Little Known Factors That Could Affect the Great Dane Price

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Last Updated on December 23, 2020

The Great Dane puppy price in U.S.A. range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Depending upon the breeder and the pup’s lineage the Great Dane price could vary. A pup with traceable pedigree which shows the litter is purebred, is expensive. The location of breeder greatly effects the price of Great Dane puppies as well. Generally, pet quality Great Dane dogs are less costly viz-a-viz show quality Great Danes. A show quality purebred Great Dane puppy comes with a price tag of $4000 at most. Additionally, Great Dane puppy price is decided by the pup’ health as well. Coat color is also a contributory factor of pure bred Great Dane price. The price of a Harlequin Great Dane puppy is relatively higher as other coat colors. Howbeit this is an estimate of Great Dane price, owning a Great Dane is quite expensive.

How much do Great Danes cost? The price of Great Dane from a rescue shelter would be around $300-$400. Whilst Great Dane puppies price range is from $600-$4000 from a breeder. Whereas, the average price for show quality Great Dane puppies is $3000. But if you are getting companion dog you do not need to pay that much. The Great Dane price of pet quality pup reaches up to $1000.


Buying a Great Dane

Buying and owning a Great Dane needs to be a somewhat thoroughly ruminated notion. Everything is huge and big with the Great Dane breed. For instance,

The dogs are huge goofballs. Its temperament, size, and indubitably the cost. The Great Dane dogs are alluded to as ‘Gentle Giants’ for some solid reasons. The dogs are incredible companions having behemoth existence. Great Dane dog holds some 200lbs within a height of 34 inches.

The great physical presence of the dog entails relative commodities. These huge dogs need particular food, medical care, bedding, and accessories. Also the dogs adoption or breeder fees is a huge sum of money requiring a rather big pocket.

Great Dane Puppy Price

Whether you are adopting or buying a Great Dane the price of pup is greatly influenced by the location, breeder, and the pedigree of the Great Dane puppy. As broached earlier, the cost of Great Dane puppies holding familiar lineage from a renowned organization operating in a posh and fancy locality will definitely be higher. As compared to getting a Great Dane puppy from a regular or backyard breeder with scanty knowledge of the pup’s pedigree.

Great Dane Price

The cost of a Great Dane is more than many other dog breeds. Suggesting you would need a big budget from buying to owning a Great Dane. Given the dog’s hugeness, everything the Great Dane dog requires must be comparable. Moreover, the Great Dane dogs are prone to conditions like bloat, hip and joint dysplasia, and cardiomyopathy, which can easily increment on the medical bills.

Confirming, your decision to take in a Great Dane dog can be influenced by the huge price tags the breed displays. Provided you are affirmative in your decision to buy a Great Dane puppy, the very next step is to choose the right place for buying. The potential places to buy a Great Dane puppy are rescue shelters, or a breeder.  

Buying a Great Dane from rescue shelters is less costly as compared to getting the same from a breeder. Anyhow, adopting a puppy from either of the place has its own positive and negative aspects.

Adoption Charges

Great Dane adoption charges differ based on the age of canine. Yet one would not need a huge sum to buy a Great Dane from rescue kennel. Generally, the Great Dane cost for adoption charges come in the range of $200-$400. 

The young Great Dane rescued dogs are cheaper than Great Dane puppies. Frequently, one can buy a young Great Dane dog with the price of $300-$330. Whereas the price of Great Dane rescue puppy ought to be somewhere between $350-$400.

Great Dane rescues usually keep well behaved and sophisticated canines. The families with infants can probably find a perfect Great Dane at rescue kennels. As the adventure of owning a Great Dane puppy could go wrong if you have babies and children coupled with an untrained Great Dane dog.

Additionally adopting a Great Dane rescue dog is a favored enactment. The rescue kennels usually operate with public donations. As they do not acquire any funding from government sources. 

Therefore in order to support Great Dane rescue shelters in their work of rescuing and resettling abandoned Danes, adoption from a rescue kennel is recommended. Visit A.K.C. to find Great Dane rescue dogs for adoption.

Breeder Charges

Great Dane price at breeders could reach as high as $3000. Although, it is not implausible to get a Great Dane puppy for $600. There are some breeders selling purebred Great Dane puppies displaying a lower price tag of $1050-$2000 as well.

Anyhow, pet quality or companion Great Dane puppies are less costly as compared to show quality Great Dane pups.

The real challenge is to find a good and reputable breeder viz-a-viz puppy mills. The Great Dane breeders pay high value to their pups health. There exists an efficacious backward trace in terms of lineage. 

The good breeders are meticulous in record keeping of their Great Dane puppies in particular and breeding stock in general. This is fundamental to provide a complete health overview of the Great Dane puppy you are buying. 

You can easily get trapped in the lies of a backyard breeder. Even though the pups seem healthy there is no paper evidence to provide. Moreover, the puppy mills are also reported selling mismarked and off colored Great Dane puppies as rare Great Danes. 

