Why You Should Care About Great Dane Training

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Last Updated on January 1, 2021

“Great Dane being large creatures are difficult to train”. But are they?  Great Dane is a large breed. The dogs are often found intimidating. Training such a huge stature dog seems arduous to majority of novel dog owners and you might be one of those. Knowing your fears and struggles we have come up with step by step guide on Great Dane training. 

If chills run down your spine even at the thought, ‘You ought to train a huge Great Dane dog’ Then this article is for you. Read this an all inclusive piece and train your Great Dane confidently.

In reality, the Great Danes are friendly, loyal, playful, and warm innately. Their behemoth presence usually grabs everyone’s attention but the Great Dane dog is also popular as a ‘gentle giant’. Which indicates that the dogs are amenable and kind. But do not forget, even benign dogs need training and disciplining. And your dog is one of them.

Are Great Danes dangerous?

Seeing a huge Great Dane evoke a frightening aura especially for those who have not met the dog before. Considering the size and stature of the dog it is natural for many people to reason that the Great Danes might be dangerous.

Intrinsically, a Great Dane loves to be around its owner. The dog is also an amazing family pet who loves children and other pets as well. But the dog might take some time to settle itself when it comes to strangers.

Which suggests that the dog must be socialized and introduced with family and friends at a young age. The dog is not dangerous provided it is well acquainted with the people around it. It can be said that the Great Danes are only dangerous for those people it do not know.

Rather, The Great Dane temperament suggests that dog is quite possessive. Their extreme inclination and warmth for their owners make the dog that way.

Therefore, the Great Dane dogs are latent watch dogs.

Training a Great Dane

Among the many things a Great Dane must be taught about how to do them. Training a Great Dane how to socialize and control its possessiveness over its owners are crucial parts. Besides the canine must also be taught to stop jumping, in house barking, crate training, and house breaking.

Also if you want your Great Dane to stop acting in any particular way the key is; ‘train the Dane’. Tell the Great Dane dog which acts are favored and otherwise. By showing your happiness or dislike.

Why Great Dane Training?

If you own a Great Dane dog for a couple of weeks you must have realized the importance of training a Great Dane by now. Additionally, you would agree that disciplining a Great Dane is as much important as grooming or feeding your dog.

But in case you are a novel owner who just got his Great Dane puppy yesterday would might not perceive the urgency of training yet. But a Great Dane canine requires training while its pup, if you want to be the possessor of an obedient full grown huge Great Dane.

Mentioned below are the tips to tackle the disliked behaviors your Great Dane might express.

Great Dane training: Easy or Tough?

There are some canines who demands love and attention of their owners more than other breeds. Fortunately , Great Danes fall into this category. These huge dogs love their owners which means they are very much ready to do anything that pleases you.

This quality of the dog makes Great Dane training a serene job. Its unequaled love and passion for company are the personality traits that are pretty helpful when it comes to discipline the dog.

Generally, Great Dane training is not a laborious task. Though some owners might find their Great Danes stubborn and moody sometimes.

A Great Dane can be taken as someone who loves to grab attention of its dear ones. And for the dog there is no one more than you in its world.

Therefore, Great Dane training is easy only with few exceptional cases arising due to the personality of individual Great Dane dog.


How to train a Great Dane?

There are many methods the Great Dane owners can find to train their dogs. Some people suggest train your Great Danes with a firm footing and do not hesitate to even impose some penalties for the dog’s bad behaviors.

On the other hand many Great Dane dog parents and Great Dane dog trainers emphasize on gratifying technique to train Great Dane dogs. They employ rewards and treats to encourage favored actions. And discourage the use of punishments as a tool to train your Great Dane.

The Great Danes are dogs who love their owners with all their heart so its is better to support the dog’s nice actions using this trait. The dog would do anything to please you.  You are only required to proceed smartly while respecting your Great Dane. Punishment might not help in training these huge canines always.

Punishing can make Great Dane dogs pertinacious.


Once a stubborn Great Dane is always a stubborn Great Dane.

Employ alternative behavioral techniques to teach your Great Dane canine. Introduce the canine with favorable behaviors to replace the prior bad ones.

For instance,

If your Great Dane has a leaning towards biting or chewing provide your dog with chewing toys to chew on. Encourage and praise your Great Dane when it uses the toy as a substitute.

Therefore, it is better to train your Great Dane using treats and rewards rather than scolding and penalties.

Basic Commands Training

A Great Dane has to learn following few simple commands which prove to be useful in everyday life. Therefore, training Great Dane usually kicks off with command following. The commands are;

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Stay
  • Go

Being an owner of a Great Dane puppy you are required to train your Great Dane to follow these simple commands. ‘Come’ is considered initial command as the dog would be present in front of you at your call. Then you can give the Great Dane further commands to follow like sit or any other.


