7 Great Dane Characteristics Every Parent Must Discover

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Last Updated on January 1, 2021

Your Great Dane has many characteristics which makes it a widely revered canine. The dogs are among the breeds of dog which hold large and giant stature. Due to its behemoth size, a Great Dane holds some unique ambiance which is often intimidating. Whilst the Great Dane dogs are amenable and gentle within. Also, the people who own Great Danes are quite familiar with its genial personality. So, here is the complete detail about Great Dane characteristics to help you get acquainted with your dog. 


Great Dane Characteristics

History of the Great Dane breed is quite old. Its presence can be traced back to ancient Babylonians. In the relics, discovered later on, belonging to the old Greek and Chinese people, the presence of huge dogs alike Great Danes is reported.

The breed name ‘Great Dane’ might distract you like many other people regarding its origination. It does not belong to Dannish people. One can safely propose that the Great Dane is indeed great dog but surely not a Dane.

In reality,

The Great Dane dog holds German setting. Actually, it was Germany whose people were eager about the Great Dane breed. They actively supported the Great Dane dogs and consequently the breed flourished.

Hence it can be said that the name of the breed ‘Great Dane’ is more of a misnomer. So, now you have some basic information about typical Great Dane Characteristics.

Great Dane Characteristics: Breed Origin

When it comes to Great Dane characteristics, its personality is of great importance. The Great Dane dogs are friendly and warm. The personality of a Great Dane has greatly evolved over the years. The breed which was initially bred to hunt boars has turned into a benign canine.

The Danes are cross breed of three different breeds. Which are;

  • Irish wolfhound
  • Grey hounds
  • Mastiffs

After that the Great Danes were appointed on guarding duty. The dogs were used to protect royals and nobles who also introduced exquisite collars for their huge domestic dogs.

This indicates that the Great Dane had a robust instinct received from its parents. But the dog has done a superb job and transformed itself into a gentle giant as we see it today.


The dogs are intelligent and playful. They would make great family dogs. In addition the Great Danes get well along with other pets.

A Great Dane is an ideal companion whom you would find accommodating and easy going. The only problem associated with its personality is susceptibility to separation anxiety.

Great Dane Characteristics: Temperament

The Great Dane is often named as a ‘gentle giant’. This name ideally symbolizes the temperament of a Great Dane. The dogs are known for their cute and lovely acts. Despite the Great Dane’s aura, the dog is friendly and affectionate no less.

Great Dane breed is renowned for loyalty. The dog is a reliable comrade. It is a happy creature who would be playful around its owners. The Great Dane dogs are a bit possessive about its owners. This special link of Great Dane with its possessor develops into a lovely bond with time and is cherished by almost all Great Dane parents.

Notwithstanding with its huge stature the Great Danes are observed enjoying, sitting in laps of people who own them, hence named lap dogs.

Great Dane dogs are frequently called couch potatoes owing to their leaning towards getting cozy on couches. A Great Dane would definitely make you fall in love with it in no time.

A Great Dane dog is amicable and would love to spend time with its owner. This temperament of the dog often lead to separation anxiety if left alone for longer periods.

The dog would be equally affectionate around kids and other pets.

All in all, The Great Dane is a giant holding an affectionate and sweet heart.

Great Dane Characteristics: Appearance

The Great Dane is indubitably a popular breed around the globe. Particularly in America the Great Dane dogs are quite famous. The Great Dane breed enjoys 14th rank out of a total of 193 dog breeds alluding to the A.K.C.

Great Dane height and size

A Great Dane dog is a large dog, as mentioned in the introduction, having a height of 28-32 inches. Its height varies for male and female Great Dane’s accordingly. Generally, a female Great Dane is a one or two inches shorter than a male Great Dane.

Great Dane weight

Weight of the Great Dane dog ranges from 110-175 pounds. Which indicates a robust physique of the dog. It has floppy ears which are sometimes cropped. Usually, Great Dane dog parents choose cropped ears for their dogs across the U.S.

Great Dane colors

The Great Danes hold a great diversity in the colors of its coat. Dogs of the breed are found in two extreme colors black coat and white coat. They are also present in lighter shades like fawn and it color could also be an amalgamation of various colors.

There are only 7 colors of the Great Dane breed whose dogs are allowed to participate in G.D.C.A dog shows. Here are the colors;

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Harlequin
  • Mantle
  • Merle

Out of the above mentioned colors the most recurrent coat color in which the Great Danes exist is fawn. The most expensive Great Dane color is Harlequin and the most rare G D color is White.

Great Dane Characteristic Diet

The Great Dane dogs are sharp and active having an attractive ambiance around them. The puppies and adult dogs of the breed need special care and treatment in every aspect whether its food, training, or grooming. The Great Dane puppies have different nutritional requirements than the puppies of other small breeds. So naturally their food would also be separate.

Similarly, food of an adult Great Dane dog would be different from usual dog food. If you are a Great Dane puppy or adult dog parent, you might be worried about your dog’s food.

Training a Great Dane Dog

The training Great Dane dog is indispensable owing to the hugeness of the Great Dane canine. A Great Dane pup would grow into a large creature so you need to train and discipline it quite dexterously.