Great Dane Breeder

The most significant tipping point in buying a Great Dane puppy from a breeder is the choice or selection of breeder. Whether you are buying a dog show Great Dane or some other Great Dane make sure the breeder you are buying a Great Dane from is reliable and reputable.

How to find a Great Dane breeder?

  • Do a survey on finding a reputable breeder near you before buying one. You can get a word from Great Dane or other breed’ dog parents around you to shortlist reputable Great Dane breeders near you.
  • Additionally, local newspapers, and other advertising instruments of the like are quite helpful in finding the right place. Various news papers would advertise breeders who are selling Great Dane puppies, time to time.

Here are some more points on how to find a good Great Dane breeder. Generally, reputable Great Dane breeders are careful about the following  and you can see them as a reputable Great Dane breeder’ must haves.

  • The breeder are careful in keeping the record Great Dane puppy’ lineage and family history.
  • Reputable Great Dane breeders would follow all necessary moral and legal breeding procedures.
  • Good Great Dane breeders adhere to the best breeding practices.
  • Moral breeding kennels make sure to involve only healthy Great Danes in the process.
  • Further to fortify Great Dane’ life and lifespan, Great Dane breeders undertake ample health testing.
  • Such breeders can usually brief the buyer on the Great Dane puppy’ health. In addition to informing probable health issues of the Great Dane puppy if any.

Great Dane Food Cost Per Month

Great Dane food cost per month depends upon the food you are feeding the dog. Predominantly raw diet is costly than dry dog food. The Great Dane food cost can range between $80-$250 per month. The monthly cost of dry dog food or kibble for Great Dane dogs and the cost of raw diet for Great Dane is broached below.

Cost of Kibble for Great Dane Dogs per month

Great Dane dogs consumption of food is relatively higher than other dog breeds. Given the dogs’ gigantic existence the Great Danes eat a lot of food. Each day a Great Dane puppy eats 8-9 cups of food. Whilst the food consumption of Great Dane dog after 2 years decreases. The dogs need 6 cups food divided in at least three meals a day. 

This much of premium quality food can be desired only if you hold a considerable size of pocket. The cost of kibble for Great Dane dog for a month revolves around $80-$100.

Great Dane dogs and puppies both entail high quality food. Usual dry dog food is not recommended for the Great Dane breed. The Great Dane dog food must contain low levels of fat, proteins, and calcium. The Great Dane dogs are intrinsically inclined to grow rapidly. Therefore, the dogs do not necessitate extra amount of growth boosting nutrients in their food. The additional amounts of calcium and proteins would be detrimental to the Great Dane growth. Hence, usual dry dog food is unfavorable for the optimal development of a Great Dane dog.

Cost of Raw Diet for Great Dane Dogs Per Month

Raw diet is revered generally as a wholesome food source. The Great Dane dogs feeding on raw diet are observed to be healthier, having shinier coat, and with negligible occurrence of allergies. 

The cost of raw diet is almost the same as feeding high quality kibble in some cases.

Great Dane raw diet cost for a month might range between $150-$250 on average. The cost of raw diet for Great Danes depend on your location and the distributor. It also varies with the raw meat bones and organs you are buying.

Look for meat from local butchers or suppliers. Try to get meat in bulk this would assuredly save your money. If you are buying meat and organs try to get the things which are on sale.

Great Dane Price and Health cost

The large frame of the Great Dane increments on the probability of health issues as well. As long as canine’s health is concerned hugeness is not a favorite facet. These large dogs are prone to a number of diseases. Namely, bloat, dysplasia, and cardiomyopathy. 


In simple words, as a result of bloat a Great Dane dog’ blood circulation gets influenced. Important tissues are deprived of blood and the dissolved oxygen, which initiates death of cells. Digestive system of the dog also stops. Additionally, the risks of breakage of stomach wall are present due to bloat. Affected dogs die within hours unless successfully treated. (brooks 2009)

Cost of Treatment

The G.D.V. or bloat is regarded as the top killer of the Great Dane breed. Therefore there is a higher possibility of bloat in Great Danes. The size of pocket to identify and treat bloat in Great Dane breed ranges between $1000-$8000. The Great Dane cost to diagnose and treat bloat is estimated at $1,500-$7,500 by Embrace Pet Insurance.

Here is the kicker

Nonetheless bloat is a deadly condition, it can be averted in Great Dane dogs by a surgery called Gastropexy. The cost of the bloat prevention surgery is around $500. The cost of Gastropexy can be reduced if performed in addition to spay or neuter.


The Great Dane breed is prone to heart disease called cardiomyopathy, in which the dog’s heart increases in its size. Not only Great Dane dogs but other large breed dogs are also susceptible to Cardiomyopathy.

Cost of treatment

Despite its grave nature cardiomyopathy can be controlled and treated if identified early. Usually the disease is treated with medication requiring big pocket. The cost of treating Cardiomyopathy might reach up to $1500 per month. 

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a chronic disease affecting the mobility of a dog. In this condition dog is mainly attacked on its lower part i.e hind limbs. Leaving the dog passive and even not willing to move.

