Black Great Dane- What You Never Knew

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Last Updated on January 14, 2021

Black Great Danes are often preferred for dog shows as the aura created by the dog is immense. How perfectly the dog presents itself is beyond words. The Black Great Dane dogs carry incomparable dignity. Shining and dazzling under the sunlight with grandeur. All because of the coat color of the dog. Its black color helps the dog in standing the dog out even more viz a viz other Great Dane colors. Its muscular body can be noticed from afar. Thus huge Black Great Dane is a gentle giant with an increased muscular presence.

The world record holder of the largest dog is a Black Great Dane. On its rear limbs the dog measured around 7 feet 4 inches. These huge dogs were once boar hunters. As the natural floppy ear of a Black Great Dane hindered the hunting. The practice of ear cropping originated in the breed. It can be forwarded that ear cropping is almost as old as the breed itself.

Although the Black Great Danes with blotches are acceptable to some extent, yet having an all black Dane is always preferred. But it is not plain to get an all black Great Dane. There are instances when the Black dog carries brown or blue colored spots on its toes tips. They are often white chested. Therefore, finding a solid black Great Dane mostly becomes tough.

Black Great Dane: Breed Standards

The black coat shall be glossy. It is recurrent in black Great Dane to bear white colored spots either on the chest or tip of toes. Such spots are undesirable for the color. However, little white markings are acceptable for dog shows. 

But are not favorable and can damage the dog’ chances in championships. Besides white, the dogs can carry fawn, harlequin, blue, brindle, merle, and mantle spots. The dogs with with white spots are commonly known as white and black Great Danes. The dogs bearing fawn splotches are referred to as brown and black Great Danes. The one with blue markings is Gray and Black Great Dane. Furthermore, the dog with merle blotches is known as Black Merle Great Dane. Whereas, Black Mantle Great Dane is the black dog carrying mantle markings. Lastly, the one that holds brindle spots is Black Brindle Great Dane.

Although white blotches can be acceptable yet an all black Great Dane is always favored. And is revered as true symbols of the pedigree.

Any black Great Dane that fails to adhere to the aforementioned  standards shall be eliminated. As being diverging from the breed standards.


A Black Great Dane typically stands at 32 inches. Depending upon the genetics, the dog can grow quite big and reach up to 36 inches. They carry a physique of 120-200 pounds. The solid black coat on these huge dogs looks incredible. You would find these dogs carrying colored spots on their chest and toes. An all black Great Dane is not a common occurrence. But is always favored.

Black Great Dane Puppies

All black Great Danes are produced from crossing Black Great Danes. Other than black, Harlequin, Blue, and Mantle Great Dane colors can also bring about Black Great Dane puppies through the litter.

The black Great Dane bearing white splotches on chests and toes are in the litter for Harlequin cross Harlequin, and Black cross Harlequin. 

Other than these acceptable breeding norms, Black Great Dane puppies are also produced from breeding other unfavored crosses. Such as Brindle cross Black, or Black cross Fawn. but this unethical cross carries a high risk of producing mismarked Great Dane litter. Therefore, such cross breeding is forbidden.

Black Great Dane Grooming

Alluding to the breed standards the black coat color has to be shiny. Therefore, to keep the dog glossy and dazzling you need to be careful. Regular brushing and bathing are quite helpful in maintaining the shine in the coat. 

Moreover, if your black great dane coat is not dazzling at all. And is lacking the shine it ought to hold. It might be due to the lack of essential nutrients. The food it is consuming has to be the best dry dog food. 

If your dog is already on a dry food recipe and is not performing up to the mark. To further the gloss in the black coat, you can switch to raw diet altogether. If you feel the switch is uncalled for just add 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil in the dog diet. And have a glossy black coat which shines like a mirror.

Ear cropping

The practice of ear cropping has always been preferred around the U.S.A. Whereas, black dogs with natural floppy ears are mainly found in the European Great Danes. The ear cropping is not new, it has been there since the breed.

