5 Great Dane Raw Feeding Tricks You Have Got To Try

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Did you know that a raw diet provides a high amount of protein, especially for large dog breed such as the Great Dine? And raw diet might just be the solution to a plethora of problems your Great Dane has right now. When you switch to raw diet, problems like coat problems, or skin issue, and ear infections can be prevented.

Continue reading below to find out how to feed your Great Dane raw diet like an expert!

What is a raw diet?

As the term suggests, raw diet includes feeding your Danes with raw, uncooked food. It usually consists organ meats, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, fresh fruits that are safe for dogs, vegetables, raw eggs and even dairy products such as yogurt.

Feeding raw diet to Great Danes could be simple provided you adhere to a few basic rules. However, doing so should be done gradually and not immediately.


Common types of raw diet

Raw diet involves using the most common raw diet types: Prey Model Raw and the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) model to feed your Great Dane.

Raw diet holds more benefits for Great Danes in comparison with a diet that consists of kibble. Because the contents of raw diet are mainly proteins.

If you’re going to use the Prey Model Raw diet, then the following ratio should be followed:

  1. 75-80% muscle meat
  2. 5% liver
  3. 5% other organs
  4. 10% bones 
  5. 0-5% animal-based insoluble fiber

And for the BARF diet, the the ideal distribution of food for Great Danes is as follows:

  1. 70% muscle meat
  2. 10% bone
  3. 5% liver
  4. 5% other organs
  5. 7% vegetables
  6. 2% seeds and nuts
  7. 1% fruits

Why raw diet?

Raw diet is wholly natural food source for your canine. Which means the diet is more nutritious and beneficial than other food options for your Great Dane. The foremost advantage of feeding raw diet to Great Dane dogs is chewing through bones. Besides the aforementioned nutritional gains for the dog,

What are the benefits of Great Dane raw diet?

The Great Dane parents who have been feeding their dogs raw diet for last couple of months or weeks, vehemently support the usefulness of raw diet. It is reasoned that raw diet is more of a cure to many of the dog’s problems hence making the Great Danes;

  • Healthier with less diseases
  • Hold better coats
  • Better palate
  • Orally healthier
  • Lesser skin issues such as canine acne
  • Lesser prone to allergies
  • Reduction in vet visits
  • Lesser waste
  • Great Danes are less susceptible to bloat when fed raw diet.

In addition to above mentioned good effects on your Great Dane’s life and health, raw diet is also believed to help avert bloating in canines. Given the breed’s susceptibility to bloat, Great Dane owners are often worried about their dogs eating habits and wellness. Bloating could be a grave situation as it might cost the dog its life. If you feed your Great Dane raw diet your dog the chances of bloat would be less.


If your Great Dane is in a predicament either due to some allergy or having no palate, switch to raw diet for your canine. Try feeding your canine raw diet and see the benefits for yourself within weeks.

Raw diet: what your Great Dane is longing for

Grey wolf is considered dog’ ancestor. Which is a carnivore. As you might already know that carnivores are the animals who eat meat. Making your dog also a carnivore.

Did you know?

Dogs are genetically identical to wolves. They both have 99.9% DNA  similar.

The canines have evolved and have changed their appearance i.e., various breeds, hence marking the only difference between the two. No matter how much the creature has altered its appearance it still needs the same food and nutrition.

Great Danes alike other canines have ancestors who used to eat meat. Their bodies are made for tearing and digesting flesh. Their hold strong uniquely shaped teeth and suitable digestive systems. Hence it is the most natural way to feed your canine, to give your Great Dane what it is longing for..

Cost of Raw Diet for Great Danes

The cost of raw diet for Great Danes depend on your location and the distributor. it also varies with the raw meat bones and organs you are buying. the cost of raw diet is almost the same as feeding high quality kibble in some cases.

The cost of feeding raw to Great Dane for a month might range between $150-$250 on average. Look for meat from local butchers or suppliers. Try to get meat in bulk this would assuredly save your money. If you are buying meat and organs try to get the things which are on sale.

This would make the cost of raw diet economical.

Tips on how to feed raw diet to Great Danes

The composition of raw diet for Great Dane following prey model.

  • 80% meat
  • 10% organ
  • 10% bones 

After going through everything on raw diet, it’s time to understand how many option you have and the ways in which you can feed your Great Dane raw diet. Before going onto that here are some tips on raw feed following prey model;

What to feed?

The Great Dane raw diet must hold variety. you can feed whatever you find easily. for example, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, elk, deer, rabbit, duck, etc.


The key to choose the right meat for your Great Dane is

The best piece of meat is the one which you dog can not swallow directly. If not taken consideration eating whole at once can cause blockage or bloat. Both are detrimental to the Great Dane dog’s health.

