Unfolding The character of a Great Dane and German Shepherd mix Dog

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

In need of a watch dog? Get yourself a Great Dane and German Shepherd dog. The canines are fine dogs to pet. Particularly, if you are on the quest of finding a loyal, robust, active, and intelligent dog beside you. The mix dog holds numerous awe inspiring qualities. That make the Great Dane German Shepherd dog a preferred mix.

Other than being strong and active, the Great Dane German Shepherd dog has incredible capacity to be a watchdog. Additionally, this large mix bred canine, a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog holds an intimidating aura. The mix canine would protect you and your family vigilantly. But despite its behemoth stature, in reality, the dog is a kind companion no less.


If you are fortunate enough to get this wonderful dog recently, and looking for some tips on how to take care of your playful pup? Then you are reading the right article. Give a perusal to the piece and get complete information regarding the Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog.

The Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog has an incredible personality. Many dog lovers are interested in its profile. If you are looking for a  Great Dane mix dog to take in. We recommend you to consider a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog. Why? 

Want to know the traits a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog possess?

The Great Shepherd: Great Dane German Shepherd Dog

Among the mix dog’s out there, a Great Dane German Shepherd mix is the most frequent dog around. The canine is called a Great Shepherd. The Great Shepherds are intelligent, robust, and interactive dogs who are hugely loyal towards their owners.

As a mix breed canine, the Great Shepherd also becomes part of discussions like,

‘either purebred dogs are healthier OR mix breed dogs are more capable.’?

The Great Debate; Mix breed vs Purebred Dogs

Mix breed dogs which are also known as designer dogs are developed by breeders. The practice involves creation of mix pups from two chosen parent breeds. This cross breeding has been in exercise from golden times. According to some, the history of breeding and breeders is almost as old as human history itself.

Various dog mixes produce healthier off springs than the parent breed.  This occurs due to variation of genetic material. The mix breed dog has a variety of genes to choose from whilst a purebred dog would not get any such chance to alter its genetic makeup.

Here is the kicker,

Yet many people believe that purebred dogs are robust and are fitter as compared to designer dogs.

Either a dog would be healthy or not depends on a lot of factors. Such as its genetic makeup, its surroundings, its individual fitness, and many other. Hence, the health of a canine does not entirely rely on its being purebred or mix breed.

The Great Dane German Shepherd Dog parent breeds

The Great Shepherd mix dog has quite popular parents. According to the American Kennel Club’ rankings the Great Dane, and German Shepherd are 14th and 2nd most popular breeds of America respectively.

The parent breeds; a Great Dane and German Shepherd, are the breeds well known not only in the U.S but also around the world.

Alluding to the famous Scooby Doo, American mystery cartoon series, Scooby, the star dog in the show was a Great Dane. Its other parent the German shepherd is also loved by Americans particularly. J.F Kennedy had a German Shepherd dog which he loved a lot. What history holds more on the Great Dane and German Shepherd, let’ find out.

Great Dane


A Great Dane is a German dog but named ‘Dane’ which makes people reason that the dog might be from Denmark. The Great Dane is among the oldest dog breeds whose links can be found with ancient Egyptians. The Greek and Babylonian also had the dogs similar to Great Danes, in their paintings which are preserved on the artifacts discovered later on. These relics are said to be from 3000 BC.


The Great Dane’s were initially bred to hunt boars therefore, given the name boar hounds.  Once, the dogs were also appointed as watch dogs. As, the royals and nobles used Great Danes for protection and guard.

The Great Danes once had fierce personalities as proposed by the tasks it performed.

But as of today, the Great Danes are among the most friendly creatures to be around with. This suggests that the Great Dane has gone a real evolution in its character and mood overtime. 

German Shepherd


German shepherd were historically employed to protect and guard herds. They successfully retained their German name even when the Germans screwed up after world war. Though German Shepherds are unrivalled by any other breed of dog when it comes to intellect.         

The dog is simultaneously praised worldwide owing to its unique disposition. The dog’s has a wonderful character which is an amalgamation of ardour, interest, protection, and loyalty. Although, the dogs have become friendly but also preserved their old job, i.e. of a watchdog.

The German Shepherd are grouped among large breeds with the dogs like the Great Dane. Notwithstanding with its height and presence, you will find the dog tender, kind, and faithful no less.

Both the Great Dane and German Shepherd are amazing dogs, now it’s time to meet their puppy;

‘a Great Shepherd’

The Great Dane German Shepherd Dog character

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog would inherit a multitude of traits from its parents, as any other cross bred dog would. The unique qualities a Great Dane German Shepherd dog would exhibit depends on its genes.

As variety of genes provides a lot of room for possible gene pairs making every dog singular. Yet depending on its parents, the mix would express its genes in the following manner.   


Being a crossbreed of large breed parents, the Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog would have physical attributes similar to its parents. The mix dog is generally a large dog with a height of 28-30 inches for both males and females.

The weight varies for female and male mixes. It is 65-110lbs and 65-90lbs for males and females respectively.

Great Dane German Shepherd dog possess an elongated, and tilted body on which resides a large head. On the other end of its body there emerges a long tail.

The mix dog stands on long, well built legs which it gets from its Great Dane parent.

Eyes, ears and nose

Eyes of the Great Dane German shepherd mix would be either like Dane parent or German Shepherd.

Generally, the dog has bright brown colored eyes. Which are found penetrating at sight.