Associate a gesture or signal with each of your command. Your dog might learn briskly with visualization. Do not change your signals and commands, once chosen try to continue the same so that your Great Dane would not get perplexed.

This training would not only discipline the dog but also help the dog in perceiving the relationship between you two.

You are the boss and your Great Dane must do what you ask for. The dog might be able to relate it with pack behavior where everyone follows the leader.

Do not forget to encourage your Great Dane when it follows your commands correctly. Give it treats and toys accordingly as rewards.  

If you are a Great Dane owner who have found its dog stubborn, you can take assistance from big dog trainers too.

How to train a Great Dane not to jump?

Great Danes usually are inclined towards jumping. Though it seems fun and play as long as your Great Dane is puppy but if your Great Dane adult dog would hold the habit of coming onto you, it might not be acceptable. So you need to train your Great Dane puppy ‘not to jump’.

A Great Dane can be trained not to jump by following these easy steps;

Firstly, like mentioned before, you are supposed to tell your Great Dane the legality of its action i.e. if its action is acceptable or not. It would not be able to identify on its own its bad behaviors. Whether it’s jumping, chewing, biting, or any other etiquette, it would be relying on you to learn what behaviors are good and which actions must be stopped.

How to make your dog understand that its act is not acceptable?

It is quite easy to make your Great Dane register the act as acceptable or not. All you need to do is to,

Whenever your Great Dane shows bad behavior like jumping, express your dislike by saying ‘no, no, no don’t buddy’. The Great Danes are known for their unmatched propensity to appease their owners. If you would repeat your dislike every time the puppy jumps onto you the, the canine would cease its habit owing to your disfavor.

Secondly, whenever your Great Dane puppy tries to jump on you. Do not let it land its paws on your body. Hold its paws in before they reach you in your hands and keep your pup on this position till your pup appears exhausted of standing on just two limbs.

Just then you would find your Great Dane puppy requesting for its front legs. Let it have them so that it can stand on the ground with its four legs.

Continue this reaction every time the Great Dane puppy endeavors to jump onto you till it learns that this action is a big NO.

Is Barking an issue with Great Danes?

Usually Great Dane dogs are not incessant barkers. The dogs bark seldom. But when the dog barks, its bark is quite loud. Great Dane dog trainers suggest that Great Danes are latent loud barkers. So all Dane owners out there, you must not let your Great Dane dogs to develop the habit of barking inside of houses.

Dog parents do not like their dogs barking in the house. Training a Great Dane not to bark inside the house requires supervision. Every time your Great Dane is inside the house keep an eye on its behavior.

If your Great Dane barks even for once show your dislike right after its howl. Sudden correction is easier for the Great Dane dog to understand cease the disliked behavior. Or you can get an anti bark collar for the dog.

Crate training, potty training, and house breaking of a Great Dane

Training a Great Dane puppy for crate and house breaking appear one of the hardest things to teach your Great Dane. But it is not that difficult to crate and potty train the Great Dane puppy if you develop and maintain a routine.

Provided that you redo what you want your Great Dane to learn and practice.

Crate training in indispensable for Great Danes living in houses. The canine holds the same emotions for the crate as your house is for you. So the dog must establish that kind of emotional attachment with the crate.

Potty training is usually coupled with crate training as crate is ideal to potty train a Great Dane.



Socializing is an integral part of Great Dane training. Great Danes are intrinsically possessive about their owners. If a Great Dane puppy is not trained and socialized well it might grow over possessive of its owner. Which would be a real deal.

The huge Great Dane canines must be socialized with people in its surrounding. You must also teach your Great Dane to behave well around babies. By applying rewarding and favoring preferred behaviors.

The people around the Great Dane puppy , i.e. you friends and family, make up a pyramid of the social fabric. On top of which you reside, then comes your family, and later on friends. Interaction with all three levels is crucial for your puppy to develop smooth relationship with everyone around you. So that the dog would not get overprotective.

Leash walk training

Whenever you want to go outside with your Great Dane for a stroll, there is a need of leash. Hence, with other training the Great Dane dog must be learnt how to walk on a leash.

What Do We Recommend

Make your Great Dane puppy realize that its act is not approved of or otherwise. Do not appreciate or let go without any particular reaction, even once the act you want your Great Dane pup to cease.

Repeat your training method or step so that your Great Dane puppy would not forget anything you have taught it.

Rewards and alternative behaviors must be preferred over punishments.

Time outs might be an option if you find your Great Dane puppy is difficult to train.

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