For example, chicken necks. Chewing onto food s the essence of raw diet so make sure your Great Dane would do the same while feeding raw diet.

Meat comes form a myriad of sources as mentioned above. There are some  preventive steps to ensure raw diet’s hygiene for the Great Danes.

Ground Meat

Ground meat has higher potential of bacterial presence so it is recommended to feed ground meat seldom.


A parasite could be present in the fish form Pacific Northwest. these fish have to be frozen for a few weeks. This would ensure that your Great Dane dog would not get a disease called Salmon Poisoning.


There is a wide range of organ meat to include in raw diet for Great Danes. Namely, liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, lungs, gizzard. Among those heart and gizzard are considered muscle meat whilst all other are organ meat.

At least liver and kidney must be included in your Dane’s raw diet. You can add any other organ mentioned above to maintain diversity.


Do not feed larger bones to your Great Danes. nonetheless size of the dog, these bones can break dog’s teeth if chewed onto. Your Great Dane might suffer from blockage if you are not careful enough. Do not feed irregular type or oddly cut pieces of bones like T-bones to the dog.

How much raw to feed your Great Dane?

Raw diet must be 2%-3% of the dog’s body weight.

For instance if your Great Dane is 100lb its raw food intake must be around 3lb.

The raw feed can be given in the form of various meals or given at once. But it is suggested that the aforementioned quantity of raw food should be split up into various meals around the day.

Routine or no routine?

You do not need to follow any routine or neither any strict menu of raw diet. Just feed your Great Dane what it likes while supervising its raw feed. To make sure your dog is getting everything it requires for its optimal growth and development.


Supplements are not mandatory along with raw diet on daily basis. Yet you can add Vitamin C, E, and Glucosamine to its bowl if you want.

Your canine’s poop is the signal;

To check on either your Great Dane is doing well with the raw diet feed or not, the dog’s poop can be a signal. This is the most basic and accurate way of analyzing raw diet’s effect on your canine.

  • If the poop is too soft it means you should increase bone consumption.
  • If dog’s poop is too dry or somewhat hard then you must decrease bone intake and increase organ meat.

Raw diet for Great Dane puppies

Raw diet can be fed to Great Dane puppies as well. It is preferred to give Great Dane puppies dry dog food. In that the breed is prone to grow and develop rapidly already. Besides, the puppies also require particular nutrients to retain their bodies lean with optimal development.

The real test of Great Dane parents is when it comes to feeding their Dane puppies raw diet.

In that, if you are unable to decide on the right quantity and best raw meal for your canine your might become overweight or under developed. Therefore, in both cases the raw diet could be a deciding factor for your Great Dane puppy if not fed smartly.

The recommended rule to follow when determining how much to feed of each, i.e., meat, organ, and bone.

How much raw to feed a Great Dane puppy?

The raw feeding guideline for a Great Dane puppy is 10% of its existing weight. For example if the puppy is 10lbs its daily raw feed would be 0.1lb. As the Great Dane puppy when fully grown weighs somewhere around 120lbs the optimum daily raw feed for the Great Dane puppy is 2.4-3.6 lbs. When the puppy grows adjust the amount of food respective to its body weight in comparison to the adult Great Dane weight.

For instance,

When the Great Dane puppy reaches 40lbs, i.e., 3% body weight of an adult Great Dane dog. You should backtrack the 3% amount for normal feeding. This suggests that the initial 10% raw food amount would be fed for short span.

Given the breed’s tendency to bloat and the huge amount of food it is recommended that the developing Great Dane puppy’s raw food diet has to be separated into several meals.


It is recommended to not feed your Great Dane puppy only raw diet until it is 16 months older.

Raw diet for Great Dane: lets begin

Kick off feeding raw diet for Great Danes with one protein source. Usually fasting a Great Dane dog prior to introducing raw diet to the dog is suggested. Typically a small meal is fed to the dog at its first day on raw diet.  try to initiate with easy digestible meat. For example, chicken.

Raw Diet feeding strategy following Prey Model

Week 1 , 2   (adaptation)

One protein source

Day 1-3 chicken backs (higher in bone content)

4- on wards  chicken quarters and chicken backs at alternate meals

Continue until firm stool throughout a week 

Week 3  (effects are visible)

Turkey necks and wings alternating with chicken

Is poop is loose add 1 turkey and 2 chicken meals

Continue until a week of regular poop

Week 4

Add raw or canned fish

Alternate meals with chicken and turkey

It would be like

Morning meal : Chicken

Afternoon meal : turkey

Evening meal : fish

Week 5

Continue the previous week’s routine by adding lamb 

Week 6

Add in beef or beef heart the meals will be chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, and beef.

