regularly. Although you can divide the time in two or three walks per day depending on your choice. 

The Doberdanes are also seen to have an increased potential for sports activities. The dogs are well suited for hikers and other outdoor activity lovers as well. So as to give you company on such trips and guarding at the same time. 

Doberdanes’ Health Problems

As commonly believed Great Dane Doberman mix dogs are said to be healthier than Great Dane dogs. As the former is prone to less number of diseases. Yet the designer mix is susceptible to the diseases present in large breed dogs. The probable diseases and health concerns for a Doberdane canine are mentioned below with a brief elucidation on each:


Bloat is not a disease but rather a condition which holds the latency to produce fatality within hours. In that the dog suffering from bloat becomes deprived of the oxygen for respiration and also the blood supply. The condition arises mainly when the dog is uneasy whilst having its meal. Making it gulp on the food resulting in panting, whining, convulsing and even collapse.

The most simple and basic way to avoid this perilous condition in your Great Dane Doberman mix dog is to avoid physical activity right after or before a meal.

Joint Issues

Joint issues are the most recurrent problem for the large breed dogs and the Great Dane Doberman mix being a huge dog is prone to develop the problem. In this disease, the dogs develop problems with mobility and sometimes lose the ability to move at all if not treated properly. 

In order to save your dog from weak joints it is often recommended to feed large breed puppies with dog supplements for joints. Additionally, if you observe any problem in a dog such as limping, make sure it sees the vet. As it would be easy to reverse the dog’s situation if treated in time. In the end, try to avoid stairs when the Great Dane Doberman mix dog is accompanying you. Stairs are not for the dogs and are largely the cause of joint problems in dogs.

Heart disease

Large breed dogs can develop the disease called cardiomyopathy, in which the size of the heart increases. The heart disease causes other problems like irregularity of heartbeat. Which is also a grave situation and needs to be dealt with. The disease is caused by heredity so a Great Dane Doberman mix dog might carry the disease from its Great Dane parent. 

The dog suffering from Cardiomyopathy suffers from laborious breathing. In case your dog is showing difficulty in breathing, take it to the vet right away.


Big dogs are also susceptible to cancerous tumors, called Osteosarcoma. The condition is common for senior canines viz-a-viz young dogs. There are lumps abundantly found in the body of an infected dog. Besides the do suffering from cancer would develop symptoms like loss of appetite, lameness, pain in joints and bones, or fatigue.

Training of a Doberdane 

Given the hugeness and the penchant for aggression it becomes naturally indispensable to train a Doberdane. Training has to be initiated with a doberman puppy if possible. As the stature is small and the creature knows nothing it is easy to teach whatever one wants. Commence Doberdane puppy training with obedience training. Use a lot of treats and appreciation in the process. Moreover, socializing is another crucial step towards a well behaved doberdane.


Provided, a Great Dane Doberman Mix is befittingly socialized, it will not be a problem for the dog to handle people. Generally, the Doberdanes do not get well along with strangers due to their natural instinct of protection. 

This caring hunch can sometimes get out of control if the Doberdanes are not socialized and trained accordingly. So make sure to take your Doberdane puppy to meet your family and friends often. So the dog can realize that there is also a friend zone out there among the strangers.

Grooming for a Doberdane

Doberdanes bear short coats as broached earlier in turn the grooming of a Doberdane becomes undemanding. The dogs are easy to maintain overall. Given the dog’s smooth, straight and thin evenly spread hair on its coat, a Doberane requires minimal brushing and bathing.

As the bathing and brushing for a Doberdane is only recommended weekly. Or you can choose to brush the Doberdane’ coat when required. Regular cleaning with a wet cloth can also help in keeping the dog’ coat clean. 

Do not forget, the Doberdane dogs could be dribblers. Keep a damp piece of cloth with you to wipe off the dog face whenever you feel so. 

Moreover, Ear and oral contagions can be detrimental to your Doberdanes health. Therefore, never overlook your Doberdanes regular ears, paws, and teeth cleaning.

Besides, a regular sitting with a vet is recommended to maintain health and wellness of a Doberdane canine.

Adoption Advice for Great Dane Doberman Mix

Buying a dog whether it is a Doberdane or of any other breed, it is crucial to inquire about the dog’s lineage. The puppy’s history would ensure that you are getting a healthy canine.  

Although the dogs are loyal dogs yet, dog parents are advised not to adopt a Doberdane as their first dog. As they are quite vigorous and robust. Given this Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher mix has gigantic and intimidating aura, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up with these dogs. Additionally the dogs might not work for you if you want a family dog. You ought to be quite active and vigilant to keep this large, and enthusiastic Great Dane Doberman mix dog.

If this is your first time you can adopt a dog from other Great Dane breed mixes. Nonetheless, amity with a Great Dane Labrador or a Great Dane Poodle mix will be a great experience to begin with. Particularly a purebred Great Dane puppy is suitable for you if you are into family dogs good with kids, small dogs, and cats.