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog has long ears which are clipped some times, as liked by some owners. The ears of the dog are usually erect.

The dog would be wearing a black nose depending on its genes.


The coat of the Great Dane German Shepherd mix canine is short. This trait is received from its Dane parent. There is a heterogeneity in the dogs coat colors.

Coat colors

The frequent coat colors in which the Great Dane German Shepherd mix dogs are observed are;

  • Hazel
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black and white
  • Merle

The last two coat colors are comparably less common.

Hair on the coat

The Great Shepherd’ coat has medium long hair which are evenly placed all over the canine’ body. The dog has straight coat hair on its body.

Temperament of Great Dane German Shepherd dog

The Great Dane German Shepherd dogs express temperament features received from its  parents quite well. The dog is loving, warm, caring, and holds a big-heart like its Dane parent. Akin to the German Shepherd a Great Shepherd is lively, curious, exuberant, and fiery.

These mix dogs are quite intelligent and are excellent watchdogs due to their super vigilance. They are noticeably sharp and smart canines. These dogs are reasonably protective towards their owners which also adds up to its guarding profile.

The dog seldom barks or one can say it barks intelligently. The dog knows barking is only to alert you.


The Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog is friendly with children and other pets. Though it seems like a fierce dog but in reality you would find a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog much friendly and bubbly.

How to train a Great shepherd?

Training a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog is not a herculean task owing to the dog’s intelligence. The mix canine is sharp and smart and can understand commands easily. Given that you commence training your Great Dane German Shepherd mix when it is a puppy.

Tips on training a Great Shepherd

Training at a young age would help you and your dog to be in a better position to understand each other. Just like a child would effortlessly change its behaviors if told to do so. Usher your pup to your family and friends to let it realize they are also part of the group. This is a crucial aspect of training a great shepherd canine.

Socializing is crucial for a Great Dane German Shepherd mix puppy knowing that the dog are quite possessive.

Other tips to help you in training your Great Dane German Shepherd pup are;

  • Be consistent in your teacher’s role.
  • Do not forget to reward the dog or pup’s good acts. This would be indispensable in registering good behaviors in your dog’s mind.
  • Avoid punishments to the max.
  • Develop a routine with your Great Shepherd to follow regularly.

For owners who own a dog belonging to large breeds, it becomes crucial to train them to walk on a leash

Life span

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog has an average life of 7-11 years.


Great Dane German Shepherd mix dogs would inherit short coats from their Great Dane parent. This coat requires medium to minimum level of maintenance.

  • The mix canine sheds only two times around the year.
  • Its coat calls for brushing once daily.
  • Bathing is also not frequent for the Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog. It varies with the surroundings of your mix dog. You must use only dog shampoos to bath your great shepherd.
  • Teeth cleaning can be promoted using some chewing articles which are made for the purpose.

Therefore, it is not much industrious to groom and maintain a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog.  


Possessing a huge existence calls for special requirements as well. Among the peculiar needs for the Great Dane German Shepherd mix canine, a spacious surroundings and a wide lodging is crucial. The dog demands some space for physical activities and to move around as well.

Still if you want to own a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog or any other dog of large breed, while living in an apartment or some other place which is relatively small or have no backyard. You can keep the dog with you but keep in mind that the dog needs to be in fresh air. Take your large breed dog for a walk everyday.

Health issues

The Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog is grouped in large breed dogs. So the dog also has risk of those diseases which large dogs are prone to generally. Such diseases include;

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Allergies

The mix canines are usually healthy dogs as there is no genetic disorder associated with its mix breed.


Diet is paramount in keeping the Great Dane German Shepherd mix healthy and fit. You need to be meticulous of the feed of your mix dog. The amount of food a dog eats has to be according to the dog’s age. 


A Great Dane German Shepherd mix dogs are genuinely active. The dog would love to be playful around you and indulging you in various activities. Besides games dogs generally require some exercise to stay fit.

Particularly for a Great Dane mix dog it is indispensable to involve in physical activities owing to the large canine’s tendency of joint problems. The dog must have a minimum of 60 minutes exercise daily.

The great shepherd’s routine must include regular walk and strolling on the street. Its weekly walk must be at least 2 miles.

Buying a Great Dane German Shepherd dog or pup

Taking in a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog for yourself.

But whom to buy from?

This is a general query for many out there just like it is yours.

When you have decided on adopting a great shepherd chose a credible and trustworthy breeder. Choice of the right breeder is paramount in getting a healthy and capable pup. As reputable breeders would provide you with the health assurance of the mix pup when you visit them for buying a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog.  

You can search for respectable breeders in your area by asking those who are already a canine parent. News papers and other advertising sources might also be assistance in the matter.

Cost of the Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog would cost you $500-$1500.  The price of a dog depends on the breeder you chose to buy from. The reputable breeders would have higher rates from usual breeders or kennels and rescuing shelters.

If you can find a rescued dog, its cost would be much less somewhere around $90.

The food cost for a Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog would range from $40-$50 per month.


The Great Dane German Shepherd mix dog is a bouncy creature. The dogs are awesome watch dogs that require exercise to stay strong and fit. Training the dog is also mandatory. If your dog has suddenly become aggressive. Try to find out the the triggers. Its aggression might be due to some illness. The mix dog’ owners must take their dogs for regular checkups and vaccination to a veterinary doctor. Physical examinations are mandatory for the mix breed dog just like every other dog.



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