Week 7, 8

Add in organ meat ratio 

A small portion of organ meat can be added to each meal or once a week whole organ meat meal.


Other Raw diet model BARF

Raw diet is considered a good choice for Great Danes as it is a complete and wholesome meal.

Balanced diet

The paramount idea behind raw diet is to provide your Great Dane with all required nutrients while maintaining a balanced diet. This means you have to revolve around various raw food options to achieve that goal.

It provides protein, calcium, carbohydrates, minerals. In short This raw diet model for Great Danes furnishes a balanced diet for your Great Dane providing all essential nutrients for its ultimate development.

  • 70% muscle meat
  • 10% bone
  • 5% liver
  • 6% other organs
  • 4% fruits
  • 5% vegetables

This is an ideal distribution of food in raw diet for your canine.


The gust of the diet is to provide a nutritious balanced diet for your Great Dane. But it is not mandatory to maintain this percentage in daily meal of your canine. You can adjust its raw diet meal weekly to keep the feed a balanced option for your dog.

Just like you would do for yourself.

What else can be included in raw diet?

Following BARF model

The aforementioned raw diet components are basic. The Great Dane owners can alter and add up additional elements to the diet of their canine. The inclusion of supplements would increment the nutritional value of the meal. In addition to providing a variety of food for your Great Danes.


the items you can add up to the dog’s raw diet;

  • Eggs (whole)
  • Raw fish
  • Raw green tripe
  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • Kelp
  • Cheese
What-Else-Could-Be In-Raw-Diet
what-else-could-be in-raw-diet

Muscle meat

Raw muscle meat is an excellent source of protein for your dog. Knowing the importance of protein diet for your Great Danes this element is main part of its raw diet.


Bones provide calcium for your Great Danes.


Never feed your Great Dane or any other canine cooked bones. Continue reading the article to know why?

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables give Great Danes essential minerals. These minerals though needed by the dog in trace amounts are essential for proper development and growth of your dog.


Do not give grapes to your canine as these are toxic to the dog.


Whole eggs which means including the shell give the most needed calcium for your canine’ development.

The eggs can be a good alternative to bones or you can also feed your Great Dane along with bones. In case you reason it might have not taken enough calcium sourcing raw food.

Raw fish

Raw fish as commonly known is a great source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These nutrients are indispensable for maintaining your Great Dane’ coat bright and shiny.

Besides, they are also needed to keep your canine’s skin healthy and nourished.

Raw green tripe

Raw green tripe is a good option to include in your Great Dane’ raw diet. As its inclusion to your Great Dane’ meal furnishes the dog with digestive enzymes to keep its stomach healthy. Which in turn would help in digestion.

Additionally, it also gives probiotics, omega fatty acids, and phyto-nutrients to your Great Dane. These nutrients are responsible for producing immunity in living creatures.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be added into the Great Dane’s raw diet to alleviate skin allergies and coat issues.

Raw diet: myths

Many Great Dane parents on hearing the concept of raw diet for Great Danes get worried and nervous. If you are also perturbed whether raw diet is safe for your Great Dane or not. Suspicious of the hygiene of raw food particularly meat. Read the following paragraphs to clear your mind on all such raw diet myths.

Microbial presence

Generally Great Dane owners are worried about the consumption of raw meat for their canines. This is mainly due to the dubious hygiene of raw meal, according to many people.

Studies also have proven the latency of microbial presence in raw meat if placed in unsuitable and contaminated environment.

What can be done?

The below mentioned steps can be done to lessen the chances of bacterial presence in raw meat;

  1. Keep your raw meat handling ways constant. Employ the same hygienic conditions on raw meat for your canine that would be applied on handling raw meat for your own food.
  2. Cleanliness is the key to largely avert the case of microbial and bacterial presence.
  3. Wash your hands often.
  4. Used utensils, and the probable places in contact with the meat must be cleaned regularly.
  5. Do not let the meat out in open places for longer period of time as it would increment the risk of contamination by microbes.

After applying all possible hygienic conditions on raw meat you can feed it to your Great Dane without any fret. In that, the breed just like other dogs have quite robust bodies. Their digestive system can do well against bacteria. They have highly efficient stomach that has glands to secrete strong acid of pH 1. Remember the dogs are meat eaters naturally, so their bodies function according to their demands and needs.

Bones: yes or no?

After contamination the second major concern for Great Dane parents when it comes to raw feeding is ‘bones’. Many parents found themselves in the dilemma of whether to feed bones to their canines or not?

The answer is a big ‘yes’. The dogs can eat bones quite well but to be more accurate no less than a significant part of raw diet for your Great Dane. The dog’ body is built to digest bones. The thing to never do is; Giving cooked bones to your canine.