This practice predominantly became common due to its practicality for the dog. As mentioned above the dogs were wild boar hunters. As the wilds are filled with bushes, hedges, and whatnot. These under growths could easily injure the floppy ears when the dog chased its hunt. Thus to prevent any damage to the dog ears, ear cropping of Great Dane paved its way. 

Also considering the sanguine appearance of a black Great Dane, cropped ears are quite relevant for the dog. If you are also into getting ear cropping for your dog. There are various styles and some cares and precautions. Therefore, you need to be vigilant whilst your dog ears are taped.


Who would not want to have an absolute bonding with the dog. Training the dog is the most fundamental step to establish this relationship. Begin training your dog as soon as you get it beside you. The ideal age to kick off puppy training is 6-8 weeks. Given the dogs appeasing demeanor, you can easily train your dog for obedience training within days. Crates are widely used for training the dogs about territory. 

Although Great Dane puppies are said to be trained easily as compared to adult dogs. Yet the dogs can be trained but with added patience and pertinence. 

Leash training

Since you intend to take your dog on walks, it is mandatory to leash train the Great Dane. For the purpose get a reliable and durable set of leash and dog collar for the dog. Keep your dog on the leash whenever it is near people or in a crowd. Nevertheless, the dog carries a friendly demeanor; it is recommended to take control of the situation yourself. Instead of leaving the dog on its own. 

Separation anxiety

Amongst the behavioral problems a g d can come across, separation anxiety is the most relevant. Given the dogs friendly and appeasing behavior, it is quite understandable that the Great Dane can suffer from separation anxiety. Although you can leave the dog alone for sometime, letting it all alone on its own for a longer duration is not recommended.

There are a myriad of symptoms of separation anxiety. The dog could become shy, refuse to eat. Or on the other extent, become aggressive. A fearful dog can turn to barking as well. 

Doggie doors

Having a Great Dane at home but not a dog door is not probable. These big canines need dog doors to get in and out with ease and liberty. The dog doors are often employed keeping in view its over all performance. Amongst those variables, its heavy duty built and insulating capacity are rather significant. 

For instance, a doggie door for large breed dog is quite big. If the construction is not heavy duty it is quite possible that the dog door fails expectations. You would be worried whenever it rains. Moreover, the dog door has to be durable to keep up with the dog

Health concerns

Diseases are always a problem for large breeds. If you are a parent to a Great Dane, there are a number of health concerns for your dog. A Black Great Dane can suffer from cancer. The dog might develop lumps or tumors in the legs or anywhere in the body. Bloat is another common occurrence with the large breed dogs. Which can even turn into a fatal condition.

Your large dog can die due to Cardiomyopathy. These huge dogs often suffer from weak joints. Which turns into a quagmire for the breed. Other probable diseases include Wobbler syndrome, and Addison’s Disease. All in all the aforementioned diseases are so grave that they can shorten lifespan of the Great Dane.

Elevated feeders

The large breed dogs are quite docile in terms of health. If you fail to take care of the dog properly when it gets sick. You might end up losing your huge pack of affection. And an elevated dog feeder is the most basic thing an unhealthy dog requires. 

Even if your big dog is perfectly alright, it might find eating from a raised feeder easier as compared to floor food bowls. This is mainly due to the size of the dog. Furthermore, given the difficulty in eating from the floor the dog can become uneasy. Which can lead to a bloat episode. Thus getting an elevated dog feeder can help your huge goof ball a lot. 

Our recommendations

Do not forget to take your dog on a walk everyday twice. Great Danes are quite huge and the Black Great Danes are rather intimidating. The dogs can carry a ferocious ambiance. This can make the people around it insecure. Particularly those who do not see the dogs often. These people might cause potential danger for the dog. Their some action can cause discomfort in the dog. Turning the dog into an aggressive one. Therefore, keep your Black Great Dane under your absolute authority: on leash, whenever it is on walks. 

In case you are a Black Great Dane breeder, be meticulous. Involve those dogs in the process which are healthy. The dogs with known lineage are sure to produce healthy litter. And also close to expectation. Do not go for unethical breeding as it produces mismarked dogs. Furthermore, such dogs are often unhealthy and hold latency to develop genetic diseases. Therefore, get a whole lot of testing before committing crossing.

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