This is How You Can Have Great Danes Good With Kids

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Last Updated on June 21, 2023

Great Danes are indeed good with kids, infants, and even small pets like cats and dogs, usually. Although Great Dane is a huge dog holding a rather intimidating presence albeit it has a friendly and gentle temperament. The unparalleled hugeness of the dog makes many people question, Are Great Danes good family dogs?

Indubitably, the Great Dane dogs are good family dogs. Your Great Dane dog is good with kids, small dogs, and even cats. Particularly, if you have a trained and somewhat relaxed Great Dane dog you would not need to worry about the kid’s safety whenever they are together.

Great Dane dogs are good family dogs. The Great Dane dog is generally submissive, gentle, and protective canine making a good family dog. If a Great Dane puppy is raised with a small dog or cat their mutual bonding would be exceptional. The Great Dane dog is generally submissive, gentle, and protective canine making a good family dog. All in all, the Great Danes are good companions no matter who is around, be it, kids or pets.

Great Dane With Kids

Is Great Dane Dog A Good Family Dog?

Great Danes are good family dogs. You would find this huge goofball playing with toddlers, kids, and even small dogs. The dogs are fundamentally friendly even with cats. Provided, they are acquainted with the latter or have been around for a while.

Are Great Danes good with kids?

The Great Dane dogs are unique not only in their celestial appearance. But their amicable temperament also helps them stand out. Known as the Gentle Giants in the dog world, the Great Danes are gigantic bundles of infinite love. 

Besides, the Great Dane dogs are good with kids and newborn babies. Although, it is recommended to keep the dog’s interaction with kids monitored and supervised. Given the behemoth presence i.e., the huge size of the Great Dane dog even a trivial tail wag can hurt kids quite badly. 

Are Great Dane puppies good with kids?

As far as the size is concerned, a Great Dane puppy can be taken as a good match for the kids. Except for the size everything regarding a Great Dane puppy and kids is not comparable. Your kid needs more supervision when it is with a Great Dane puppy.

As, the Great Dane puppies are high spirited dogs. This bouncy creature could spend hours in yard running.

During the play any situation can build up between kids and a Great Dane puppy where the puppy gets over excited. Thence, the enormous stamina of a Great Dane puppy might give the situation an unpredictable and rather dangerous turn for kids. 

Secondly, Great Dane puppies are yet to be trained or under the process of training. Therefore, a Great Dane puppy might not consider kids as the part your family but instead its family. Therefore, the Great Dane puppy might resort to pinching or even biting kids. Just like canines bite their litter mates.

Nonetheless, the Great Dane breed is generally friendly with kids yet some puppies might differ. Due to any originating source, the Great Dane puppies can carry unfavorable or even hostile disposition towards kids.

The key is,

As the Great Dane puppy is a new addition to the family, acquaint yourself with it properly. Before letting the Great Dane puppy play with the kids. 

Great Dane height and HUGE size

The Great Dane holds large muscular existence. The height of the dog is estimated around 3 feet, and when the dog stands on its two feet the Great Dane height can reach up to even 7 feet. Which is even higher than most people.

Although, the Great Danes are gentle and pleasant dogs. Regardless, it is not rational to leave such a behemoth dog with kids alone. Despite, the Great Dane’s friendly demeanor it is a common practice to watch over kid’s activities with Great Danes to ensure the safety of both.

Additionally, the Great Dane’s can be trained, and disciplined easily owing to their appeasing nature.

This Is How You can have a Great Dane good with kids

The huge Great Dane dog possessing a weight around 160lbs, can easily knock over kids. Some great Danes are inclined towards leaning on which might make a kid worried. In addition to, this can cause bodily harm to the kid due to the overbearing size of the dog. Remember, Great Danes are the world’s largest lap dogs.

Nonetheless, a Great Dane does not intend on hurting kids during playtime. But the dog might end up wounding the kids when it is around the dog. In particular, the dog’s tail whip is extremely dangerous for kids in addition to the dog’s muscular paws. At times Great Danes can try to lean on kids as well. In such situations a Great Dane has an increased latency to injure the kids when left alone. 

Even though the Great Dane is oblivious of the situation so do the kids, but you have to be aware whenever kids and Great Danes are together.