Raw bones are softer and more chew able hence are easily digestible. Whereas cooked bones are rigid and cannot be digested. Such bones might get stuck in your dog’s mouth, teeth, or even stomach.

Bones: Caution and care

You must have also have some friends or vets discouraging feeding bones to canines.

Well it’s not true with every bone.

There are some bones which might be of problem for your Great Dane if fed. For instance, weight bearing bones are not that great for canines. Such bones are more for recreational purposes and must be removed after chewing. For example marrow bones. Why?

Here is why recreational bones can not be a constituent of raw food.

Because they are;

  • Higher in fats your dog can get sick.
  • The texture of bone is harder than other bones that can damage your dog’s teeth.
  • Knuckle can be dangerous causing constipation and in extreme cases intestinal blockage.

These bones at best be avoided or if given must be under supervision.

Edible bones

After learning which bones are not allowed for your canines, let’s know the bones which are recommended for Great Danes.

  1. Frames (chicken and rabbit)
  2. Brisket (lamb and beef)
  3. Tails (ox, kangaroo)
  4. Crocodile bones
  5. Fish frames and heads

What else?

If you are still worried that your Great Dane might not be able to eat bones, ground bones might be an option.

Benefits of bones

Bones chewing and crunching up is highly recommended for your Great Danes. Beside being rich in calcium, bones are indispensable for cleaning dog’s teeth, hence ensuring oral health.

Raw diet: feeding options and menus following BARF

Now see how much options you can adopt to provide a balanced, nutritious, and wholesome raw diet for your Great Dane.

Trial raw diet meal

Following is an illustrative raw diet meal preparation for a Great Dane. Use the quantity of ingredients according to your requirement.

  • Chopped or ground muscle meat
  • Liver
  • Other organ meat
  • Fruits or vegetables (chopped or grated)
  • Whole raw eggs
  • Few tablespoons of fish oil or cod liver oil

Combine all ingredients together in a large tub until mixed well. Divide the mix into per meal sized servings and freeze the bags.

Now you can take the bags according to your need out of the freezer at night. But do not place the raw meal outside put it in the refrigerator, so the bag would be ready to use the next day.

Take the raw diet meal bag’ constituents, add some garnishing for example yogurt or cheese. You can also add supplements or vitamins at this stage and the raw diet for your Great Dane is ready to be served.

When you begin raw diet, the maintenance of balance of diet seem difficult. If you are also a novel raw diet feeder you might be looking for some helpful menus for your canine.

Menu 1

Here is a raw diet menu of a week which you can follow to feed your Great Dane.

  1. Monday _  Chicken quarter
  2. Tuesday  _ Beef boneless (tails)
  3. Wednesday _  Rabbit (whole)
  4. Thursday _  Chicken (whole)
  5. Friday _  Turkey neck
  6. Saturday _  Organ meat with eggs (whole)
  7. Sunday _   Fish or lamb (whole)
Great Dane Raw Diet Menu

Menu 2

Following is another raw diet menu option for your Dane.

  1. Monday _  Whole chicken
  2. Tuesday _  Organ meat
  3. Wednesday _  Turkey necks
  4. Thursday _  Boneless ground fish
  5. Friday _  Lamb
  6. Saturday _  Chicken quarters with tripe
  7. Sunday _  Beef meat with eggs (whole)
Great Dane Raw Diet Menu


If your Great Dane is a fast eater you can serve big portions. For example, in case your Great Dane eats hurriedly instead of feeding your canine a chicken drumstick serve whole thigh. You can also add water to help the raw food intake easier for your dog.

How to switch to raw diet for my Great Dane?

You have to decide on whether to kick off raw diet for your Great Danes in addition to kibble or dry dog food? Or switching solely to raw feed right away?

It is usually suggested that once you have committed to switch just begin feeding raw diet to your Great Dane. Rather than feeding both, i.e., kibble and raw together. Feeding both options together has a high potential to trouble the dog’s stomach.

While there are dog parents forwarding that a gradual change is better. Such dog parents propagate that

Never switch to raw diet at once. Gradually shift your Great Dane’s feed from dry food i.e., kibble to raw feed. it depends on your dog as each canine has its own ability to digest and adapt.

Yet it is recommended to feed one type of food to your dog at a time.


Raw diet is the most natural feeding option for you Great Dane. The only thing to be careful about in raw diet is to retain a balanced diet if following BARF. As far as prey model raw diet is concerned the relative ratio is imperative, i.e., 8:1:1. for meat, organ, and bone.

The improper diet can disturb the Great Dane growth. Causing it challenges like east west feet. Therefore the Great Dane parents have to be cautious and meticulous in feeding raw food. Get a thorough understanding of raw diet for your canine beforehand.

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