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  1. I thank you for your help and information on the Doberdane. Long story short, I have become the parent of a Doberdane. Three days now. The dog was almost dead, skin draped over bones and dehydrated. Recovery went well, but I didn’t know anything about the dog. To know the Breed and the information you have provided is extremely helpful. Thanks

  2. I very much enjoyed reading your information on Doberdanes. I have a two year old merle Doberdane named Opal who is a valued member of my family. Your information on personality, energy, intelligence, and guarding behaviors is spot on. I am glad you have shared information to allow others to know how wonderful these dogs can be! Thank you.

      • I adopted her from a family in a nearby town who had an accidental breeding between their harlequin Great Dane and a neighbor’s Doberman. The resulting litter was composed mostly of black puppies, but I picked Opal as she was so unique. I had been looking at possibly adopting a Great Dane but was concerned about health issues. I’m hoping as a hybrid, Opal will not be as susceptible.

      • Hi! I’ve been looking for a good doberdane breeder but it is proving more difficult than I anticipated. May I have more info please? We have a Great Dane and love her dearly and would love to get her a companion. A large doberdane is my dream dog ever since I found out they existed. Thank you!

      • Good afternoon I texted you a while back stating that I’ve had great Danes in the past but now interested in a Doberdane puppy. If you have any available please let me know. I’m really interested in getting a male puppy. Email address [email protected].

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      • I’m interested in a doberdane pup. I’ve had dobermans all my life and always wondered about the breeding of a Dobie and dane.

      • I think a solid Black Doberdane are one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen,If you have any male pups left and you are not located cross the countryI would love to purchase one from you. What are your price ranges.

  3. I have adopted Great Danes in the past and have enjoyed their company. I’ve been looking at adopting a Doberdane now . If you have any available please contact me.

  4. Hi I have been researching a doberdane and like the sound of them, it seems to be very difficult to find breeders of the dogs, do you have any information as to where to locate breeders please ?

  5. Where can I get a Doberdane pup? We have had Grear Danes and Dobies. We live in CT and really want a new addition to our family.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi! Great information!! I have a Doberdane of 1 year and 7 months old, He’s strong and vigorous, I do not recommend this dog for unexperienced people and/or with small kids. He has already beaten me up to the ground while playing (by accident) easily, their drive is huge. I weight 170lbs and he’s around 90lbs (not a full growth adult I think), So If you have children, I strongly recommend you to not adquire one of this, they’re not conscious of the strenght they have, that along with the huge drive and size, may get kids hurt by accident easier than I wish I would admit.
    And also you need to :
    1. Be experienced enough to educate and train them properly (if you don’t know what this means, you should not have one).
    2. Cover their needs, food, excercise, vet, vax, caring, etc. like any other big dog everything is more expensive, plus due to their size will make evident when they want to spend time with you.
    All that being said, they’re great dogs! But CONSCIOUSNESS before anything else please!

  7. I am from South Africa, and looking for a female Great Dane Dormant puppy.
    Our loving and caring mix female past away a few months ago at the age of 12. She was such a good well behaved, loving and protective dog.
    Could someone please suggest a contact person in South Africa.

  8. Thanks, I adopted a ‘hound mix’ at a rescue place but did the DNA and it is Doberdane. What a surprise. Right now she is 5 months old and is 32 lbs. So far so good. If any advice please contact me.

  9. Does anyone know how Doberdanes are around horses? I lost my Dane/Lab recently. He was the most loving dog I’ve ever had and he was great around my horse. I had a Lab/Dobie mix before who adopted my family as a stray and he was a wondeful dog also. I’m figuring a Doberdane may be right for me. Thank you.

  10. i am so pleased that this breed has survived! My dad, Edward W. Trenkle, was an early breeder of these dogs. His unexpected, premature death in 1978, ended his efforts. At this time, we had a litter of 8 very young pups growing up on his 40 acre ranch, as well as both parent dogs, Cerberus (sire) and Bathsheba (dame),We found homes for 6 of the 8 pups, after securing assurances that they would be neutered so as not to sully the breed. We kept 2 females (and had them neutered as we did not intend to pursue the breed.) The 2, Pandora and Mac (because she was “built like a mac truck,”) as far as temperament, the article is spot on. They were fabulous with people of all ages and together with their parents served as guard dogs for my mom, on the ranch. if anyone tried to open the gate, thru acres of woods, the dogs would be instantly on the alert, and before anyone could drive thru the gate, they would be met by what was described as “a herd of yapping, leaping, intimidating mongrels.” Not for the faint-hearted, taking on such a scary mass of tooth and claw! At the same time, the dogs were instantly amiable when any of the family appeared on the scene. i would highly recommend this lovely breed to anyone who can afford to feed them and give them the exercise they crave!

  11. I just rescued 2 Harlequin Doberdane puppies from a local humane society. I have had large and small dogs alike all my life.
    They are 11 weeks old and so much work! But I love every moment of my new life.
    I am truly blessed to have the life, lifestyle , home and property to give both Sprinkles and Beesly an amazing life.


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