Great Dane Poodle Mix: A Comprehensive Guide

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Last Updated on January 18, 2024

A Great Dane Poodle mix is an amalgamation of hugeness and cuteness! Most commonly referred to as the Great Danoodle, this dog is a cross breed between a standard Poodle and a Great Dane.

If you want to own a Great Danoodle or if the breed has simply piqued your interest, then you’re in the right place! Know more about these enormously beautiful dogs here — their appearance, personality, history, health and many more.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Appearance

Great Dane Poodle Mix With Snow On Its Face
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It shouldn’t come as a shock that the Great Dane Poodle Mix is an enormous dog, considering that its parents are large dog breeds.

Aside from a large stature, the Great Danoodle inherits a mix of its parents physical appearance. It has a stout body, sturdy legs, an elongated head and muzzle, rounded button-like eyes, a dark and triangular nose tip, and a long, hanging tail.

The Great Danoodle, like their Poodle parent, can live up to 13 years. They can also weigh between 75 to 100 pounds, and grow to a height of 22 to 27 inches tall. Although a few can weigh more than 100 pounds like their Great Dane parent.

Furthermore, the Great Dane Poodle Mix generally inherits their Poodle parent’s dense and wavy coat that vary in length. But rarely, when they inherit their Great Dane parent’s coat, it is short and wiry.

In addition to this, they inherit their Great Dane parent’s coat colors and patterns such as black, white, blue, fawn, and possibly brindle and harlequin. But they can also inherit their Poodle parent’s coat color like beige, silver and apricot.

The Great Dane Poodle mix is the perfect blend of its parents physical attributes, giving it an appearance that is very hard to miss!

The Great Dane Poodle Mix Breed History

Great Danes were officially recognized and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) as early as 1887. While the Poodle was added to AKC’s roster in 1886.

It is highly likely that in the early 1990’s, the two have been bred together and the result of the breeding was a more stable doodle mix.

The Great Dane Poodle mix is a breed not recognized by the AKC, however, it is recognized as a designer breed by the Designer Breed Registry.

And although the Great Dane Poodle mix is more commonly known as the Great Danoodle, they are also referred as:

  • Great Danepoo
  • Danedoodle
  • Danepoo

The Great Dane Poodle Mix Personality

Great Danoodles are known for their great temperament and personality, thanks to both of their parents’ affectionate and intelligent personalities.

They inherited all the amazing traits from both the Great Dane and Poodle breeds, so owning a Great Danoodle is like getting the best of both worlds!

They are friendly and good-natured dogs, making them excellent family pets. Whether a family has kids or not, the Great Dane Poodle mix will thrive in any family. This is because they are great with children, are affectionate, and loyal to their family.

More Great Danoodle personality traits that makes them the perfect companion is their calmness, obedience, and their affinity for praise and attention from their loved ones.

But do not be fooled by their loving and chill personality! They are extremely intelligent and will protect their loved ones when they sense danger. They have a loud bark and can be intimidating when needed, making them excellent guard dogs as well.

However, since the Great Dane Poodle mix is a social dog, they can be easily prone to separation anxiety. And they can be destructive and depressed when they spend too much time alone. So, if you’re a busy person, think twice before getting a Great Danoodle!

Taking Care Of A Great Dane Poodle Mix

A Young Merle Great Danoodle Dog Relaxing In The Autumn Leaves Enjoying Life Outdoors
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Physical Activities

Great Danoodles, like their Great Dane parents, love to spend their days laying around the house, sleeping, and/or snuggling with their hoomans.

So, in terms of exercise and physical activities, the Great Dane Poodle mix only requires moderate daily exercise.

Exercise and physical activities such as walking and playing with furry friends or with you for 30 to 45 minutes a day is enough for these gentle giants.


Compared to other breeds, training a Great Danoodle is a lot easier because they are such an intelligent and people-pleasing breed.

And since they’re such a large breed, training from a young age is very very important. Teaching them basic commands, how to walk properly while on leash, how to potty, and introducing them to various situations, people, animals, and locations in order to socialize them, are among the most important trainings they must undergo.

Later on, you can teach them other things since they love challenging activities to physically and mentally stimulate them.

Diet And Food Requirements

The Great Dane Poodle mix is a huge dog! And that means they need a lot of calories to sustain their growth.

The amount of food a Danoodle gets a day should ideally correspond to their age. This is to make sure that they’re getting the right amount of nutrients to support proper growth.

So, considering their size and weight, 4 to 5 cups of good-quality dry dog food, divided into 2 to 3 meals a day, is enough for them.

Ideally, for Danoodle puppies, they should have three meals a day. Whereas adult Danoodles require two meals a day.

Take note that Great Dane is a breed that is very much prone to bloat. And a Danoodle can inherit this, so you must be careful not to feed them one large meal a day, or else, it will cause life-threatening issues in the future.

Furthermore, overfeeding them can cause bone growth issues when they become adults.


The Great Dane Poodle mix dog is easy to groom and maintaining their coat is fairly straightforward. And thanks to their dense and wavy coat, these dogs only shed a moderate amount.

You just need to brush them a few times a week, about twice or thrice, to keep any tangles at bay and ensure their coat is clean!

And then when it comes to bathing, doing so is recommended when you think it is needed. If they don’t particularly get dirty, once or twice a month is enough. However, if they like to get dirty during play time, you can bathe them as frequently as you see fit.

Once in a while, you can also take your Great Danoodle to see a professional groomer to give them a trim, check their nails and ears, and make sure they are in tip-top shape!

Potential Health Risks

Great Dane Poodle mix are generally healthy dogs. However, they can inherit a few health issues that are common in large dog breeds.

Here are the following health issues you should look out for if you have a Great Danoodle:

  • Bloat
  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  • Addison’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Eye or skin problems
  • Heart diseases


Great Danoodle dogs are among the loveliest designer dogs out there.  They have all the wonderful traits a Great Dane and a Standard Poodle has, wrapped into one huge and beautiful package.

There is no doubt that they make a great life companion. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, make sure to be properly informed for what is to come. Plan things properly and be prepared for everything that this huge bundle of joy is about to give you!

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