Great Dane FRAPS is another potential problem as far as Great Dane and kids are concerned.

“FRAPs is a totally normal release of pent up energy,” declares Dr. Rachel Barrack of New York City’s Animal Acupuncture. Also called commonly as zoomies, this behavior is present in all canine breeds. 

Then why FRAPs are dangerous?

The behemoth dog breed, Great Dane is not largely regarded as highly active dog. The Great Danes come in the ambit of low to medium level active dogs. When a Great Dane dog goes through FRAPS, it releases its accumulated energy in the form of extreme excitement. However, this excitement often turns into a wild expression owing to the huge size of the dog.

Great Dane FRAPS or zoomies is frequently a savage run. The dogs FRAPS is usually indicated as “running in round circles or at times two adjoining mini circles forming  digit 8”. 


When the Great Dane dog release its energy with FRAPS do not let kids near the dog. You would not want to see a huge giant dog running wildly in your backyard and kids sharing a frame.

Training a Great Dane and kids to get along well

Great Dane training

Great Dane dog is trained to behave around kids as well. You need to establish great control and mastery over your canine comrade. Make sure to aptly obedience train your Great Dane.  

Keep in mind that nothing negative should happen for the dog when the kid is around. Make sure the Great Dane must not regard the kid as unfavorable, this is the key to have a sound relationship between the Great Dane dog and kids. Therefore, avoid scolding dogs in presence kids or try to separate the dog from kids forcefully.

Socializing a puppy with children could be of major help in its behavior training.

What to teach the kids? 

It is crucial to teach kids how to behave with the dog as well. As, kid’s and Dane’s interaction is partially based on child’s behavior. Let the kid understand what is allowed and what is not a favored attitude towards the dog.  Although, Great Dane dogs are ‘Gentle Giants’ yet the most amenable Dane has limited endurance.

For example, Its natural floppy ears appear attractive to the kids. They must not be allowed to irritate the Great Dane by pulling on its tail or ears.

Kids should also learn not to hurt the dog from an early age to build a strong mutual bond. 

Are Great Danes Good with small dogs?

Same is the case when Great Dane dogs and small dogs are concerned. These large canines can get along well with small animals and dogs. Even though dogs generally hold chase or prey drive and Great Dane dogs are no different. Nevertheless, the Great Danes can easily learn coexistence if taught accordingly. 

When a Great Dane tries to play with small dogs its attempt is generally seen as an invasion in the small dog’s perspective. Mainly it is the size of the Great Dane dog which frightens small dogs. 

Even During the play a Great Dane and small dog’s energy level is different so do their bodily ratios. Both are struggling at their place. The moves, pounces, and bounces Great Dane during the play makes the small dogs run away. 

Although, small dogs are concerned about their survival even when the huge Great Dane is solely trying to have some fun with its little play mate.

Despite, the Great Dane’s general friendly composure some Great Danes might develop the habit of chasing small animals. When raised together the Great Danes and small dogs can develop warm and friendly relationship.

The Great Danes dogs can learn to inhibit the hunt impulse over time. Specifically if Great Dane dogs are acquainted with small dogs, the two would be perfect comrades.

Also, rescued Great Danes are good with small dogs.

Training a Great Dane to be around small dogs

Some rules must be set and established while keeping Great Dane and small dogs together as pets.

  • In the beginning make sure the Great Dane and small dogs are not left together alone. The dog has the latency to hurt the later disregard its intentions.
  • Both dogs, the Great Danes and small canines must be given their own separate places. Crates are regularly employed for the purpose. Or you can also put the Great Dane in a timeout whenever you feel it is getting over excited around small dogs. Anyhow, bastions or thresholds can make Great Danes and small dogs interactions safer and more playful. 
  • Train the Great Dane to be kind and gentle around small dogs while its training sessions.  
  • During the interaction calm and controlled environment must be ensured so the Great Dane would not become excited.
  • Even after a couple of months or so, keep an eye on Great Danes and small dogs when they are in the same surroundings. Given the disproportion in size, you ought to control the situation every time the great Danes and small dogs are playing.

Socializing a Great Dane would also assist in promoting gentleness of the dog.

