What is a Piebald Great Dane?

An Adult Female Pie Bald Great Dane Sitting On Green Grass With Sunlight Shining On Her.

A Piebald Great Dane is the result of breeding Mantle and/or Harlequin Great Danes. It is one of the Great Dane’s many coat colors, but is not recognized officially by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Hence, Piebalds are considered a mismark of the breed. So, what exactly is a Piebald Great Dane? Continue reading below … Continue Reading

What A Great Dane Dalmatian Mix Puppy Offers?

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix puppies usually wear singular base coat color with splotches. The mix puppy develops into a behemoth sized canine when fully grown. Usually, a Great Dane Dalmatian mix is not a desired cross breed. Numerous breeders acknowledge the mix’s unofficial status and refrain from its breeding. Nonetheless, there are Great Dane … Continue Reading

Miniature Great Danes 101: Everything You Need To Know


Great Danes are most commonly known for their intimidating size and gentle temperament. Hence, earning them the titles “Apollo of Dogs” and “Gentle Giant”. However, did you know that some Great Danes aren’t as intimidating in size as they should be? Yes! There are actually Great Danes that are smaller than average – and these … Continue Reading

Why is the Great Dane Doberman mix so Incredible?

Untitled 1 Scaled

Doberdane is the hybrid cross between Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher. These mix dogs have been around since the surge of Doberman Pinscher popularity in the U.S.A. Which suggests that the Doberdane is around twenty years old albeit this designer dog is a comparatively new arrival. Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane mix puppies are Doberdanes. … Continue Reading

What You Do Not Know About Chocolate Great Dane May Hurt You


Brown or Chocolate Great Danes are not included in the seven standard coat colors for Great Dane breed dogs. The chocolate color is not acceptable for dog shows either. The Chocolate coat color does not only prevail in the Great Danes. Breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Doberman Pinscher often depict brown or chocolate coat color through … Continue Reading

European vs American Great Dane: What’s The Difference?

American Great Dane And European Great Dane Standing Beside Each Other

Expertly bred European and American Great Danes seem adequately equivalent. Considering that the Great Dane breed standards for both the European (Federation Cynologique International), and American Great Danes (American Kennel Club) are identical. Fundamentally, the European and American Great Dane is the same breed of dog. For someone who knows the Great Dane breed well, … Continue Reading

The Things No One Told You About The Blue Merle Great Dane


Blue Merle Great Danes are a a sight to behold. Although considered a “mismark”, they are quite impressive in their own right! These gentle giants are generally grouped together with Merle Danes. And while some advertise them as “rare” Danes, they are actually quite common in Harlequin Dane litters. In this article, we’ll tell you … Continue Reading