Great Dane puppy

If you are looking for a Great Dane puppy to take in you can visit any reputable breeder near you. Some veterinary doctors also have knowledge of respected breeders in your locality. News papers and other advertising agencies would also be assisting you in buying a puppy of the breed.

Great Dane price

Generally, the cost of any dog varies according to buyer’s requirements and preferences. Similarly, the price of a Great Dane dog and puppy may vary. If you are looking for a puppy of the breed, you have to pay more than what you would be paying for Great Dane dog.

It means adopting a Great Dane dog is cheaper than taking in a Great Dane puppy. If you are adopting the dog, its price ranges from $345-$400. Whilst if you are searching for a Great Dane pup you must have at least $1000 in your pocket. Given the place, the breeder, and your preference from where, whom, and which Great Dane puppy you are buying its cost orbits around $600-$3000.

Great Dane Characteristic Grooming

Hair shedding in Great Danes is similar to any other dog breed with short coat. Grooming of a Great Dane involves brushing of its coat once a day. It would lessen the amount of Great Dane’ hair in your home.

Bathing a Great Dane at least once in 2 weeks is also suggested.

Great Dane ear cropping

Great Dane ear cropping is a surgery for cosmetic purposes. It has been practiced since ages, and as of now has become a trademark of the Great Dane breed.

Great Dane dogs are regarded as being prone to ear infections. Though these infections in Great Dane dogs are largely due to some kind of allergies. Great Dane dog parents in order to circumvent any future problems, choose Great Dane ear cropping.

Great Dane Characteristic Diseases

A dog of the Great Dane breed is estimated to live an average life of 6-8 years. Which is shorter in comparison to many other breeds of dog. Why Great Danes have shorter life span?  

Besides genetic and intrinsic causes, the Great Dane might get to live shorter due to some external causes. Which primarily includes diseases such as,

  • Bloat
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism

These aforementioned diseases are most recurrent in Great Danes. There are also some other disorders the breed is susceptible to.

Famous Great Dane mixes

The Great Dane breed is often crossed with other breeds to get Great Dane mix breed puppies. However, the breeders are advised to follow certain moral and lawful procedures in the process. Famous Great Dane mix breeds are;

A Great Shepherd

The Great Dane is crossed with one of the most popular dogs around, a German Shepherd to get a great shepherd puppy. Both breeds’ dogs are loaded with stars on their profiles.

A Great Dane dog enjoys a distinct background. Whether it is its historical lineage or genetic ancestry.


A German Shepherd is ranked second most popular dog breed in the U.S. as suggested by the A.K.C. whilst great Danes are on the 14th.

A Great Shepherd is also a large creature alike its parents. The dogs are marked by the presence of long and tilted bodies.

Temperament of a great shepherd is a mixture of its parents. The dog is affectionate, loving, and caring. These attributes are received from Great Dane parent. Similar to its German Shepherd parent the dog is high spirited, fiery, and intelligent.

A Danoodle

The Great Dane dog is mixed with a poodle canine. Their mix offspring is a Danoodle. Which is also among the hottest dog on the market today.

The Poodle is placed 7th by the A.K.C. on the list of most popular breeds of dog in the U.S. beside being famous for its cute appearance the dog is also known for the lovely names it gets after mixing it with a Great Dane canine.

A Danoodle who is also called a Danepoo, is a large dog like its Great Dane parent. The dog is otherwise dumpy but its height gives the dog a perfect appearance.

The Danoodle canine’ coat is alike its Poodle parent. How adorable the dog must have looked, those people can reckon who already own a Danoodle or a Poodle.

Temperament of a Danepoo is ideal for the people who are looking for mix breed dogs having friendly personality. The dog is an ideal family pet who gets along with kids admirably.

The dog can control its emotions expertly and won’t come onto you at sight all of a sudden. What a relief!

Possessing such a dog would be excellent for those dog lovers who get intimidated by large dogs despite their love for big dogs.

A Dane Bull

A Dane Bull is a mix puppy, resulting from the cross between a Great Dane and a Pit Bull Terrier. The mix breed dog takes after its Great Dane parent in its stature. Which implicates,

Dane Bull comes in the ambit of large breed canines.

A Pit Bull terrier has a rich historic context. The dog got its name from its main duty. Pit Bull terriers were used to lure bulls. The dogs were excellent dog fighters once.

A Dane Bull gets attributes like friendliness, compassion, and fondness towards its owners from its parents. These characteristics make the Great Dane Pit Bull dog a good choice for people who want a loving dog who would even miss them in their absence. The dog would make you realize you have someone to lean on.

A Labradane

The labradane puppy is born by cross breeding Great Dane and Labrador retriever. The Great Dane Labrador mix breed dogs are large canines which are quite popular among people owing to its wonderful personality.

A Labradane like aforementioned mix breeds of the Great Dane dog, is a family dog. It makes a good pair with kids and would love to be around its owners.

The dog has a dominant quality which is its increased sense of smell. Fencing might be a better solution to this to avoid any accidents. 

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