Raising up Great Dane and small dogs together

In this situation both dogs grow up with an insight of each other’s temperament. Both dogs, in particular Great Danes can effectively mark their thresholds themselves. 

The Great Dane would retreat right away if the small dog is pressured by its act. This type of Great Dane and small dog bonding can be observed usually within well acquainted dogs.

Whilst, the Great Danes can develop aggressive demeanor when around unfamiliar dogs. Be it small or medium sized dog breeds. Yet generally the Great Dane breed is not a ferocious canine breed, the dogs are amenable, kind, and gentle, indeed.

Great Dane from rescue kennels and small dogs

If you are yet to adopt a Great Dane while having a small pet dog already, a rescued Dane might be a suitable choice. It can be propagated that the ideal way to put Great Danes and small dogs together is to look for rescued Great Danes.

Frequently rescue shelters are home for huge dogs like Great Danes and small dogs namely Maltese simultaneously. Making rescued Great Danes very much trained to be around small dogs already. Therefore, the Great Dane dog can get along well with small dogs particularly if it is a rescued Great Dane. Additionally rescued Great Danes at shelters are in dire need of support and re homing.  

Are Great Danes Good with Cats?

Great Danes are good with cats provided the dog is familiar with the latter. A Great Dane who grew up together with cats, is more gentle with cats viz a viz the dog raised alone. The former dog regards cat as a part of your family. As the dog holds gentle and kind temperament it naturally grows such disposition towards the cat as well.

Whilst the Great Danes are also seen chasing cats. All Great Danes are not good with cats. As it is customary for dogs to pursue them. Similarly, if Great Dane is chasing cats it is the expression of its prey drive that the dog holds naturally. 

Nevertheless it is propagated that the Great Danes chase only those cats that run. So as long as the cat does not run it would not accentuate prey drive of the dog. And the Great Dane would not chase the cat.


Cats must be allowed to some places where the Great Dane is not allowed. In this way the cat would retreat anytime required. Or when it feels fearful or intimidated due to the dog’s overbearing presence. Other ways to handle Great Danes around kids and small animals are broached ahead.

Great Dane Behavior Improvement Tactics

Are Great Danes good with kids? the answer lies in how you handle your Great Dane dog.

The key to have a calm Great Dane around your kids, small dogs, and cats lies in human handling. How you teach your Great Dane dog to be around people makes the great Danes shapes up the dog’s temperament around kids, and small animals. You can actively control the dog’s interactions in the following ways;

Excessive energy

The most basic way to control temperament or excitement of the Great Dane dog is to monitor the dog’s energy level. A Highly energetic Great Dane would behave around kids, small dogs and cats in a hyperactive way. Nipping, biting, chasing after, and attempting to knock over. The Great Danes exhibit all such behaviors when they are full of energy.


Make sure that your Great Dane has an activity to release the accumulated energy. Exercise is widely accepted way of doing so. A Great Dane requires 40-50 minutes of walk everyday to keep it active and satisfied.


Besides walk, it is recommended to engage your great Dane dog in activities that keep the dog occupied. Do not let the dog feel bored. Buy some toys for the dog to vent the extra energy during free time. 


The Great Danes are innate ‘gentle giants’. Therefore, it can be presumed that a Great Danes are good family dogs. The dogs are friendly, and easy going generally but these traits of the dog must be polished by the owners. 

For the purpose, socializing a Great Dane is mandatory. Take the dog to dog parks, let it meet the kids, and small dogs around.

Final Words

With the size difference the Great Dane and small dogs or cats is a cautionary duo. As the chance of stepping on is always there. Besides some Great Danes might become aggressive. Particularly with strange cats and dogs. Although, the Great Danes are good with kids yet the kids might face the Great Dane aggression if the dog feel unfamiliar. Likewise, if you want to the Great Dane dog to get along well with babies you ought to teach the dog to behave around babies.

Great Dane is probably the most friendly large dog breed out there. Therefore, Great Dane dogs are no less affectionate with kids, and infants. Given the name of ‘Gentle Giants’, these huge dogs get along well with other small animals as well. Great Dane with small dogs are no exception. Come and share your story with us! How you have a Great Dane dog good with kids? 

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