Cost of treatment

Hip dysplasia can be treated differently based on the time of diagnosis. An early diagnosis of the disease would not exigent surgery to treat. Surgery becomes inevitable for the Great Dane dog otherwise.

The cost of surgery to treat hip dysplasia entails a pocket containing $2000-$5000.

Immunization cost

The cost of providing your Great Dane with up to date vaccines usually differ. Depending on the selection of vet, your locality, and the peculiar immunization you are looking for. The cost for Great Dane vaccines and de wormers can reach up to $500 with the lower limit at $100 cost.


Great Dane dogs when hold natural floppy ears could become the target of ear infections. The cost of antibiotics for Great Dane to treat infections is $20-$200.

You would need $30-$75 to treat ear infections. Numerous Great Dane parents resort to ear cropping to deal with the problem. 

X rays

The cost of Great Dane x rays to identify any condition like osteosarcoma is at least $200. Although relatively simple x rays can be performed with $50 as well. 

Great Dane Cost for regular vet visits

The regular visits to the vet are consequential to maintain the health of a pet. Great Dane in particular require regular vet visits. Great Dane parents ought to be aware of their dog’s health status to protect their dogs from severe ailments.

At least once a year thorough check up is recommended to Great Dane dogs. The cost of regular vet visits could be $30-$75. 

Great Dane Price: Comfort Expenses


Great Dane bedding is a crucial thing for dogs. Given their tendency towards joint and bone problems it is recommended to furnish your proud possession with a comfortable, xxl bed. Although there are beds available at the cost $150-$200. Check the price for our recommended Great Dane dog beds.


Crates and bedding cost for huge Great Dane dogs is almost similar. A decent crate for your Great Dane can be found if you have $200-$300. It is better to buy a quality product for your Great Dane dog lasting longer viz-a-viz cheaper and low quality items. Whether its crate, beds or anything else.


Grooming expenditures for Great Dane would add up to $100 to your budget. 


Dog feeders are generally available at low costs. Although there are some luxurious feeders out there as well. The cost of Great Dane feeders would be between $20-$70. 

Great Dane Accessories

Great Dane dog accessories like collar and leash can be bought with wide raging price there are leather, regular, training or anti bark dog collars to choose from. The minimum estimated cost of Great Dane dog collars and leash has to be $50 while a decent amount must be left in your pocket to pay for your Great Dane’s toys.

Cost on training

Huge dogs might need some money to expend on their training as well. Great Dane parents have to also consider this prospect of Great Dane cost and price. 

In case you have taken the assistance of a professional trainer conducting behavior classes. Generally the behavior classes can take 8 weeks and around $400-$480 to train your Great Dane.

Moreover the cost of licensing is estimated at maximum $30. The cost would also vary with geography.

If your Great Dane dog has a penchant for playing with other dogs, you might need to spend some money on its daycare activities as well. The cost could be as low as $25. And could reach much higher depending upon the location and boarding facilities.


Do not overlook the environment at the dog daycare.

Lastly. you might want to pay some money to pet sitter also. Anyhow the choice of pet sitter and boarding facility is as crucial as the choice of breeder for buying Great Dane puppy.

Some more expenses

Comparative the dog’s height and size its lodging must be wide. Although the dogs have shown tendency to live amicably in apartments as well. yet a huge dog needs decent space to move around, a comparable yard to play in.

If you and your Dane are into picnic and outdoor activities the size of car also counts. You might end up buying a doggy gear for your huge dog as well to serve the purpose..

Great Dane Cost Per Year

The Great Dane cost per year might differ each year. For example initial years are marked with spay or neuter and preventive vaccinations or gastropexy as well. Also Great Dane puppies require more food than Great Dane dogs. As the pup grows it might suffer from ailments or ear infections. 

Therefore every year the amount you keep for your Great Dane expenses keeps on changing. Although the Great Dane cost per year can be estimated at $6000-$8000. Initial Great Dane cost per year could reach up to $10,000 as well.

The Great Dane cost per year is also a variable depending on location, breeder or adoption, and the food you choose for your Dane puppy. 

Great Dane Price Round up

Owning a Great Dane dog is not a spartan thing. The expenses between buying and owning a Great Dane dog are not less. The Great Dane is regarded as a symbol of class for some reasons, and this might be the basic one. The Great Dane entailing an owner having a huge big sized pocket.

  • The overall cost of owning a Great Dane could vary as clear in the range mentioned above. The Great Dane price and cost depends on location, age and pedigree of the Dane, breeder. There are some expenses which are estimated to be only once in a lifetime like Gastropexy, and spay or neuter.
  • Then there are monthly expenses like food.
  • The expenses on bedding and crates are also not regular.
  • If you are fortunate, let’s hope you will be, your Great Dane dog would not suffer from the diseases commonly found in the breed. So you do not need to include those in your expenses altogether. But you never know what your dog has ahead to face. So it is recommended to keep your purse with you.

On average a Great Dane costs around $8000-$10,000 a year. Also there would be many instances adding up to the cost of the Great Dane dog throughout a year. However the perks of owning this wonderful dog are worth it. 

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